Monday, January 01, 2007

::Happy New Year!::

Happy New Year Friends!!
I hope 2007 started off great for everyone!!
What did everyone do?
We didn't do much..

I worked till 8, then we hung at home and played games with the nephew Justin was over too..I was kind of hoping to get to go out somewhere but it didn't happen.. Oh well.. I guess I am usedd to being home now..I haven't been 'out out' in months...

Anyhoo we hung here the boys had Daddy's homemade champange (white grape juice and 7 up)
And I napped out for a bit till 10 till midnight then we watched the ball drop and blew off our blowers and popped our poppers..I bet the neighbors loved us..LOL Then soon after I went to bed..LOL WOOT..Happy New Year me...HAHAHA

And today my nephew's dad took the boys with them... But now we have to go get Sonshine he doesn't want to stay... soon as B gets home from the store...He don't even know yet..LOL
My Mom and step Dad stopped over and visited a bit, we laughed and watched funny pranks on
Brian made me a great dinner!! We will go get Sonshine and come home and I am sinking into some coffee, pumpkin roll and some ER BABY!!!!!!

Have a great night gang!!