Saturday, October 25, 2008

::My Wish List::

Ok this post is mainly going to be used as 'goal'.
Here that self, Come back to this often and look, read, learn, do...LOL
This is my wish list. Of things that I can only get myself if I pass this course and get myself a great job. So..
why not make yourself a 'wish list/goal sheet'.
You know there are those few things that just a tad out of reach of the ol' family budget(darn Sooo, What are yours and what would the goal you would finish to get them?

1. I want to go on a lil shopping spree at Pasty's for the follwing..

2. Since mine was so rudely stolen..

3. I will also go on a lil scrapping shopping spree as well...

Will add to the list periodically when I find other goodies I wanna get..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Come out come out where ever you are.....

I know there are people reading my blog...Come out and comment!!!
Come on you know you

The first one to comment and tell me my favorite color, And a cool blog I should start reading,,I will make them a personalized siggy with whatever you want on it.........

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


LOVIN' me some Euchre lately I tell ya.. I am doing rating BUT I enjoy playing and I have been playing long into the night these days too.. ALL BY MY LONESOME..Besides the yahoo folks ofcourse...
SOOOO........ Any Yahoo! Gamers out there, let me know what you play, I am always looking for a fun new game....
Which brings me to ask....

What are some other game sites you all visit and enjoy?

Friday, October 17, 2008

::Just in time for Halloween::


Read and Discuss.....

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What a bitch.......

My Aunt is a total bitch and I hope I never talk to or see her again...
She called my mom up the other night, On the anniversary of my grandfathers death mind you, to tell my 52 yr old mother that her father is not her bio father.. WTF? Are you kidding me?
BOTH her parents are dead and you bring this up now, and while your doing it your pretty much laughing in her face...OMG I AM SO LIVID...

My poor Momma is soo hurt and upset by all of this..She says she has proof, yadayada supposedly my great aunt who lives in the old folks place my aunt works at is the one who told this to my aunt.. She just hurt my mom more than anyone ever did, The man is dead and gone and there was no need for my aunt to do what she did int he way she did it and say the things she said to my mother...

SOOOOOOOO I emailed her, I know I know but I can't sit by and watch her do this to my mother without her knowing how fucking wrong it was what she did. is a copy of the email I sent her.. I read it to my sisters over the phone and they wanted their names added to it at the end of the email...What do you think? Would you have done the same?
Aunt Rosie..
I just wanted to write to you and ask you how you could do what you did to my mom?You had no right to do what you did the way you did it, and on the anniversary of his death too. You didn't just change her life by saying what you did you but changed ours too.
If you were a sister that wanted to show you cared about her then you would of called her and asked to get together and sit down and talk like sisters would. Instead what you did was pretty much laugh in her face. That is just sick. And to make a comment about "Maybe that is why he was so mean to you" WOW...You dont think that all the years she had to deal with that hurt her enough? You don't think that maybe all these years she thought about how she was pretty much singled out in the abuse dept. from him anyways?
If you honestly sat and thought about it, if this was you would you want it brought to you the way you brought this to my mother. I just can't sit by and not say anything, how you did this was very very wrong. You just hurt her more than anyone ever has. You rarely ever call her and when you do it is to rub in her face that your dad is not her dad, again that is sick. The man is dead did you really find it important to do that?
I really do hope that you feel atleast a little sad about what you did and how you did it, and the things you said to her.
And I wont even go into the fact that because your other sister wasn't the sister you wanted her to be you couldn't even attend her oldest sons funeral. Did you even call her? I really hope you did. I am pretty positive that no matter how YOU were treated or how YOU treated your sister she would of been there for you if you were in her situation. I myself can never forget or forgive what you did to my Mother.You really showed how much you care for her and this family.
AliciaCrystal and Hilary

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

::Looking for contests::

I am looking for sites that have layout contests.... Any ideas?

::Layouts Complete::

To Date I have completed... 1o
LOL It is not alot since I have been 'dabbleing' for a few years now, but I have like no papers..
We have NO scrapping stores around here and Walmart blows for papers... I would rather buy kits instead of packs of papers and Walmart has like NO kits... GRRR...
I have the lil bit of extra money to put into this hobby but no place to shop..Guess I better start looking online again...
They are also not the most beautiful ones I have But they are mine. :)
I will be posting some photos of them here to share with you all soon.


::DUMB news stories of the day::

I love waking up with coffee and stupid/funny
Enjoy and let me know your favorite one.,2933,437281,00.html

My favorite one is.. Sleepy Child Support Suit

Monday, October 06, 2008

::Our Latest Comings and Goings::

Well...My boys are older than that last time I blogged. As your kiddos are too, I hope to hear updates on everyone soon. It is almost Winter, the time for staying in with coffee and blogging your lil' hearts out :)

Sonderful is 12 and in 7th grade.
And doing wonderful and awesome in school, as usual :)
Straight A's on his interm he just recieved. He has made alot of new friends over the Summer and since school started. He is rarely ever home anymore, he is off running almost everyday till 8 pm. And I think he is starting to notice girls.. SIGH!!! There is one that hangs around from time to

As for Sonshine, he is 7 and in 2nd grade.
He is really enjoying school this year. This is the first year that he is totally confident in himself.
He is reading and doing math like a champ. And his speech problems, HA Goodbye to that..LOL
He is non stop running too, he has two best friends that are twins across the street. There aren't that many boys his age in the neighborhood.
But he did just join Cubscouts, so that will be fun since he has many friends at school, they just don't live bike riding

As for B, he is now working at a normal 8-4:30(goes to 5 in Spring) job. He works at the same place as my Stepdad and Brother. Finally a job with ins. and the best part of that is IT IS FREE!
Ofcourse we have to pay when we go to the docs etc.,but nothing gets taken out of his WEEKLY checks..And every Christmas they get a great bonus, that goes up every year!
Every year your vaca days go up...when he gets his yr mark he will get a weeks vacation time!! And then each year it goes up one week...
I have been wanting him to do this for SOOOOO Long and finally one day the opportunity came up where he could not turn it down..

As for me, I still have my 'moments' but all in all I am good..
My boys are growing up and life is moving on.......
I will go back to H&R Block in Jan. I am looking forward to that.. Last April when H&R Block was done I worked at a nursery doing super easy plant stuff until school started.
Then it was time to get the boys ready and settled in..Now that we have done that I have started babysitting M-F Her name is Taylor and she is 4 and so so so sweet.
I am also taking tax prep classes.. ONLY 2 MORE CHAPTERS TILL THE FINAL EXAM!!!!
I am super excited about this.. If I pass it means PAY RAISE AND JOB SECURITY!!!
I am doing really well, boy are there alot of big words in tax shit..LOL
But Mom and I are enjoying it.... And it is actually kind of fun.

I have been scrapping on and off...No one around here does it, and my one friend that is really into it is few cities over and our kids fight the whole time they are So we can't really do much till they are asleep..and I dont put mine to bed early on weekends so that doesnt help And it is SUPER Boring doing it alone..But I will post pics of ones I have done... I am slowing 'finding my groove' as I was once told I would find.

Hmm...What else is new...
Oh well we recently lost a family member my cousin Shawn. My siblings,my Mom and my StepDad all went to WI for his funeral.
But when one life is lost another is born..My Sister Hilary just found out she is having her THIRD lil Princess...She hasnt picked a forsure name yet but I will let you know when she does...

Oh and my other Sis Crystal scored a 650 on her GED TEST!! WOO HOO WTG Sis I knew you could do it!! She is supposed to get National Recognition, I will let you know what develops from that....

Hmmm I think that about covers everything... Hope to hear from everyone soon!!

::Anyone still out there?::

Just curious if anyone is still out there blogging?
I really really am going to try to keep this place updated...SOO I hope my blogbuds are still around. I will be visiting the sites I have here to as I update my page..
I can't wait to hear how things have changed for everyone, and I can't wait to update you on all our changes too!!