Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Why? That is really all I can ask I guess.
Well things with hubby are like they were.. I just can't take it.. Now granted he is being overly nice, but he always is after a major fight and then things go back to where they were. Not that he is ever mean to me or anything but still..
We still haven't talked things out, can you believe that shit? We still haven't slept in the same bed, still haven't had sex. I just gave up on that! =(
Him and his Mom talk often about us moving in together, Have him and I talked about it? NO
He still hasn't called the bank to see if there is a stipulation on our loan for this shithole if we can move or not, still hasn't talked to the asshole that owns the park to see if he can help us out in the moving area when the time comes...ETC ETC ETC.....
So once again things are the same.. I can't take it anymore.. I am no longer going to worry about whether or not our marriage is going to work, From now on, Until I can get out of here I am going to not even act like I am a sad wifey waiting to move on with her llife , I am just gonna raise my boys and do what I can to ensure their happiness... I don't know how in the world I will ever make it on my own, but I have to try.
He hasn't even called his old bartending job to see if he has a w2 coming from them, because we can't figure out if he worked there in 2005 at all or not. Is it really that hard to make a damn phone call..COME ON! We have an appt on Thursday to get our taxes done at H&R Block, cant do them if you are missing a w2, it is totally free,the perks of having a Mom who is their receptionist every year, we don't see the money due to studen loans but shit so what, do the taxes and get it paid off so one day he will be able to get it back! But no hasn't called, so I am not telling him to anymore.. So as to the title of this post. WHY? WHY? WHY? Does he not love me anymore, he says he loves me so much, if not more than he did before. I just don't see how he can say that and then not do anything to help us!
I think honestly I have just given up, it is heartbreaking.. I love him,but sometimes I suppose that isn't enough to make a happy home! So maybe it really is over for us. =(
But my boys.. This will break their heart I just know it! And then what if he does move in with his mom and says that they can take better care of Sonshine and they take him from me? I think of that too? There is so much to think about and do and well it just breaks my heart! I could never ever live without my boys!!
I just don't know what to do.. And now with Sonshine going to be starting in preschool, I have to stay in this area, and I don't think I could afford an apt in this area.. But I have worked so hard for months to get Sonshine the help he needs and I can't just throw that away now that he will be getting it!! But I can't live like this much longer.. If I wanted a roomate to live with I would not have gotten married, kwim? I want a Husband not someone that I just share my home with!

Monday, January 30, 2006


Here are my adorable nieces and nephew..
The first photo is my nieces Allyson Helga Marie 3yrs and Caitlynn Rain 1 yr. They are cousins!
My sisters had this taken a few weeks ago. Sorry the quality of this one is crappy is a photo of a photo..lol
The 2nd photo is Allyson Helga Marie 3yrs and her Mom is my sister Hilary!
The 3rd photo is my nephew Justin David 9yrs old and Caitlynn Rain 1yr they are brother and sister and their Mom is my sister Crystal.
The 4th photo is Justin David 9yrs by himself!

::Hey Hey Hey, It's a GREAT day!::

Sonshine will start preschool!!!!! YAAY!!!
Finally after months and months of calls, paperwork, appts. and tears(mostly mine) We had one final meeting today to find out if he would qualify as a child with a disabilty to get into the preschool class! The only thing that does qualify him is his speech delay. His fine motorskills are average, his hearing is average.. He needed his score to be atleast 70 to be able to get in he was a 67.
The paper basically says that he NEEDS to and would benefit from speech/language therepy(which we are waiting for them to shuffle around the kids from the therepist that quit before we go back)and participation in a center based special needs preschool classroom!So after all the assesments and appointments and everything else...
They should be sending a packet home with Sonderful for us to fill out. The preschool room is at the Elementary school so the teacher is there anyway..LOL So after we fill that out he should start about 2 Monday's from now.. AND... HE WILL GET TO RIDE ON A BUS!!Yaay!!
He will go M-Thurs. 9- 11:30 am! I am sooo happy, this totally just made my blah day better!!!! MY BABY IS GOING TO BE AN OFFICAL PRESCHOOLER SOON!!!!!!!!
So other than that I have not done much today, Did a FEW dishes, have a bit more to do.. I have not even started on laundry yet and there is alot of that.. The livingroom I think I am going to rearrange tonight.. I am thinking of moving the computer desk in there somewhere too!
My sisters came by today on their way back down to Southern Ohio, so we got to visit a bit. I took a few pics of my nieces and nephew!! Will post those! Then later on the boys and I will have dinner, chill, and maybe play a little sega plug and play! They are playing ps2 at the moment..Sonderful will be doing his homework in a moment! Hubby is at work... Things are getting tense.. I am tired of listenin to him tell me everyday that he dont feel good, he feels sick.. GO TO THE DOCTOR YOU SOUND LIKE YOUR DIEING, Is that what he wants me to say?
I mean really is there a need to whine about it CONSTANTLY?? So he is at work now till 7 and I still have not decided on dinner.. Sonshine just had a big bowl of VERY Cherry fruit cocktail, and Sonderful had some soup when he got home a bit ago so I haven't even though of dinner yet..
I think it is either Easy Mac night or Beef Stew night..We have a Chef Boyardee pizza kit in there but I used all the oil the other day in the deep fryer..GRR Forgot about the pizza kit.. And pay day is not for days.. SOOO We aren't haveing that..LOL
Welp I am off to do my daily read N replys! Hope you are all having a great day!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

::Lil Changes Make Me Happy::

YAAY!! How do you all like the new changes?
Thank you CandleLady For letting me know where to stick my new banner I made!!
I figured out how to get rid of the title and description too!
Anyone want to know just email me!
I have added a few new blinkies too! (and as I type this still adding and taking away..everything will be done soon.. I am trying to get it all done before my shows then I am turning over the computer to my Hubby!)
A few of my new goodies/blinkies are thanks to my great friends at Moms-Online!
This is what I have been doing all day..LMAO LITERALLY.. I also made a bunch of graphics for Graphics Galore at MO!. I hope you gals like everything!
I have so been in the creative mood.. I am addicted to psp again officially..
Hubby must really be trying to work things out.. He has been awesome lately.. Still no sex, but the night is not over..LOL
Today the boys played video games and let us sleep in off and on till about noon.. Then we both got up and made brunch together, Sausage and bacon he made, Eggs I made!
But I got up a tad before him and got my coffee going turned on the computer and got my day started..LOL
He joined me shortly after and even helped me make some BEAUTIFUL graphics for my friends at MO!. I had fun making them with him, he is so creative and helped make some great stuff today! THANKS BABE! So things are going good.. There are other areas but we are slowly getting us together again..
So after brunch, I continued to stay on here and he played with the kids off and on of joining me.. Now he is playing a neopets board game that Sonderful got from Santa! AND..He got them both baths started so that is done.. He is so letting me just sit and bum..YAAY! So he is trying!
Soon as my shows start tonight, I will pass the computer on to him.. And he will probably sit here till well into the night..LOL
My bum hurts!!
I have literally been sitting here off and on for 5 or so hrs fixing up my blog and creating graphics..LOL
Again, I hope all my friends liked their goodies, I really tried to make them personal for ya! And if any of my friends that did not join in Graphics Galore would like a personalized blinkie from me to you, let me know!!
Welp, off to finish adding the newest graphics and taking away old ones!!
Hope this finds all my friends happy and healthy!

Friday, January 27, 2006

::Time Flies::

TGIF!! WOW, I can't believe it is Friday already!!!
Hubby is slowing passing his stones..LOL He passed one yesterday and called me in to see it and OUCHY.. It is a little smaller than a bb, so now he is down to 4 stones!
So with him having this and the boys I JUST NEED A BREAK!! LOL
Hope everyone is doing great today!!
Not really much going on this way today, same old shit different day!!
Wow this may be the shortest post I hve made..LOL
Welp, I am off to do my daily blog reads!!
Have a great Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

::All about ME::

July 12, 1977

Mayfield Ohio
Current Location:
Kirtland Ohio

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
brownish reddish at the moment

Not sure, I think I am between 5'3 and 5'4

Right Handed or Left Handed:

Your Heritage:
American, German, Czech
The Shoes You Wore Today:
The same ones I wear everyday..LOL My white and pink playboy bunny shoes!

Your Weakness:
Giving in when I shouldn't
Your Fears:
that my children or family will fall ill

Your Perfect Pizza:
Double cheese, pepperoni
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:

Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:

Thoughts First Waking Up:
Not already!!

Your Best Physical Feature:

Your Bedtime:
Sometime after the 11 news or after Jay Leno

Your Most Missed Memory:
Being able to go out whenever I want and doing what I want..LOL I miss it sometimes!

Pepsi or Coke:
Niether DR. Pepper..but I am a recovering addict..LOL

MacDonalds or Burger King:
Both--but prefer mcd's because I like more on the menu..LOL

Single or Group Dates:

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Lipton baby!!

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Cappuccino or Coffee:
Do you Smoke:

Do you Swear:
all the fucking time LOL

Do you Sing:
Yes but I am not so good

Do you Shower Daily:

Have you Been in Love:

Do you want to go to College:

Do you want to get Married:
NOT AGAIN..LOL I am already married
Do you belive in yourself:

Do you get Motion Sickness:

Do you think you are Attractive:
not really

Are you a Health Freak:
LOL No but I am trying to get healthy

Do you get along with your Parents:
Most of the time, my Mom and I have our days!!
Doyou like Thunderstorms:

Do you play an Instrument:

In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:

In the past month have you Smoked:

In the past month have you done Drugs:
Whatch talkin about Willis? LOL

In the past month have you gone on a Date:

In the past month have you gone to a Mall:
No..not a mall person really

In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:

In the past month have you eaten Sushi:
hell no!

In the past month have you been on Stage:

In the past month have you been Dumped:

In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:

In the past month have you Stolen Anything:

Ever been Drunk:
Ever been called a Tease:
You bet your ass!

Ever been Beaten up:

Ever Shoplifted:
as a kid
How do you want to Die:
Do I have to die? LOL I would like to go in my sleep!
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:
A GROWN UP...LOL Just want to keep being a Mom
What country would you most like to Visit:

Number of Drugs I have taken:
I have tried some...

Number of CDs I own:
Number of Piercings:
Number of Tattoos:

Number of things in my Past I Regret:
A FEW!!*
YOUR TURN!! Copy and pste to your blog, I would love to read your answers!!!

Hi all!!

Hi everyone!! How is everyone this Thursday?
Things here, well could be better.. Hubby and I were supposed to sit and have a long talk about our future,but well he ended up in the Hospital instead! Kidney stones once again, he will have them all his life most likely! This round of them he had6..now he has 5, once came through! OUCHY!! He has to work at 3, so tonight sometime we must have a conversation... I will not let it go without one! And I have a feeling that he may try to let it go without one..NO NO NO!

I guess my MIL's lease runs out in 3 months, should be about the time that I get my ex's income tax unless I get it sooner! So since she knows we want to move, she would like us to get a place together and split the bills.. That would be soo nice and way cheaper!! I want to say that really helps me think things could look up because Hubby has to get his shit together then! LOL I just love him so much and 3 yrs ago we made a promise to love, honor and cherish each other forever and I am not taking that lightly..LOL I love him so much and it kills me that we are going through something so big, like the talk of splitting up.. I dont want that, the 4 of us have a great great thing together and I want it like that forever! So as of right now the way things stand is that I would like to TRY to work things out.. Bu tlike I said we have to have a conversation, about lots of things before we can move ahead!
On to other things.. What is everyone up to this THursday?
at about noon a friend and I will take our boys to CEC! Her son and my boys have not been there in forever so whynot! I have to cash my cs check first but then we are headed there! And their food is soooooo yyummy!! I will be sure to take some pics! Other than that not much today.. Just wait for the oc!! Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

::Way Back Wednesday--Weds. Meme::

Way Back Wednesday!
Answer my question by replying here and post your own question at your blog so we can all reply to yours!!
What was your favorite thing to do with friends as a teenager?
Mine was going to the skating rink every weekend!
After our parents or friends parents would drop us off, we would wait for them to leave and head next door to the bowling alley and buy smokes outta the machine..LOL
Then after having one or two we would head on in to the skating rink where we usually never skated,but danced in the middle..LOL My friends and I were always entering the dance contests..hahaha And we always left out of the skating rink with enough time to have a few more smokes before our ride came to pick us up..LOL
That's my way back memory, what is yours?

::Happy Hump Day::

Happy Hump Day to all my friends and family!!! I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy ofcourse!!
There have been some MAJOR things come up in my life, and though I won't get into it all I will say that Hubby and I are having some problems and the future is not looking bright.. =(
But I have lots of friends and wonderful family and two amazing kiddos to get us through it!
SOO I apologize to all my bloggin buddies for not replying lately, I have been reading but just didn't feel like replying to y'all yesterday!! I DIDNT EVEN WATCH ALL OF DAYS YESTERDAY...LOL But I did get to most of you this morning!! And sorry if you all come here and it is not updated, don't know how often I will be in the mood for blogging!
Since I decided to do a blog, I decided first day that I will always read and reply to my friends blogs and that I will try to update mine atleast once everyday! At times I post here more than once a day.. I have a busy life sometimes more than one interesting thing happens.. Plus I just enjoy this and I love MEME'S so I like to post those too.. Look for Wednesday's to come after this post!
So not much going on today! I hve tons to do and am not wanting to do it..lol
Winter as once again hit us full swing and so I think since Sonderful is at school and Hubby is at work, I will curl up with my new book and hang with Sonshine and veg!
Have a great Wednesday!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

::Monday Meme::

Play along by replying with your answers here and then post your own on your blog!!
1. Before I walk out the door, I always check to make sure I _______.
Turned the heat down!
2. I can't seem to catch up on my _______.
3. The one surface in my house that always seems to get cluttered fast is _______.
My main counter between the livingroom and kitchen AND the kitchen table!
4. If I sleep past _____, I feel that I've slept in too late.
5. No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to _______.
Keep the house clutterfree
6. I hope to have my income taxes done by _______.
April 15th..LOL
7. This year I'd like to make more time for _______.
ME ME ME.. I totally need more ME time!!

::Weekends Over::

Back to normal living again!! Which means back to no sleeping in and getting up in the am with Sonderful for school!! I thought this morning would be rough, But it really wasn't... We stayed up late watching Duece Bigalow,European Gigilo.. Not the greatest movie.. It had some really funny parts,but I thought there would be crazy dates than there was in it..LOL I barely saw the first one only bits and pieces so I may have had my expectations to high since I heard this one was better.. Though it had funny parts, It is not one I would pay for again, or that I would reccomend anyone run right out and rent..LOL Watch it on cable.. HAHA ;)
So we had a nice evening last night, The parents were here, we rented pizza, watched a movie, and hung out.. Today they leave and I pick up..LOL
Hubby is at work, Sonderful is at school and Sonshine is watching tv and relaxing!
Then later they will come home, I believe Hubby is making dinner tonight! Steaks and taters or steak soft tacos.. I don't make steak! Steaks are the one thing that I just don't cook.. I can't and have no desire too.. they taste very good when Hubby makes them, why mess that up..LOL
I just wish we could grill like all my FL. friends...WAAAAAAHHH =(
I want to be able to grill out and picnic in January!! LOL
Today I also plan to update our family photo album, it has been awhile since I added new photos for our family and friends to see!!
Thats about all, I have done the morning MO thing, so I am off to do my daily reads!
Have a great Monday everyone!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

::Sunday already?::

WOW! This has been a wonderfully lazy weekend!! LOL
We basically just stayed home and vegged and watched movies and played games all weekend..I didn't even watch SNL lastnight because we had a few movies to watch..LOL

Today is a nice day so far.. I still have to clean up though...
The boys are fighting while playing a game, UGH!
Hubby headed out awhile ago to get a new mouse and some Taco Hell for lunch! Sonshine's pick, ofcourse that is ALL he ever picks..lol Sure is taking him a long time though, geeze..
Then after we have lunch, Hubby and I will pick up and do a few things around here and the boys will tackle their room..
My Dad and StepMom are coming over later on for the night! YAAY!! I miss my Daddy!! I just love having him around me!! He lives about 2 and a half hrs away and so we don't get to see each other much when niether of us have the money to travel to the other.. 2 of my sisters live close by him though and see him semi often though..Him and Hubby are like the same person just 20 yrs apart..LOL They are like 2 peas in a pod I swear!
Welp Hubby is home now so I am off to eat lunch!
I got to replying to a few of my daily blog reads, I will get to the rest in a bit!
Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

::Under Construction::

*Please note that I am currently changing a few things here so if there are some things that are not showing up or things are messed up thats why!
Everything should be back up and running right soon!*

::10 things that bring ME comfort::

*Borrowed* from ScrappinMama!
Top 10 things that bring me comfort::
1. My 3 guys
2. Knowing my guys are safe and healthy
3. My WONDERFUL online friends
4. Coffee
5. Reading
6. That Hubby has a great and pretty secure job(everyone needs paint..lol)
7. Laying in the sun
8. Watching stars
9. That my Dad is coming over tomorrow and I can finally see him, it's been a few months!!
10.Michelob Ultra..LOL
YOUR turn!! What your the top 10 things that bring YOU comfort!

::Hey Hey Hey::

It's Saturday!! I enjoyed sleeping in too!! LOL
I got up for a brief second this morning to say bye and I love you have a great day to Hubby as he was leaving..LOL And then after the boys got up I just layed on the couch and drifted in and out..LOL They were watching movies and playing ps2 games anyways...
So Hubby is at work, the boys are watching a movie and eating Easy Mac, I am waking up.. My sister Hilary called and left a message this morning, I heard it but didn't feel like getting up, so when she eventually called again, I was slowly getting up, but now I am up!

It don't look like we will have a sitter tonight! =( Such a bummer! I really really really wanted to go out with Hubby today.. There is one other person I could ask, but I know she likes her time with her Hubby on the weekends so I dont like to ask her to babysit for us! Oh well.. Whatcha gonna do right? Sooooo we have a few more movies to watch tonight and SNL!
Mr & Mrs. Smith, Dirty Love, and Bob the Butler! All look awesome! There are so many movies out that I have not seen yet, and so many at the theaters too! But many many on dvd that I have not seen! Oh, I found a dvd I want..LOL Ferris Bueller's Day Off.. The Bueller Bueller edition..LOL It has a bunch of new stuff I guess on the dvd.. That is one of my FAVORITE movies!! I love the way Blockbuster is now! Though we kept some movies to long and can't return them, so we HAD to pay for them... BUT it was only 10 bucks a movie..we had 3! Our fault for never returning thm, but they got put away with all our other movies so we forgot..LOL
Hitch, Racing Stripes and White Noise..ALL GREAT MOVIES, So I guess it isn't to bad, we could keep them or sell them!
So not much is going on today..I have some picking up todo and I have to run out and pay a few bills, get Sonderful a few pairs of pants(he has ONE pair of jeans that fit and they have a hole in the knee) So he needs more... I can't find the stupid reciept from the pants my MOm bought them at Christmas, they are to small so I have to return them, I wonder if they will let me without a reciept, the tags are still on them?? They were from Old Navy. And I want to pick up a scale for me, I really really feel like I am losing a few pounds and I want to track it!!
Welp, I am off to do my daily blog reads!! Oh welcome to my new blog buddy Ocean-Wonders!! Hope to get to know you better!!! Go right ahead and add me to your blog roll!!! I am looking forward to reading yours like I do everyones!!
Have a GREAT Saturday everyone!!!!

::New game addictions::

I have been finding myself with new addictions lately.. I go through spurts of all of them.. Today it is Bejewled 2 @Yahoo games! It has also lately been sonic on the boys SEGA plug and play..and Pinball on my windows! LOL
I just love computer games.. I can't play any ps2 games, I don't like them they have mostly racing games, I am more into trivia games, puzzle games stuff like that.
Do any of you play computer games?
If so what are your favorites, maybe I can try them!!

Friday, January 20, 2006


I once again had a long post in the process of getting typed up but my mouse..GRRRRRRRR
So what is everyone up to this Friday?
We are waiting for Hubby to get back, he went to Blockbuster and BK! I just love the new strawberry/banana iceys..LOL
The boys and I are hanging out watching Trading Spouses! LOL HILARIOUS TV!
Hopefully Hubby will come back with Wedding Crashers, I am dying to see that..LOL
Tomorrow not sure what is going on, A friend of ours is dj'ing at a locar watering hole tomorrow night and is anxious for us to come and watch him *spin* LOL So IF we can get a sitter we will go there, Hubby and I have not been out together in so long, last time we had a sitter we sat here..UGH...I am sooo needing to get out and hang with Hubby and enjoy ourselves!!
Got Sonderful's report card today... The grades are as follows ....I will be putting 1 and 2nd grading periods so you can see his improvements!!
1st grading period--B
2nd grading period B
1st grading period--C
2nd grading period--B-
1st grading period ---A+
2nd grading period --A+
1st grading period --S
2nd grading period--S-
Social Studies--
1st Grading period- B
2nd grading period--A-
1st grading period--B-
2nd grading period--B-
1st grading period--B
2nd grading period--A
Music, art, adn gym ---S
So there you go! I am so proud of my boy!!!!!!!!!!
Welp Hubby is back with dinner and movies..so we are off to eat and watch them!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

::It's just NOT fair::

It is just not fair, Why us, why my family? Why everytime MY family needs help, or MY children need anything is it so hard for us to get anything from anyone?
Ok so Sonshine is NOT in speech anymore, I have been trying to call, for some reason they are trying to get him in with another speech therepist.. Why? Why won't they tell me why? I don't get it..My son needs this he was making such good progress and hasnt been there since BEFORE Christmas... First she was sick all week, then it was Christmas and New Years, then after that they are now saying they are TRYING to get him in with someone else.. It makes NO sense to me..Was she fired? And if so what for? Ya know, why without telling us are they switching therepists?
And we are also trying to get him into the preschool class at the Elementary school, We have been there twice, did a home evaluation with Hunter, and today we went again to do the SAME SHIT they did with him 5 months ago.. His fine motor skills are great it is his speech that he has a problem with.. Why won't they just say look he needs this? I just want to cry, it is so not fair..I am so tired of everything.. If it isnt one thing it is another.. My home is falling apart, I can't get my son into preschool or get anyone to act like they give a shit about my family.. I just can't take it.. I can't get my Husband to do ANYTHING that needs done around here, and no matter how hard I try it stays the same. I ask, nothing, I beg nothing, I scream and threaten nothing.
It just seems like evrything is going wrong! Why why why can't for once in my miserable life can't I be happy... The only thing that brings me happiness is watching my children! I am supposed to have a project done soon and I can't do that because I have none of the stuff that I need and I am sooo very upset about this, I really really wanted to do it.. I want to move but my Husband WON'T talk to the owner of the this place to see if there is a way we can move without having to pay a fortune to junk our trailer,yes the place is that bad.. Hell I dont even get sex anymore, Not shitting you my Husband and I have not been intimate in MONTHS... YES MONTHS!! Sorry if that is TMI, but it bothers me, I used to not beable to get him off of me and now, hell I dont even ask anymore! It is so sad. I have a roomate when I used to have a Husband! And I have felt this way for awhile.. I don't want to leave him because how the hell am I suposed to take care of the kids? I love my Husband so much and IT KILLS ME that are relationship has turned into what it has. I understand he works everyday, but come the hell on, if something in this house needs done that IS important too!
Oh and guess what, ya the hall has still never got painted, and now when I go to do it myself he says, oh I dont think we have enough paint for it... UM HELLO WHERE THE F^^CK DO YOU WORK?? I mean really!
Today is it, I mean after the worthless waste of time meeting at the preschool class today and almost falling on my head walking out to the car because this piece of shit landlord WON'T salt the driveway.. I went off, I told Brian if you don't go down there RIGHT now and talk to this guy about this I WILL..He KNOWS that I will go off on this man.. For the past 5 yrs he has done NOTHING but complain about us and want us out, WHy? I dont know because he wants to own all the trailers in here so he will do what it takes, I believe, to get us out.. So if he wants to play that way, I will... I WILL fall and I WILL hurt myself! And he WILL pay for it! So even after Brian went out there to find him and talk to him over an hr and a half ago he still has NOT salted once..
OMG... I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!! I just want to get my ex's income tax and leave.. I know I can't do that but I do.. I just want to make sure that my boys have a happy life and the way things are going that is not going to happen.. I am telling you what though, my Husband has a few months, and if the shit that needs to be done is not done and things are not better I guess I will have no choice in the matter, I am no longer going to jepordize mine or my sons happiness! I am miserable living here, I just feel like a failure, I feel like a failure as a Mom because no matter what I do, I can't get the people that are SUPPOSED to help my son to help him, I feel like a failure with my marriage, I am just one big fat ugly failure! I feel like a failure because my home is falling apart, I feel like a failure because it is cluttered and I have no way of improving things myself, I feel like a failure because I have no way to get a lic. and car and I HAVE to have that to better myself since it seems my Husband doesnt want to better us..
I am NOT white trash, I refuse to live like it any longer!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

::Happy Hump Day::

What's up today all you bloggers out there?? Not much going on this way ofcourse.. Winter is back..Blah.... But it is January whatcha gonna do!
I am need of energy, SEND ME SOME SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!! I am in need of a change for the livingroom, and when I get going on that everyting gets done and changed..LOL So I am trying to think of a nice way to put things in there, But I feel I have done every way I can in there.. Who knows I am sure I will come up with something!
So tht is all today, picking up normal day to day things.. I really dont even feel like being on the computer lately, I turned the computer on today and for a long time just sat and stared at the login to yahoo mail page.. I just really didnt feel like being on, so since I probably won't be on later tonight I wanted to drop atleast one post today!
Sonderful did not get his report card, we owe school fees.. 38 frigging dollars, it is sick...so when we pay that, which will be Monday, we will recieve his report card..so dumb!
I guess Sonderful will not be doing the annual pine wood derby for boy scouts this year, thanks to our phone being broken we missed knowing there was a meeting to work on them till the day of and by then we couldn't go. =( He just isn't into it, and Hubby don't help,they like the meetings and all the fun to do with it, but won't work on the book and things to do at home or to earn patches etc.. It just seems that our family is giving up on anything, And I know alot of it is just being miserable here.. Sonderful is not in walking distance to anyfriends oranything, and where we live is just not fun for kids. I am miserable here we all are, I so hope we can find a nice apt, or house to rent within the next few months and get out of here . It would save us so much money.. And wouldbe better for all of us in the long run!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

::Hi All::

Hi everyone!!
How is everyone doing this Tuesday? Things are ok here!
Sonderful is at school, Sonshine is watching tv, and Hubby is off and on sleeping, he doesn't have to be at work till 3:30 today.
I have tons of housework to do, I am about to start on all of that now!
Today is report card day for Sonderful, I asked him this morning whether or not he will be grounded after school..LMAO
He ofcourse says no..Thats my boy!!
Not doing anything today but housework and hanging out here!!
And ofcourse making blinkies..HEHEHE
If any of my blog buddies would like a blinkie like mine that says Ali's blog let me know and I will gladly make you one!
Thats about all I have for this post..I made out a nice long post earlier and somehow it dissappeared, I checked in my drafts, not there so I just dont want to type it out all over again..LOL
Nice short post saying hi, seeing how all my friends are doing!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

::Happy Monday::

Good afternoon all!!
WELCOME TO ALL MY NEW BLOGGING BUDDIES!! YAAY!! So many of you just can't resist NOT having a blog anymore can you..LOL

I hope this post finds you all having a great day!!
We had a good night last night, my niece came over and stayed the night with us, they played, snacked, played some more. And then at finally about 12:30 am this morning, we all had a slumber party in the livingrooom... FUN FUN FUN!!

Now they are watching Krunk's New Groove and eating BRUNCH! I just spent the last half hr on the phone with Sonderful's Father, YAAY, FUN! NOT!!, Now, I am awaiting 1 oclock for Days..then they will play again..LOL Hubby is at work till 5 today!
Then we will have dinner, get my niece home and the boys need baths and then it is beddy bye!! Sonderful FINALLY goes back to school on tomorrow, he has been off since Thursday!

Anyone plan on watching The Golden Globes tonight? I am! I just love awards shows... And since it is on the channel I watch on Monday nights anyway, I mine as well...though I will miss Medium!!
I have some dishes and laundry to do today, I was not only lazy yesterday, I admit I was lazy all weekend..LOL So I will pay for that today,but it's all good!

So MO! Is broken!! *BIG SIGH* It is part of a pattern that I have and I am not liking not being able to be there..LOL
My pattern is.. Get coffee... Get online... Check email...Go to MO!...Then do all my bloggin stuff... Well I got coffee.got online...JUST LOOKED at email....Then Candlelady told me that MO was down... BUMMER..SO Just like Candlelady I am sure, I skipped to bloggin! Maybe I will catch up on all my replys, I admit I am a little behind..sorry gals... I have been in blinkie heaven..LOL I got alot made.. I hope to have them up soon somewhere to all my friends can use them on their blogs or MO!

So that is all that is happening today!! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!! Have a great Monday!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

::Lazy, Lazy, Sunday::

Good Afternoon All!!
I hope this post finds all my friends and family happy and healthy!
Today is a lazy day.. My Sis Nae kept Sonshine lastnight, Sonderful wanted to come home W/Hubby and I, and play his new ps2 game he got on Saturday..LOL
So I will have my niece probably tonight..FUN FUN FUN!! I love when my nieces and nephews come over, They don't get to come over enough! And the boys have tons of new games from Christmas to play with her, and Sonderful is dying to play Scene It Jr. with her!! LOL
We had a good time over there lastnight. I love hanging out with my Sis and BIL! We always have a fun time!! Thanks for having us over Nae!!

Sonderful Hubby and I have just been hanging out, He was playing his new game, and now watching Fantastic Four! Hubby just got back from Grocery shopping..WHAATA GUY! I didn't even have to go, he totally offered! And did good! LOL

So we are considering what to have for lunch and I am on here farting around looking for ways to decorate my blog! Was chatting through IM with Java, and Candlelady for a bit.. Candlelady is going to set me up with a book party!! YAAY! Anyone want to order?? PRETTY PLEASE!! LOL

And I am sitting here making blinkies! I am in a blinkie making mood.. Anyone want one? Reply and let me know whatcha want!!
Got any ideas for new blinkies for MO ladies?

Thats about it really.. Just a lazy Sunday here in N.E Ohio!!
Have a great day one and all!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

:;Only in N.E Ohio::

Only in N.E Ohio can it be 55 degrees for almost a week in the middle of January and then end up like this --------------------------------------------->
UGH!!!!!! Soo it looks like winter is back..BLAH!!
So our Friday evening was not bad.. Hubby's cousin came over they played cards, I played games WON ONE..LOL , Then I finished off my book..VERY GOOD BOOK...Can't wait to get more from her!! And watched a little late night comedy shows and then I watched a little bit of the first season of Mr. Show with Bob and David..HILARIOUS..I JUST LOVE DAVID CROSS!!

Today so far is ok.. Hubby has to run into work for a few hrs.. and the boys are eating cereal at the moment..They want to go outside but there is so much slush and water under all that snow (because while it was so warm it wouldn't stop raining..UGH)so I don't really want them to play out there, they would just get so muddy!
We are going over to my sister Nae's this evening... YAAY!! The boys are so excited to play with their cousin!! They have been asking, is time to leave yet? UM NO DEARIES..lol not till later on... So maybe we will get some computer time in, some pingpong and a few cocktails in tonight!
I am also going to raid her books..SHHH She doesn't know that yet..but I need a new book to read,LOL

Thats about it for now!! I am off to do my daily blog reads and replys!!
Have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

::Happy Friday The 13th!::

OOOH Watch out for that black cat!! LMAO!
Hey Howdy Hey everyone! How is your Friday going so far? Ours is going good!
Hubby is at work till 7 tonight, the boys are playing their plug N play Sega and I am on here and watching Days..*sigh* right now Bo is freaking out on Chelsea and figured out it was her that hit Zack..OMG I AM IN TEARS!!!!!!!
Anyhoo...Hubby has company coming over, his cousin and a buddy to play Magic..YAAY!! WOOHOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
The boys and I will hang out and play some games then they will hit the hay and so will I !
Hope everyone has a super Friday!! TGIF!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

::Goodbye Earl::

I am so sad about what's happeneing with the shows I watch!
The O.C Is moving to 9 PM! This just can't happen because NOW My Name is Earl and The Office are on Thursday's STARTING AT 9...GRRRRRRRRR This is the biggest bummer to me really!!
I love all 3 shows, but I have been watching The OC longer,BUT I have been watching them all since the very beginning! WAAAAAH This is soooo sad!!
Sooo....Goodbye Earl... Catch ya on the rerun!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

::Happy Hump Day::

Good evening everyone!
Hope you all had a great day today!
Today was not a bad day here, though off and on I have had a HORRIBLE toothache! Plus my monthly enemy is here so I am poppin Pamperin like there is no end,so that is KIND of easing off the toothache!

I was up around 7:30 or 8 somewhere around there, Hubby was getting Sonderful ready for school, right after he left around 8:20 Sonshine woke up.. Spent a little time with him and Hubby before Hubby went to work at around 9:30..He is still there!
I did some dishes made lunch the usual! Read some of my book and Sonshine and I took a nap after Days..not a usual thing for us anymore but I was sooo beat and my tooth hurt so bad I had to take a nap! We didnt get up till Sonderful got home from school at 4..2 hr nap. not bad..I needed it!

Right now the boys are playing a game and I am about to relax get ready for Entertainment Tonight and the rest of my Wednesday line up.. The Biggest Loser, and Law & Order!

The boys had dinner.. Kid Cousines, their pick tonight! I had a nurtigrain bar and will have my last yogurt(unless Hubby remembers to pick some up) Tried to drink some oj but it takes like crap..back to water I guess it is..LOL
I have had some MAJOR heartburn lately too! UGH!!!!!!
In between during commercials I will read..LOL I am really into this book!

Hope everyone has a great night!!!

::My New Book::

Hi everyone! Really quick post here!!
I wanted to post about the new book I am reading..
It is called The Other Daughter-By Lisa Gardener. It is a great book so far.. I am not far into it,but far enough that it is getting good..LOL
Does anyone else read her books? I believe i have reada book of hers before and I loved it! Saw this at the grocery store and had to have it, I have not read a book in a few weeks..LOL
If any of my friends are interested in reading this book let me know and I can mail it off to ya to read!!
K, Will blog later I am off for a bit!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

::Hi There!::

Good afternoon everyone!!!!!
I hope you are all having a beauuuuuuteful day!!!!!! Today is not a bad day here, I am just getting in a few minutes of computer time here, Sonshine is playing a game and we are waiting for Sonderful to get home from school! Hubby is at work till I believe 7 tonight.
I have not done to much today, a load of dishes and hung out with Sonshine! AND watched Days and As The World Turns! Oh, both shows just break my heart!! If you watch either you will understand..LOL
I will be doing one more load of dishes, well silverware. Then getting the boys some dinner, I think it is a kid cousine night tonight..LOL

We also owe the boys a pinky sweared game of Crazy 8's..LOL So it is bath night, family game night, and beddy bye for the boys while Mommy has a few cocktails(HOPEFULLY I will be in the mood for them..lol) and watch Vegas and Medium(This looks sooo AWESOME tonight), and doing some laundry,While most likely Hubby will be sitting right here in this spot playing Diablo II.
Medium watchers, let me know what you think of tonights show after you watch it!!!

Thats really about all going on here! Same Old Shit, Different Day!
Oh but I did want to give you all a heads up on what I have been doing...
NOT drinking Dr. Pepper that is!! WOOHOO Go me!!! I am happy to say it has been 3 days and NO DP!
I could drink a TON a day really, I am completely completely addicted..BAD!
I had gaterade and water..Mainly water..Oh and coffee in the am! Somedays I can drink my coffee all day long, but I have decided one pot and that is it! Water after that! I need to get energy and lose some weight! I think I could lose about 40 pounds and look great! I soo wish I had a scale though so I could get started on keeping track, but ofcourse no scale..soon I hope!
And I have not really been eating that much *bad for me* foods.. I bought a ton of Yoplait Whips,but need to restock, so I have been eating thoughs throughout the day if I want a snack.. And I bought myself some Cherrios W/ strawberry frosted yogurt! I can't wait to try them!
I am going to be getting a journal going for myself.. I was thinking of maybe making a seperate blog for my journey with it all.. What do you think?
As for the not smoking part, not doing so hot.. OMG I forgot how hard it is!! I feel so bad that I can't quit, I feel like a failure! =(
So thanks for listening to me ramble.. Wish me luck on changing myself to a person I like!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

::Happy Sunday::

Hey Howdy Hey!! How is everyone today?
I am ok! Enjoying some few quiet moments! Hubby is at work and both boys are at my MIL. She watched them for us lastnight.. We don't get that to much anymore so it was nice to finally get a little break again.. I suppose she will be bringing them home soon though..LOL
We didn't do much lasnight, a friend came over and him and hubby and I all played Magic for a few hours..Blah that game..LOL And those two REALLY know what to say to get me to play..LOL So we played a few games of that and had some dinner and watched some tv and Fantastic Four and he headed out, Hubby and I stayed up to watch SNL..Wasn't to funny but I didnt see if last time it was on(Eva Longoria..BLAH Don't care for her, and I HATE KORN..LOL)
I stayed up and read a few rag mags for a bit and hit the hay, had a dang 12 pack from Friday and haven't had but 3 and that was Friday, I thought last night would be perfect no kids no one to wake up to..GRRR So then ofcourse I just didn't feel like drinking them..LOL

Thats about it! Today I have done NOTTA..LOL I feel crampy, blah I think the monthly enemy is coming...Great so for the next 2 wks I will be emotional and bitchy(The week before and during)!! Maybe then I will want them beers huh..LOL
So later we are not doing anything, I just want to veg today.. Play some games with the boys and watch L&O Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan! Thats about it for me today/tonight!
It is almost 40 and beautiful today! So weird we are in N.E Ohio where January is supposed to be like low teens and it is friggen spring! LOL
Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

::Feel good today::

Well I feel good today! I never did do my dishes..LOL But I will here in a bit.. We have also accumulated enough dirty laundry for a load so I will be doing that here in a bit!
The boys are about to watch a movie, and Hubby is at work till 7, though he came home for a bit and cashed his check and this and that and headed back to work. Sonshine just hates when he does that. He gets so excited thinking Daddy is home for the night and he isnt =(
It was nice opening his check, It was WAY more than expected..That is ALWAYS nice! LOL

So I have my list of bills that need paid, and he dropped rent/lot payment off already (it is from last month..err 6 days late with 3 bucks a day late fee..UGH)
We have to pay on our loan for the trailer, phone, elec.,car insurance, and thats about it, but we were thinking that we totally couldn't but wowie when I opened that baby I called him asap...LOL So I feel relieved, though they arent paid yet the money is here with me and they will be paid tomorrow..LOL

Hubby was also nice enough to pick me up a 12 pack Mich Ultra! What a sweetie... He knows me..LOL I didnt even ask for it or anything..LMAO So that will be nice to relax to a few beers, play a game or two with the boys, and funny tv tonight!

I am patiently awaiting that new show The Book Of Daniel, I am hearing SOOO many people complaining about this show, I myself think it looks HILARIOUS!!.. So what if a non Catholic Priest has a drug dealing daughter, a gay son and a gay sister in law, and the Priest himself takes valum a little too much and talks to Jesus..LMAO IT IS A COMEDY PEOPLE!! It is NOT supposed to be Sunday church tv! ARGH..SORRY, But people that do that irk me to NO END!!!! It is a comedy, you know heehee funny giggle giggle, not supposed to be serious..we AND the networks KNOW it is not true, don't complain and TRY to get the networks to not air the show(which some wont now)because it *OFFENDS* you, CHANGE THE CHANNEL, There are 80 bazillion channels on tv, put one on..UGH!
**LONG DEEP BREATH** LOL Sorry but it bothers me!

So anyhoo that is what is going on now... I just felt like posting a blog..Don't know why, just wanted to talk...LOL Thanks for letting babble on and on about nothing..lol
If anyone watches that show let me know what you think, I think it is going to be great!

::This, That and the other..LOL::

I am so glad to get another few days off of getting up early! I never minded weekends or week days being a sahmom they were all the same to me...but now with Sonderful in school I have to get up too so I enjoy the weekends..LOL But for the last couple of days Hubby has been getting him up and at em!
Even today having to be at work at 9 am he still got him up...Cool... I am glad he does that every so often...

YAAY! I am proud to announce I took the tree down (ACTUALLY, Sonderful and Sonshine helped alot, Hubby was at work)and the decorations and my shelf and wall decorations!! They are all boxed up and sitting where the tree was in the livingroom..LOL But hey atleast it is down!! Maybe before Valentine's day they will be all put away...LOL
At least there are only a few holidays I really decorate for.. Christmas And Easter!
For the others I get 99 cent stickies and put them on the windows..LOL Last year I forgot a Halloween one and it was up there for MONTHS AND MONTHS..LOL It was on the window that my computer desk semi covers so I just never saw it.. Never even saw it when I was outside walking inside..LOL Ohwell thats life...That is why you have family to say"Um asshole it is Jan. you have a Halloween sticky on your window still..LOL"

SOOOOOOOO My youngest baby sister (well she is a Mommy..but still my baby sister)MIGHT be moving to FL. I am sad about that, but there is an upside, If she does I will hve a real excuse to go visit!!! LOL I am not sure where in Fl. but I will find out... She is going down Wednesday for a wedding and will probably make more plans so I will find out when she gets home!
I am sooo happy for her but sad too... Her and her fiance were trying to build their own home(at the moment the live in a cute lil trailer)but they ran outta money...and are awaiting for my Aunt (who is currently mooching off them) gets a settlement from her divorce..but that is so not anywhere near coming..so they can't really finish up the house..So far it is up TALL BIG HOUSE..LOL And windows and doors are in, but my mooching Aunt was to buy the siding.
It is hard to find GOOD PAYING work they live now in Southern Ohio,and most likely my BIL already has jobs lined up or I doubt they would move there without one lined up.

I think we may do something like that if we ever get the chance to move... I want to move outta Ohio soo bad. It is not like I absolutely hate it here. I have lived here my whole life except for a year in Cali when I ws 5! All my past is here, my memories..but I NEED a change! BIG TIME.. I just need to go somewhere and start fresh ya know!

Hubby and I were even talking about it, he says"You have many online friends, i am sure they would help us out if we moved to where one of them lives" Hleping out he means like finding out what is there for us, setting up what we can't from here etc.. I know my awesome friends would help me too!! SOO YAAY...Maybe by next year I will be a Southerner! I either want North Carolina or Georgia! Anyone know if there are any Sherwin Williams around you if you live in either state????...LMAO If Hubby could get hooked up with a job down there and if we could find a place to live we would so go in a heartbeat!! Even the boys are agreeing they would want to move too..LOL

So what am I doing today? HMMM Well Sonderful is at school, Sonshine is watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory(such a weird movie..lol)Hubby is at work..later if his check comes today,which it is supposed to, we have to run some errands.. I wanted to have some company over to play cards and have a few coctails this weekend,but I dont know if we are going to or not.. We rarely have a sitter anymore since the boys Meemaw doesn't get them anymore(they were going EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND but she is having personal issues)and if we had company it would be kids free..I AM IN SUCH A NEED OF THAT..LOL
But thats about it, I really only have dishes to do and few bits of clothes to put away..It is COLD AND SNOWY today so no outside for us..LOL Maybe the boys will later but not I..

Welp I am off to do my daily reads and get ready for Days!! TGIF! I hope you all have a great day!!!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

::Don't say it is so..LOL::

But I believe that I have slowly and quietly entered the *TWEEN* years with Sonderful! *SIGH* LOL
He is currently 9yrs old and in the 4th grade! He is an honoroll student and a VERY WELL behaved and well mannered young man! We are all so proud of the way he has grown up, with the many exceptions of kids being kids..LOL I know he is not perfect but he is perfect for us!
It is not his birthday or anything like that, so I am not to sure why I have been thinking like this but I have realized tonight that we have indeed entered the *TWEEN* years!
What are the *TWEEN* years..Well here they are from MY pov!

The *TWEEN* years are where a child is stuck between staying young and growing up! Seriously!
My Sweet sweet Sonderful still believes in Santa! He still loves to say bedtime prayers and get stories from us at night! And NEVER EVER, Goes to bed (unless they have slept away from us)withOUT a good night hug and kiss from Mommy! He still enjoys to play with some toys..
So we have staying young.........
We also have growing up which consists of the following..........
He longs to hang with the older kids and or adults, He totally enjoys the rare occasions that Hubby allows him to play Magic with him and his buddy! He tends to prefer computer/video games over toys, and he is getting annoyed with his younger brother more and more which is another sign of *TWEEN* years! Along with his appetite going UP TREMENDOUSLY! Young Jethro in the making!! LOL
He is also turning into quite the lil couch tater..UGH!!
So far it is not a hard stage,but more of a watch and see stage.. It is REALLY fun to watch and see what he will be like when he is older! We are just waiting for one day when a major change to teenager will happen... Thank God I have Hubby with us now! I don't know what I would ever do if I were to have to raise a teenage son alone..LOL

OFCOURSE, It is totally wonderful watching Sonshine grow and blossom as well..He is slowly turning into a little gentleman..LOL He still has many many outbursts,and is not always so nice but slowly he is getting better!!

I guess is it just the new year with so many new opportunities for ourselves to begin a whole new life for ourselves!! Sentimental moments like this are nice!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

::Couple more things..Please reply to the questions::

Ok I need a few things..LOL
Does anyone know where I can get a calendar for my blog and maybe a clock??
I have tried looking but have across some weird things I did not understand AND OR like..LOL
Also I am also going to try to make myself a new banner for the site..
Does anyone happen to know what I look for in the html to find where to put it once I upload it??

And one more thing with posting/replying,
I now allow anyone to post W/word verification! BUT PLEASE Don't post annoymous(SP?) I would still like to know who it is replying, so if I don't already read your blog let me know where to find ya!


Just a test post to check out all the new changes!!
AS OF NOW.. ANYONE Can reply you do NOT need a blogger account!!
Also testing all images!!

::2005 Year In Review::

2005 Year in Review
Borrowed from Raiza's Blog
Please play along and post one in your blog too! Let me know if you do so I can read yours too!!
BEST MEMORY: Christmas was really ONE of the bests!! This year the guys were ALL happy and said so many times!

WORST MEMORY: MAINLY our finances!

...Photograph from Nickelback and Bonanza From Acon!
FAVE MOVIE/DVD of 2005: The 40 yr. Old Virgin! This movie TOTALLY ROCKS!!

FAVE NEW TV SHOW of 2005: Medium rocks!! And ofcourse I still love The OC and ER!!

FAVE MUSIC CD of 2005: Just the mixed ones I made up!

FAVE BOOK I READ in 2005: I can't remember the name of it..LMAO

FAVE NEW FOOD in 2005: Nothing really changed foodwise for me...

MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS in 2005: I am sad to say I have not had many new accomplishments(So glad it is a new year for more this year)... But the biggest for me is getting Sonshine into speech!! I have been trying for MONTHS!!!!!

MY HOPES/WISHES for the NEW YEAR, 2006: This is a long list..LOL
That my family and friends stay happy and healthy all year long!
I hope our finances get better!!
I hope I can completely quit smoking!
I hope we can move before 2006 is over!
I REALLY Hope JC and Boater get pregnant!!(Hope you dont mind me hoping for you girl!)

Blogger--I have enjoyed having a blog this year!!
I have not really found to many new websites!
Adoption shops rock!!

::Happy 2006!!::

HAPPY 2006!!
I know a day late and a dollar short right...LMAO
Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!!
We had the best time ever!!!!! Even though we lost 20 bucks (10 for both of us to play) at poker..LOL
I loved having the boys with us, usually we go somewhere not kid friendly..This year we went to my Aunt's/Godmothers! SOOOO many people there but oh such a blast!! I got LOADED!!!!! The kids played,ate, played some more... Even Hubby got a slight Buzz on.. and him and Sonshine were the first to sleep at a little after 2 or 2:30 am...
Sonderful and I followed suit around, oh 3 or 4 am..LOL
2 more days of vacation!! Sonderful goes back to school on Jan. 4th!
I think tomorrow he will veg so much we will have to pull him out the door..LOL That is what he says he will do anyways... He always plans to stay up super late on the last night he can and sleep ALL DAY the day before he goes back..LOL What a booger!
I am really NOT looking forward to him going back to school..LOL Honestly, I am not looking forward to the homework and this and that....UGH.....It is really weird, but those of you that DON'T have kiddos in school yet, will notice this once your kids are in school that school gets WAY MORE IRRATATING, ONCE your a Mom and you HAVE to MAKE your kids go to school...LOL SERIOUSLY!!! I enjoyed it more when I was in it..LOL

Hubby is back at work today! He only had yesterday off... Today we have to take my MIL's car back to her and get all the presents waiting for us and the boys down there... Mainly the boys have gifts ofcourse!!
Today I have SOOOOOOO MUCH housework to do..at the moment I have thrown a load in the washer...I have tons of cleaning to do today it sucks.. BUT That is my fault as I did NOTHING yesterday..LMAO
Get the house in order and take down Christmas stuff... I am seriously thinking of keeping some lights up for decoration..I know weird, but I love having the colorful lights up while watching tv at night!!!
I am proud to say that I am ALMOST a NON smoker!! I have had5 smokes in 2 days!!
If I did not have a smoker as a hubby I think it would be fine to quit cold turkey...BUT He did say he will do as I ask and NOT always smoke inside...As long as I show that I am serious about quitting then he will seriously want to help..But hell I know I would not want to smoke outside all the time of my own home either..BUT HE HAS TO..Or I can't quit and I just want our home to be nice while we have to be here!! And we just can't afford for both of us to smoke..Though I want him to quit too but he wont!! MEN!!!!!! LOL

Welp off to fix up my blog..Need a change for the new year!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!!!!