Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This and that

I am having fun in my psp again.. I was getting bored with it but now I am in the creative mood again..LOL
I am hoping that will help get the crafty cottage up off the ground too..
We took the boys camping over the weekend, Well Saturday night.YAA It was alot of fun..
Brian has vacation the first week of August so we are hoping to go again for a few days this time!
Brian is looking into a new job with a new company, not getting any hopes up yet or anything,but it would be nice..The company he is with now has NO plans to move him up, so if he goes over to the competeition them want to start him as superviser better pay,better benifits.. So I hope he will do that!!
Other than that not much has been going on... Pretty boring these days..LOL

Friday, July 22, 2005

::TGIF BUT the weather sucks::

WOW, This week just flew by,even for a SAHM..lol
The weather sucks today, it has been raining all morning and looks like it will all day long =(
But on the upside it is NOT another 90 degree day..lol
I am kind of bummed today because it is not looking like I will be able to take my boys camping this weekend, they were so looking forward to going too. Well maybe next weekend who knows..
I have so much to do today around the house and I just feel so blah today and don't wanna..lol
Brian works both jobs tonight so I may call a friend of mine and see if she wants to take her son and my boys to Chuck E Cheese tonight since it is raining.
That will fill the no camping void for a bit..LOL
Well I am off to do dishes, may write more later!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

::My Birthdate Means::

Your Birthdate: July 12
Being born on the 12th day of the month (3 energy) is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life.
The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental.
There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, sometimes "couldn't care less" attitude.

You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression.
Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing.
You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters.
Your mind is practical and rational despite this tendency to jump about.
You are affectionate and loving - but very sensitive.
You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

::Finally an update::

Well I have been without the internet all weekend... So that is why I haven't updated..
Not to much has changed, I AM NOW 28 =) And I love getting older, I know I am weird.LOL
We took the boys(Josh, Hunter And our nephew Justin) to the movies the other night, we saw Kicking and Screaming with Will Farrell.. HILARIOUS MOVIE!! Deffinately a must see, the boys thought it was one of the best movies they have seen that wasn't a cartoon..LOL
It is Monday and not to many things have happened so I guess I don't have much to write about today.. Just trying to get The Crafty Cottage up and running..Slowly but surely it is getting done..LOL
Well like I said not much to write about.. Have a great Monday!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

::ALMOST another year older::

Well I am almost another year older. I will be 28 tomorrow..YIKES!! LOL
Naahh I am really ok with getting older, it is a part of life everyone gets old, so I am totally cool with it. I have 2 wonderful sons and a wonderful hubby to get old with. I don't feel old either, well my health is falling apart but other than that Idont feel like I am ALMOST 28..lol

I did also want to say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEDNESDAY JANETTE!! It is fun to have a great friend with a birthday the day after mine!!
But MY birthday is just a birthday like any other day. Which will most likely be treated like any other day too.. I don't ever say anything about my birthday,because if no one wants to aknowledge it, I am not going to have to *make them* by bringing up the fact that MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW.. So when it comes to the day before my bday I just keep quiet, Jman and Brian are old enough to check the calendar, yet every year my birthday either goes unnoticed or TOTALLY uncelebrated.. So I have learned to live with that..
I was even going to throw myself a birthday party..HOW LAME IS THAT? But then I decided after having a few people already tell me thy won't or "couldn't" make it that I just am not having one.. I was going to throw a huge shindig together, kids welcome during the day but not at night.. there would of been music swimming fire grilling badmitton volley ball beer food and so much more....But since half the people I would of invited won't be coming anyway screw it.. Why waste my money on a party for us and my parents...lol Even then who knows if my Dad and step Mom could come up from Southern Ohio. Iknow my sisters and their families can't.But I bet they will be here next month for a party my Mom is throwing..UGH
But what are you gonna do I guess.. Hopefully we will be able to go on our yearly camping trip to Jellystone.
That is one of my favorite weekends in the summer.. I LOVE camping and I totally just get lost into it and am so bummed when Sunday rolls around and we have to go home. Jellystone Campground is just a about 45 mins from home so it is not far but far enough.. It is such a fun place to take the boys.. I even used to go as a kid, my Mom and StepDad took us alot to Jellystone..But is kind of expensive,BUT TONS TO DO FOR THE KIDS..
But more on that to come..LOL
Check out there website
I did want to mention that I am really enjoying keeping this blog.. It does kind of help me a little..But I notice maybe to much, when I get to typing a post I just go and go and go, like there is so much I have to say..LOL
I guess I should be prepared to make this part of my everyday life.. I hope people read it.LOL If not hey that is ok to, I like just being able to say whatever I want whenever I want to whoever I want.LOL
Oh I also wanted to say... ::HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND LES:: That is my Mom and StepDad they will be married 8years TOMORROW.. Yes TOMORROW You read that right they got married on MY 20th birthday! How sweet right????? *COUGH* *COUGH* Oh I hope I don't sound bitter about that..LOL
Anyhoo.. Until later when I have something else to bitch about...LOL

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

::Ok time to get back into the swing of things::

Ok the holiday is now over and it is time to get back into the swing of things..LOL
I have so much housework to do.. At the beginning of the weekend I said,"Ok I don't have any plans till Monday so I have ALL weekend to get my house together" HA, Right I did squat..But now I am paying for it..
I have tons to do at home, TONS to do online, I just feel like I was totally out of it. Now I was sick yesterday but now I am feeling better..
I am thinking of joining the team of Stayin Home & Lovin It! I have to get some info on it first though, But I so need to bring in some money to help Brian. He works two jobs, I recieve child support for Josh and we are still behind. I know we tend to spend to much money sometimes but you only live once and we just want our family to be happy! We hate to have our boys miss out on things because *can't afford it* THAT SUCKS.. I mean now we don't go over board or anything but at least once a week we do something together as a family and that is fun fun fun!!
So maybe if I can find some way to make some money at home we will be able to get caught up and I can finally not feel guilty for wanting my boys to have a good fun life..
I am starting to get the SAHMom guilites..LOL I no longer have any babies at home so I am starting to feel guilty about still staying at home while I could be out helping my hubby make money. But the wonderful man he is says, that I should not be feeling guilty, I AM HELPING HIM, By staying at home and saving us money on daycare.. AWW What a guy huh..LOL
I keep feeling like in the Fall things will be totally different for us... I dont know why but I just have that feeling..
Maybe we will find an affordable preschool for Tman and with Jman and Tman both in school I CAN get a job and start to help with the incoming income..LOL
I know too, I am NOT the only sahmom that feels like this but I feel like Iam ..kwim?
Well that is my entry for today, it is still kind of early so you never know I may have one for later..My life does get funny every now and then..LOL

Sunday, July 03, 2005

::Some Holiday::

Well here it is Sunday morning and where the hell am I.. Stting IN THE HOUSE IN FRONT OF THE CRACK MACHINE ..YAAA SOME HOLIDAY..
I have done nothing productive all weekend.. I hate this.. B worked Sat. and works tonight so again, what is Ali doing, sitting at home.. I SOOOOOO Wanted to go down to visit my family in Southern Ohio but ofcourse I can't. No fireworks are going on around here till tomorrow, there is even a few fairs that I have yet to go to this year, and I go to them everyyear..UGH This seriously blows..
But on the upside of things, while being stuck at home this whole weekend, Ipurchased my own domain..WOOHOOO So now my step Mom and I can FINALLY get to making some money..HOPEFULLY..
I will add the link to my links section. So I have been spending all my time on setting up the website while taking breaks here and there and chatting with Janette..LOL How was it chatting with B?? HAHAHA
Well I suppose I should wake up the sleeping hubby so we can go to the store and do what we have to do today before he heads off to work...
I hope everyone has a SAFE AND HAPPY holiday!!!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

::Why I started this blog::

I started this blog for different reasons, and there are different reasons I did not want to as well.
Alot of people are very critical, that bothers me so I was weary about starting a blog. I also,for a strange reason, think that the whole blogging thing is kind of weird, but I figured hell, I will give it a try.
Whenever I start a diary or journal I never get into it or keep up with it to much. I don't really know why, I get time to do it I just don't. I also post at a parenting board with MANY GREAT MOMS! But sometimes there are somethings I just feel I can't tell some people,KWIM? Not that I don't trust them because I do,but it is more that I get embarrased easlily and somethings in my life can get embarrasing IMO.LOL
I also don't have many friends and when you have a husband who has two jobs and kids who love to go to their Grandma's on the weekends, life can get very boring..LOL
So that leaves me with doing a blog, I can also make this totally private if I decide to and just write to myself. For now I am leaving it for all to read though..LOL
Feel free I don't mind at all, you can even reply but if you decide you want to leave a rude comment please decide otherwise cause that is just plain rude! If you just want to read and don't reply that is fine to,but I am always interested in what people think!
So that is mainly why I started this blog. When I am alone I just sit and think(and listen to music..lol), So why not write my thoughts down and who knows maybe something may help someone else!
I may have some serious things that I just have to write about and I may have silly stuff too.. I am sure alot about my 2 boys, they are the best thing in my life and I love them so much, I love sharing about their everyday lives. They are so fun they do so many fun new things everyday, yes even at 9 and 4..LOL
But like now I just may ramble on about nothing,but alot of the times there are just a million things going on in my mind and my hands just go with the flow, I love typing so I just go and go..LOL Maybe that is how I am over 9,500 posts at Moms-Online..LOL

Well I have told you why I started this blog.. Please don't leave me rude reply's and all will be good!
If you are interested in joining a fun parenting community, stop by the link below