Sunday, October 29, 2006

::Whatta Weekend::

Hey Gang!! How has everyone's weekend been?
Ours has been busy..LOL But fun!!
But we also have saddness.. Hubby's Uncle passed away on Friday :(
We were expecting it but ofcourse it is still sad! So many prayers to all my extended inlaws!!

The rest of the weekend was pretty good though!

Saturday the boys were at Aunt Nae's for Bowlergirl's Halloween party! All the kiddos looked awesome and the boys said they had a GREAT time!! Thanks so much for inviting them Aunt Nae!!
While they were over there we headed out to my Moms house and hung with her and my brother and step dad for a bit.. Then my Sister Crystal and her man and kids came into town from Southern Ohio.. So we got to visit.. Then Brian headed to pick up the boys so they got to see my nephew Justin and my neice Caitlynn!
My Mom let them stay the night with evryone last night so about midnight B and I headed home!

Got up about 9:30 this morning to head back out to my Moms house..SIGH So much car time this weekend..LOL Got there and found out that TOT in my brothers city was today so we went out to my brother's house with Caitylnn and Sonderful and Sonshine.. B and my Sister and her fiance took the boys out.. I got to sit this round of TOTing out since I have to do it Tuesday most likely w/OUT B so he went..HEHE Gotta love barders..LOL
We got to see my Dad, who is a roomate of my brothers, and his good friend from Southern Ohio who was in town..

My nephew Justin was a the Browns game!!

And after TOTing at my Brothers house we headed b ack to my Moms and had dinner and now we are home and the boys are watching Are We There Yet? And my niece Caitylnn is here with us tonight too!! This is her first time spending the night w/OUT her Mommy!! She is so fun!!
And I miss her so much so tomorrow will be a fun day!!

That is our weekend in a nutshell!! Fun but busy!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Welcome back Jaws...I will email ya 'bout your 'special' blog!!

BIG BIG Congrats to Blue and family on the new arrival of your baby girl!!!
Welcome to the world Miss Haven!!!


BIG BIG Congrats to Purplemama and her family on the new arrival of your baby boy!!!
Welcome to the world Mr. Mayson!!


Friday, October 27, 2006

::I'm In Awwe::

OMG this man is just simply amazing!!! AND SEXY AS ALL HELL!!!

Or just go to youtube and search criss angel!! AMAZING!!
I will now be adding meeting him and having him do a trick for me to my lifelist..LOL

Monday, October 23, 2006

::Bypassed the rake...Straight to the shovel::

Blah!!!!! Well looks like we don't have to rake up many leaves as IT IS SNOWING LIKE MAD!!
So we hve to shovel instead!!! GRRRRRRRR

Sunday, October 22, 2006

::Happy Happy 21st Anniversary!!::

HAPPY 21st Anniversary Gary and Raiza!!!
I hope you two have a wonderful wonderful day today!!
Cheers to many many more happy years together!!
We love you guys!!
Be sure to check your email hun!! :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

::It's Today, It's Today!::

I am awaiting the phone call that tells me that Jacalynn Dawn is here!!!
I will let you know when she comes!!!

So I thought this was sooo cool.... We (our family) was hoping that Miss Jacalynn would be the 300 Millionth American!! It was supposed to happen this month, and I believe I heard on the news that it happened yesterday or the day before.. BUMMER If it did we missed it by 2 dang days.. Wouldn't that have been soo cool to have the 300 millionth American!

I am going to look more but I can't find anything about the 300 millionth person, no name or place or anything so maybe I am wrong,and it did not happen yet...
I will continue to search, Oh and it doesn't have to be by birth.. The person could arrive by birth, by oath as a legal immigrant, or by stealth with someone sneaking into history
(I have NO idea what it means that last part, by stealth?? ANYONE KNOW)

Sooooooo AHH I AM SO ANXIOUS... I am gonna try to get down to Soutern Ohio this weekend or next!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

::Blah the black::

I couldn't take it anymore..LOL
I am so not into black I guess... So how do you like the new look?
Ofcourse it will change again after Halloween..LOL

::Come, Sit, Relax, Grab a drink and Read..LOL::

Ho Hum!! I just feel like gabbing.... So grab a drink, sit and relax.....

It's raining today...Thanks Candlelady!!!!! You said we would get it and sure as shit we have!! The wacky weather continues here in NE Ohio!
Oh did you all know we had our first snow fall, LOVELY right? Ya we did a few days ago, It didn't stick ofcourse, but it still snowed IN OCTOBER!!!!!
I believe the date of the earliest recorded snowfall is like 2 wks ago...BUT YEARS BACK ofcourse...So we almost broke that, we break alot of weather records here in Ohio...
Usually about this time we are getting Indian Summer and it is 70s..But not this month....

The boys still don't have their costumes..This week I think... Next payday is the 28th and that is pusing it a bit much on getting them then, so I have to get them here soon...They have changed their minds a few times so I will get a final decision from them soon.. I am hoping my friend's kiddos want to head out and ToT with us this year!

The kids finally got their invitations to Bowlergirl's Halloween Party! Their first one!!
I bet they will have tons of fun.. She is so cute...She didn't want to invite her older boy cousins cause she said they will be to scarey...HAHAHA I just love her to death, she cracks me up...

I have been working on my 'Christmas Wish Lists' for all of us... Basically it is me jotting down what I 'HOPE' to buy everyone this year.... The boys are growing up so fast..Sonderful needs AND wants so much and they are both into so many new things this year, more grown up things!!

I have also been pondering and decided I will call my step dad and ask him if he wants to put on a surprise bday party for my MOm she is going to be 50 next month and she threw my Dad a great one when he turned 50 so I wanna do that for her!! Sucks it has to be indoors since her bday is next month and his was August...but we will manage...

Not much has really changed lately.. Still here in our shithole shack with no money..HAHAHA
But I have been trying to get my mind wrapped around the thought of us actually getting caught up with our behind debts we have accumilated these past few months...And I hope we will...

Hubby is working so hard to keep us afloat he really really does deserve a break!
I would love for him to finally see that all his hard work is really for a reason!!
I love him and I am so glad to have that wonderful man in my life!! Same for my lil guys!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

::Happy Friday The 13th!::

Happy Friday the 13th friends!!!
Is today a lucky day for you? A bad day? or you just don't give a rats ass? LOL

Well today is always good luck for Hubby so I hope he has a great day today!!

There is no school today it is NEOTA day! So the boys had my friends little boy over lastnight.. Sonshine's first with a friend sleepover... Sonderful has had ONE before a few years ago..
They had tons of fun...But geeze no, school sleep in...UGH They were up before B's alarm..LOL

Mommy may have to nap later...LOL

Well NE Ohio had it's very first snowfall of the year..SIGH.... Yesterday it was flurrying all day practically.. And it was totally noticeable just didn't stick...UGH It is NOT even Halloween!
I thought I was gonna get a chance to enjoy FALL this season...They even say that is going up to high 50s ack IT JUST SNOWED...SIGH ...MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY SHEESH! LOL

Well I hope all is going well with everyone.. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday The 13th!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

::8 days OR sooner!!::

8 more days until my Sister's induction date!!
Stopping at Blue's blog made me wanna post about it!!

She will be induced on the 18th and then Jacalynn Dawn Enos will be here!!
Unless she wants to come on her own ofcourse, but she will be delivered by C-Section......
I am so happy for my Sister..She is a wonderful Mommy to my Pretty Princess Allyson, And she is excited for it to be done too..Poor thing has been sick the whole entire pregnancy!!

We will try to go down the weekend after Hilary comes home from the hospital!!

I just love being Auntie Ali..or Huncle Ali as my Niece Allyson calls me..LMAO!

I get so excited everytime another or the same sibling gives me a new niece or nephew!!

::Just not been feeling good::


That is how I have been feeling as of lately...
I just been so run down and just not wanting to do anything..
My monthly enemy was here last week so that really knocked me down..It always does and I hate it for my guys! And me ofcourse cause I feel like total shit..

But I just been so tired and NOT sleeping good at all..And worrying constantly.
About everything ofcourse.. Money is the biggest.. I know we will eventually get to where we are 'comfortable' but geeze o man...LOL

But how do I just chill on the worrying, it is killing me..phsyically and mentally!

Blah is all I can say..LOL I haven't been to sad really just more worried.. I just can't shake this feeling that something bad is on the horizion..Like a feeling I just know something is about to happen..But what? I wish I knew!!


I have also started thinking of Christmas!!
I think I am gonna go this weekend and put a few things in layaway...or atleast look around online for stuff..I have been doing that lately.. There are so many things my boys want and I have to ATLEAST look at everything cause I want this Christmas to be great!! This year sucked so bad for them and I want to make it up by ending it nicely with nice things from us and Santa! HEHEH AND I started MY WISHlist.. LOL

Today I feel ok... Just another day... Hope everyone is doing well!!

Jaws.. I miss ya!!! Hope your ok!! Java have you heard from her?

Monday, October 09, 2006

::Press Play!! Press Play!!::

Hey guys!! Purdy please help me try to win this contest!!

Everytime you come here please press play and let the video play out!!
Most views wins!!!! So view it view it view it pretty please!!!!!!!

Oh and let me know what you all think!!!
Thanks in Advance!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

::Me & My Sonshine::

Playing with the camera today!!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

::HEHE My new toy::


HEHE Our fishie Batman is so fun!!

He is always jumping around in his tank and makes tons of noises..And he also comes right up to the top of the tank to get fed and will try to get the food right out of our hands..LOL

We read online awhile back that you can train them to do that..Well I guess that is what we have done ... It is fun having him on top of the computer desk now we can always see him....

Here he is getting fed lettuce(which we read is GREAT for goldfish!!)....LOL

Welp for some reason it is not letting me post the video right in the post...GRR So here is a link

::SUCK A FAT ONE!!!!!::


Would you appeal it if the IRS sent you a letter saying you have to pay back over 3,000 dollars they sent you?

Well we got that letter...GRRRRRRRR They said one of our returns we got back last year we sent over the time limit they allow...So they should have never sent it in the first place... NOT MY PROBLEM!!! NOT PAYING IT SORRY CHARLIE!!!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

::OOOOH I'ts October::

OOOHH The month for spooks is here!! HEHEHE
Happy October friends!!!
How is everyone doing? Things have been pretty quiet all over lately!
That's ok though I know your all still around... I visit ya all alot even if your not updating..LOL

Well the reception on Friday was a total blast! It was like a family reunion(no were not related to anyone BUT the wedding was for the Daughter of the owners of Buffalo Wild Wings(BW3's) that Brian worked for a long time..
He watched her grow up really..and it was so fun celebrating with her!!

And as for it being like a reunion, there were soooo many people from the bar there.. So many we had not seen in a long time but we missed so much!!
It was really fun!! And mmmm 7&7's !!!!!! Cept there was no 7 so it was BV...
Yep at weddings I'm a whiskey girl! I get that from my Grandma..LOL

Nae watched the boys for us.. I am so thankful I have her!!
MY other two sisters that would also watch my boys in a heartbeat like Nae, they live in Southern Ohio :(
I miss them so much!! But I am so thankful that I have Nae!!
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her.... She is always there for me when I need so many ways! And I am soo glad she is my Sis!!!
Thanks for everything you do Nae and for the person you are today!!!

Here are a few pics from the wedding!!
The first one is ... Little Matt, Brian, Shep and EmmaLee down in front
The second is Shep, Little Matt, Me and EmmaLee down front!!
Raiza and Nae... You gals remember the girl in the red dress at my wedding...The one that puked in the security guards pocket...LMAO
That's this girl in this photo!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting