Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hey Hi Howdy!!

First off!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATELYN!! I hope you have a great day!!
Java I am thinking of you!! Hope your comfy!! I can't wait to hear about the birth of Miss Isabella!!
Thanks to Blue and Candlelady for keeping us updated!!
Today is an ok day I guess..Nothing much going on.. Hubby is off and him and buddy are playing Magic, Sonshine is joining them..LOL
Sonderful is still at school and I am just doing a little online stuff then I will probably just go veg and relax a little.

Tv was really good lastnight! We are soo hooked on Deal or No Deal you should of heard our house lastnight..LOL
All weeks tv looks great really.. I am soo happy tohave my normal shows back!!
I won't be watching much AI till the end... SNIFF SNIFF..I will try to catch it when I can!!

Like I said not really much going on.. I am waiting for Sonshine's teacher to email me their preschool class link..HOW NEAT!!

Welp I am off to do, well probably nothing.. Hit tmz.com and popsugar.com for my daily dose of celebrity gossip..LOL


Monday, February 27, 2006

::Good Evening::

I thought I would drop a line or two because I was bored..LOL
I am chillen having a cup of tea(Yes can you believe it, NOT coffee for once) The boys are playing/fighting/arguing over the games on Bambi 2 Disc.. UGH!
Hubby might get off of work a half hr early because he has a half hr OT and that is a no no, so he may get off before 7. He has an errand to run, he has to cash a birthday check from his Grandma,then later on supposed to head to a buddy's about a half hr away to deliver paint that he is ordering. He may just do that tomorrow since he is off of work!!

I will be giving the boys a bath in a bit and then getting ready for FINALLY NEW NBC tv!!
Deal or No Deal, The Apprentice and Medium!
I also am thinking of rearranging my blinkies in SOME KIND of order they just look a mess to me..LOL

Thats about it, I have not made din din yet, I think hubby might bring the boys home a burger or something.
I hope you are all having a great day!!

::AHH Another Week Begins::

Well another week is upon us!! Happy Monday All!!
Yesterday was a WONDERFUL DAY!! OMG!! The roast I made, you guys was UNBELIEVEABLE!! It was only the second one that I have ever made and it was WAY better than the first one!! It was just us 4 and our friend Ian who comes over all the time, he is such a part of the family! Brian came home dinner was done, cake was done, house looked awesome, and Ian was already here! The boys made him cards and he loved it, Ian bought him some chocolates which is ALWAYS a winner with Hubby!!
Later on after dinner while the boys were playing, I layed down for a little nap and Hubby and Ian played Diablo 2 for a bit, I got up and put the boys to bed and we watched Dancing with the stars..YAAY For Drew Lachey..LOL I was rooting for Lisa Rinna till she left, even though Ionly watched a few shows! Then we watched Crash..OMG GREAT MOVIE! One of the best I have seen in a long time!! Deff. a MUST SEE!!
Then we hit the hay, Him in with the boys and me alone, ofcourse again, SIGH..
Things are still the same with Hubby, I am feeling really really doubtful that we will eventually make it in the end =(
We just arn't like Husband and Wife anymore and we can't seem to get it back! I really don't know what to do or how to get us back on track, things really arn't looking good =(
Any ideas friends??
So not much to do today, I hve done all the laundry that needs done, and I have a few dishes I will do later on. In about an hr I will head down and get Sonshine then come home, get ready for Days, and just veg with Sonshine!
I hope everyone is having a great day!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

*Happy Birthday Brian!!*

We are sorry that you have to work today but when you come home know there will be a roast and cake waiting for you!!!

Hi all!! Happy Sunday to all my wonderful friends!!
I hope this finds you all doing great!!
Hubby is at work today till 4 and the boys are watching Bambi 2, The part where Thumper is trying to teach the young prince how to roar..LMAO IT IS THE BEST PART OF THE MOVIE!! SOO FRIGGEN CUTE!! But I still like the first one better!!
I ofcourse am enjoying my first cup of coffee, then I will get started on my day!
I have to do some dishes and straightening up in the livingroom, and I have to get the roast in the oven, and get the cake started!
The boys are dying to help with the cake, so I will make them a deal, they help me clean they can help with the cake..LOL It's only fair right!!

Lastnight was a fun night! We ran out to Nae's to drop off Trucker's hat but ended up staying till 1 am..LOL Fun unexpected get together! The kids of course had a blast playing all night long, all were still awake when we left..lol
After a bit of arm pulling and peer pressure Nae had some Margarita's!LOL
We had a great time guys thanks for the hospitality =)
Though I have a slight goose egg on my head!! DAMN DAMN PING PONG TABLE..LOL
I was bending down while sitting on the couch with Nae while Trucker and Sonderful were playing ping pong and I went to get them the damn ball and WHACK... My head and the table collide..LOL

But it just hurts a little and for some reason I had horrible nightmares lastnight, think it is from the noggin being sore? I dont know..LOL But It hurts and I did have some awful dreams! And ofcourse it is flurrying out side and is BITTER ASS COLD OUT THERE!! UGH It is almost March!! WAKE UP SPRING!!!
(A little Franklin line there..LOL)
Anyhoo that is about it, and all I really wanted to blog about today!!
Oh Nae if you read this before I talk to you PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE BRING MY MAGAZINES IF YOU COME OUT!!

Have a great day all!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

*Odds and Ends*

Happy Saturday Everyone!!
Please say a little prayer for my WONDERFUL friend IRL Raiza and her family. Her son had an *incident* with a kid in his neighborhood(Raiza and her family are Jewish and live in a VERY small town and for the past 7 or so years the kids have been through hell with other kids around the town) Her sons are WONDERFUL kids/young adults and don't cause many problems,but yet other kids won't leave them alone(ofcourse they are still teens so they have their moments, Right Raiza..LOL I hope that gave ya a giggle!!)But all in all they don't deserve how they get treated by kids who think that picking on others and fighting is showing they are better because they surely are not!
Please keep Raiza and her family in your thoughts for a bit!! I know they would appreciate it!!
onto other things!!!

WOWIE Is it windy here today! And I just had a MAJOR sneeze attack for about 5 minutes, AHHHHH Why in the morning before I am fully awake does shit like that happen? LOL
SOOOO One more day till Hubby is 34! He could careless ofcourse. He says the next birthday that will be a big deal and he will be celebrating is the one that they say, "OK YOU CAN RETIRE" LMAO Go figure!!
The boys are watching Spiderman 2, they just got done watching the old 80s cartoon spiderman.. Hubby is at work and I am chatting with Nae and enjoying a nice cup of Maxwell House! In my big fat gingerbread man mug..LOL
Hey it is still winter, they don't have to mean Christmas right? LOL
Hey that is my excuse to holding on to a few winter/Christmasy things! I still have my snowman that came with a swap from Miss Gina and it is hangin on the wall, Nae asked me the otherday when was I gonna take it down? LOL I told her after winter it is a snowman that doesn't mean Christmas..HAHAHA

Soon my home will be filled with Pastels!! I LOVE PASTELS!! I love putting out my Easter decorations they are sooo cute!!! I am really shocked to see Easter so late this year, Usually it is between my Step Sister Lesley's birthday(end of March) and my Nephew Justin's birthday(April 11th)

I think the boys are getting cabin fever like their Momma... They are constantly fighting nowadays more than usual and I just am blah all the time.. I JUST LOVE SPRING!!

Really not much else to talk about, I just like to blog when I am bored and have a few things on my mind!! I don't think we are doing anything tonight, we have no money unless my check comes so we can't really go anywhere, But I sure would like to do something!!
I hope everyone has a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

::TGIF Once Again::

Hi all!! How is evryone this CHILLI friday??
It is brrrr cold here today but the sun is shining so beautifully looks like it could be 80 degrees out..LOL I am sooo ready for warmth!!
Lastnight was a nice evening, I made my boys dinner then Hubby came home from work and his buddy met him here and so I made them up dinner too, he also brought cheesecake with him..MMMMM Gotta love a guest that does that..LOL
They played a few games of cards while I read and watched AI and Skating with Celebrity's, I love that show!! I am so torn on who to root for though!! Probably Jillian Baberee and her partner seeing as Kristy Swanson is a homewrecker...LMAO
I really really wanted Dave and Nancy to win thought or Bruce and Tai!
Is anyone watching it??

I also watched the Primetime Interview on abc with that Van der Sloot kid... The main suspect in the Natalie Hollaway case! I belive that if not all 3 of the suspect at least one of them did something to her, And I also wonder if MAYBE she ran away! I don't know but it is sad, I dont know what I would ever do if I had NO idea where one of my children were, so sad!
On to other things.. What am I doing today? I am sooo conteplating rearrangeing the livingroom but I hate doing it alone and Hubby hates to help with it! SIGH!!
Got a few dishes to do and a little bit of laundry! Getting ready for my Hubby to turn the big 34 on Sunday!!

I will be making Roast that day, he has to work bummer but only till 4 or 5. So I will have the roast done and cake,and his buddy will be here, I will also call and see if Nae and Trucker want to come by and my Mom and step dad too!!
Thats really about it, it is not a pay day weekend so we won't be doing much this weekend. Just chilling with my guys!!!

I hope all my friends are doing well...
Rachelle, I hope everything is going ok with you!!
Blue I hope your feeling ok!!
(((((((((((((((TO ALL MY FRIENDS)))))))))))))))

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

::I am gettin' Ansy::

Oh I can feel Spring coming on!! YAAY!! I just love Spring!
It is the start of new, all new pretty flowers, new leaves and warm weather!
Easter, Pastels, start of my family's Birthday season..LOL We have alot of birthdays coming up in Spring and Summer!
This winter has been so strange for N.E Ohio, today is no exception it is chilli but BEAUTIFUL out today!! I was NOT freezing at the bus stop today!
And I am just getting into wanting to totally *spring clean* the house!!
I am starting to get out of my lazy funk, and want this place to sparkle!!
Spring does that to me, and knowing Hubby's birthday is just around the corner(4 days away) then spring comes shortly afterwards!
I am so ready for it! BRING ON THE SPRING!!

::NO Kicker..GRR!!::

This bugs me SOO BADLY..LOL
Ok, It is a rarity that Hubby buys real lottery tickets, you know the Mega Millions, he will usually only buy scratchoffs. Well he went down to Dairymart with his buddy that lives up the road lastnight, And came home with a Mega Millions lastnight, Cool no big deal, you never know right!
I looked at the ticket and screeched! HE SAID NO TO THE KICKER!!
OMG This is a HUGE thing for me, if I buy them I ALWAYS say YES to the kicker.. The numbers are there either way, If I said NO and saw that numbers won I would be dying! I Tell him ALL THE TIME. If you buy those you ALWAYS say yes to the kicker. It irks the hell out of me..LMAO
He says, No it is an extra dollar.. OMG If your blowing that fist dollar to begin with then just say yes and spend one more dollar you cheapskate!
Right? Or am I just totally nuts ,but you see the number on your ticket either way JUST SAY YES TO THE KICKER DAMNIT..LMAO
So I ask you all do you say YES or NO to the kicker if you buy it??

::Meet The Lazy's::

Hi I am Mrs. Lazy..LOL I can't get my arse up to do shit!!
UGH!! I have been sooo tired lately, and don't really know where it is coming from.
I have been getting myself to bed by at least 12:30 everynight.. I am hooked on latenight tv on Fox, Seinfield, Malcom and Drew Carey. So I always go to bed after Drew, if I see King Of The Hill on I know it is way to late..LOL
I totally love Drew Carey and the fact that the plot of the show is about my area kind of.. Yesterday on the opening credits of the show they talked about a city called Eastlake where I grew up and about Lake County which is the county I have lived in my whole life.. I find it quite cool so I have to watch it.. and I did not see any of these episodes that are on right now at 12 am.. MiMI is living with Drew how the hell did that happen..LOL And Oswald owns the Warsaw..HOW STRANGE..LOL
Anyhoo, Our buddy came over again lastnight.. He is starting to come by a little too often.. I mean he is agreat guy but not every night ya know. I told Hubby not tonight!!
I just want a night that is just the 4 of us, I owe the boys a game night anyways..LOL
So we didn't do much lastnight, Hubby ran to the grocery store to pick up dinner fixings after work, We wanted tacos.. We had nothing of the sort...LOL
So he came back, I made dinner, we all ate, the boys played then headed off to bed and our buddy came over he stayed till midnight..I watched Drew Carey and then hit the hay!!
Watched AI of course.. I voted for 09..I forgot her name..LOL
I was totally torn between Kelly Pickler and #'s 09 and 12 But after hearing them all again I voted for the girl who was09...
Tonight I will allow Sonderful to call if he is up that late, I haven't decided yet if I will let him stay up till 10.. He is dying to call a vote in, I wanted to let him vote for the one HE likes... LOL
He is way into it!!
I have tons of housework to do.. About 4 loads of laundry that needs folded.. tons of dishes and a few things that need washed.. I also have to vac. the couches out and underneath, I am amazed at the messes the kids make that I don't see..LOL
Sonderful left about 10 minutes ago to head to the bus stop.. Sonshine is in the livingroom playing and waiting to head down to the bus stop too.. Hubby had to be at work at 7 this morning which is nice means he will be off early!! So today will be spent cleaning up, so I can take a long hot bath later and start reading my new book!! By yep you guessed Lisa Gardner..LOL This one is called Alone.. It sounds great!!
Welp I am off to read about what my "pot of gold" has been up to lately!!
Then head down the bus stop with Sonshine!!
Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

::St. Patty's Theme::

I hope you all like the semi new look!! I am trying to get it all dolled up for St. Patty's Day!!
I will be adding new throughout the day!!

::Great now I am jonesin, cravin whatever...lol::

FOR GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH Scrappingmom it is all your fault lady jane!! LOL You mentioned them at Java's Blog about GS cookies now I am soooo wanting some Thinmints lady..LOL
Oh they are my favorite GS Cookies!!
I posted a note for ya at her recent post in a reply..LOL

::Just another Manic Monday::

Howdy All!!!!!
Well it is a Monday, That means there is another long week ahead of me..LOL
But it will be shorter or will seem shorter because there is no school today and that usually makes the week fly by if there is no school on a Monday!! I wish it was warmer so they can enjoy their day off ya know!! BRRRRRRRRRRR Like 20s yesterday...UGH!!!

I am still in the waking up process.. LOL I officially got outta bed about 10:30 this morning, After about an hr of laughing and getting aggitated at the boys for being so loud and fighting for no damn reason..LOL
I had to make a new pot of coffee RIGHT AFTER I was about to have my first cup, for some reason the last one was soo watery and light, don't kow what the hell happened there..LOL So I am awaiting a fresh pot!
The boys are playing a game, doing anything they can NOT to have to clean..LOL

Our weekend was good, just spent to much money..UGH But rent got paid so that is good... Now ofcourse once again we are broke..But we will have my small check to get by I guess..I haven't checked to see if it is in the box, I havent gotten Sat.'s mail yet..LOL
So Saturday evening, Bowlergirl came over, since I was in dire need of a new vac. I decided we better not hit the movies, We will deff. do it the next time she spends the night...
But we still had a good time, I try to take her to different resturants that she has not been to when she is with us here. So since Hubby was having major cravings for grease I guess..LOL We headed over to Steak and Shake, HE LOVES IT!!
So we took her and the boys to Steak And Shake and then we had to stop at two places for past w2's for Hubby and then hit Walmart... I had a total Nae moment and did NOT take my camera with me..OH I AM SO UPSET...LOL I totally needed it too, Sonshine and Bowlergirl were dancing around the card isle while Hubby and Sonderful were looking at movies, Sonshine and Bowlergirl had on huge green afros and it was so cute watching them dance around th eisle to the lamo Walmart music with green hair..HAHAHA
So at Walmart,
I gotta new vacum!!!! YAAY!! A dirt devil.. I LOVE THEM!!! And it has attachements I so need those!!
Hey Nae--I got a new Vacum...LMAO!!!(I kept saying this the other morning on the phone, I was in the WIERDEST mood)
And we picked up a few movies we have yet tow atch for us, and the kids got Sandlot 2..Cute movie but I still like the original best!!

Sunday Nae and Trucker came by to pick up Bowlergirl and we ended up doing dinner together, pizza and breadsticks!! YUM... So they stayed and visited for a bit, it was a fun time!!
Hubby and I hung out on the computer a bit after they left and played Bejewled 2 on Yahoo games ..lol we just take turns... They boys played and when they headed to bed we watched Desperate Housewives(yaay while the olympics are on Law and Order Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan isnt so I get to watch DH!!)
So after Desperate Housewives Hubby headed to bed and Sonderful came out wide awake still wanting to play a game so he sat up while I read and then we watched sandlot 2 and then after that he and I headed to bed, he slept in with me lastnight, dont know why but he wanted to..
That is our weekend summed up..LOL
All in all it was a nice weekend!!!
I have a few things to do around here today but I have 2 helpers home thanks to Presidents day so it wont take long to pick up..lol
Hope you all have a great day!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

::Top 10 thoughts for 2006

Sent to me by my BESTEST FRIEND Jason!!

Top 10 Thoughts for 2006

Number 10 - Life is sexually transmitted.

Number 9 - Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Number 8 - Men have two emotions: Hungry and horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

Number 7 - Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks.

Number 6 - Some people are like a Slinky...not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

Number 5 - Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.

Number 4 - All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

Number 3 - Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents?

Number 2 - In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

AND THE NUMBER 1 THOUGHT FOR 2006: We know exactly where one cow with mad-cow-disease is located among the millions and millions of cows in America but we haven't got a clue as to where thousands of illegal immigrants and terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the Department of Agriculture in charge of immigration.

::Feeling Blah::

Hi ALL!!
Wow Saturday already? Time sure is flyng these days!!
And I have just been up to early..LOL Since 9 this morning, that seems to be my limit anymore, either the kids get me up by then by fighting or my body just can't lay any longer..LOL I just want to sleep in on the weekends and I can't seem to anymore, Does that mean I am turning into a morning person? OH NO..LOL I have been going to bed earlier these days..

Lastnight Hubby went up to Blockbuster and picked up 3 movies for us and 2 for the kiddos.. Bambi 2 and Stitch has a Glitch for them
The Amityville Horror, Crash and 11:14 for us.. We watched Amityville lastnight..WOWIE.. That is my new fav. horror movie.. SUCH A GREAT FLICK!!

Tonight we will watch the others! I have never heard of 11:14 before so if anyone has saw it let me know if it is good please..LOL
Thats about all we did lastnight..

Today Hubby is working till I believe 4 or 5.. And Bowlergirl will be here tonight!
I think it is a theater night tonight..LOL We have not taken the boys out to a movie in months and what a better time than while their cousin is over =)
I still have not figured dinner out tonight.. There is a pizza place I am want to try the pizza from.. Called Hungry Howies.. Don't know if it is anywhere else or not..but we got breadsticks and subs from them, Don't like the subs they are calzone style, and I wanted a sub I dont like calzones, so I ate some breadsticks..mmm they were great.. so I know the pizza has to be good.. They have a deal that is 9.99 for 3 small one topping pizzas.. So we may get that tonight after the movie or before..Unless Hubby just wants to bring home dinner on his way home from work..
I have tons of dishes to do and I have cramps again..UGH They were gone all day yesterday and thought I was about over it and bam...So I am just sitting here drinking some water listening to the boys fighting, ofcourse, and waiting for them (THE CRAMPS NOT THE KIDS..LOL)to go away so I can get to work.. MY PLACE IS TRASHED TODAY..GRRRRRRR
The boys will be getting started in a bit, if they cant sit there and watch a damn movie without fighting they can clean..LOL It is so hard to get Sonshine to clean and it is soo not fair that we have to and he don't ..Oh it pisses me off so badly.. like right now he threw a fit so he is on his bed for a time out...he will get off and start to play and it makes me so mad, but he wont clean. Irritates the hell outta me..
Tomorrow I am hoping that Nae and Trucker wanna do dinner, I am soo in the mood for tacos..so if we all pitch in we can have a fun Mexican night topped off with cocktails..LOL Since the kiddos don't have school on Monday we can do it on a Sunday night! So hopefully tomorrow night we will be over there hanging out!!

Welp off to do a few things on here before I tackle my kitchen!!
Hope you all have a great day!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

::What do you think?::

I made this for my Daddy!! He is one of the BIGGEST NASCAR fans and Dale Sr. was his favorite!! And ofcourse Dale Jr. as well.. But I have been in the creative psp mood and wanted to make all the Grandparents a little something with pics of their grandkiddos.. This is my Dad's.. I printed it out and I made it so he can put it in the NASCAR room!
What do you think??
I am going to make another one too..
It has my boys infront of my Dad.. Justin my nephew and Caitlynn and Ally my nieces!!
Oh and Stanky is his nickname he has had for over 30 years..LOL


HOWDY ALL!!! I hope this post finds you all having a great Friday!!!
Not to shabby of a start today for us!! Hubby is off of work today so he took Sonderful to school this morning, Sonshine rode with them. They let me sleep in till almost 9 am today! WOOHOO..LOL Hubby even had coffee ready for me when I actually got my arse outta bed!
So now Sonshine is playing and Hubby has been at his buddy's for about an hr.. He lives right down the road and has 2 of his 3 kids in school too so if he is not working he is still up this early..LOL He is a roofer so he has a lot of days off in the winter!

I am patiently awaiting him to return home. He has to run out to his Mom's today sometime and give her some moola..we had to borrow some earlier in the week before we got Hubby's check.. We are always sooooo broke right before pay day, I hate this every two weeks pay crap.. My 75-77 bucks a week is not anything to hold us over either..LOL
Speaking of the CS... I talked to Sonderful's Father yesterday, he did his taxes yesterday and is looking to get a little bit over 2,000 back Soo keep them fingies crossed that it comes MY WAY!! I just get so nervous to get my hopes up..LOL

So tomorrow I am hoping that Bowlergirl will be coming over tomorrow night!! The boys want to get pizza and rent some movies.. So we may do that when Hubby gets off work tomorrow!
I hope she will want to spend the night!! The boys love having her here
Hey Nae got a tent handy?? Ours got ruined and the boys want to put up one in kitchen or livingroom to sleep in while Bowlergirl is here? It can't be to big ofcourse but our little one we had fit in here..LOL
Welp, I am just about done here, I am currently listening to Cher, Heart of Stone cd.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Just like Jesse James, ONE of my favorite songs ever!!! So that will be blaring in a second..LOL
Hope everyone has a great day today!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

::Well It is that time again::

I have already recieved my official "woohoo start your engines" call from my Daddy..LOL
We are NASCAR buddies along with my boys! We always call each other about the races and bitch and moan...
I have seen a live Browns game, and a few live Indian's games... Now I am waiting for my dream of being at Talladega one day!!! I would love to be at any NASCAR race but Talladega is my track!!
WOOOHOOO SOOO Who will rock Daytona this week??? Go Dale Jr!!!
Ok enough of that..LOL Everyone is off to school and work and I am alone in a quiet house!
With MONSTEROUS cramps..OMG THEY ARE KILLING ME!!! I have some dishes to do but that can wait till later, this morning I am just relaxing and not doing much..
Don't have anything planned for tonight...Hopeing Hubby's check comes today but most likely tomorrow! I am soo bummed..No The OC till MARCH 9TH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH And no other tv new tonight either because of the olympics..WTHeck!! LOL
What will I ever do with myself tonight??
Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

::Happy Hump Day::

Happy Wednesday all!!
Sorry I got a lil post happy yesterday!! LOL I hope you will all read my posts though!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day, mine was great, dinner was good and the kolachki's were awesome!! I haven't tried the cake yet..LOL
It was a nice evening! Sonderful went to bed about 9:30 after we ate our romantic dinner, he joined us..LOL Sonshine was asleep(Fell asleep on the couch) and Sonderful was hungry so we just let him eat some steak and taters with us. So after Sonderful went off to bed and Hubby put Sonshine in there we just hung on the computer played Yahoo! Bejeweled 2 (We are addicted if we sit at the computer together that is what we do)And listened to music till about midnight then we hit the hay!

Now Sonderful just left for school, and Sonshine and I will be walking down there in a little bit!
I have one load in the washer already..woohoo go me it is not even 8:30 am yet..LOL
But that is as far as I have gotten so far!! LOL I will be doing a little laundry and dishes today!!
I hope everyone has a great day!!! TTYL!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A few photos!!

Here are a few photos of my adorable Valentine's in their nice red shirts!!
I took this photo this morning before school! The shirt Sonderful is where is the same shirt Sonshine wore for his first day of school yesterday, but he has his own.. My Mom bought them matching outfits for Christmas.. I didn't think to have them wear them both today! LOL

I add some wonderful surprises when Hubby got home from work!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's day!!
Do forget to tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them!!!

::Tuesday Two::

Since it is Valentine's day I thought I would post two questions geared towards that!!
Reply with your answers and post new questions for us to answer at your blog!!
I hope you will play along!!
Two For Tuesday!

1. What is the best memory of you and your S/O in the beginning of your relationship??
Mine is meeting him after many weeks of talking via the computer and phone, I was so happy he is so adorable, so romantic, so polite and such a gentleman! I was wooed instantly!!

2. What is your most funniest or most fun memory of you and your S/O together?
I think mine is just when we hang out together! Just the two of us we have so much fun!
When we have romantic evenings with dinner and stuff at home alone we sometimes pretend to be eating in fancy resturants for a few minutes..LOL It's fun to pretend sometimes!!

Have fun and enjoy! Please reply to these questions and then post your own new questions at your place!!!

::My Biggest Challenge::

Following in the footsteps of the WONDERFUL ScrappingMomOf3
My Biggest Challenge!

This is really a hard thing for me to do decide on because I have two VERY BIG challenges and I honestly can't choose between the two so I am posting about them both! I will post #1 now and later on I will post another they are both long and I dont want to write them both up right now..LOL

Challenge #1

This is something that I don't know if many know about me, and it is hard and embarrassing for me to talk about but That is what this is all about anyways right! And If ScrappingMom can talk about her story and share with us, then I can easily tell mine!

It was June 1997, and my WONDERFUL Sonderful was about 13 months old! And I was 20 going on 21 the following month.
His father and I had spent the evening by the fire having a few beers with my parent's who lived across the street from us, Sonderful was over at his meemaws(his fathers mom).

So eventually his father wanted to leave and I was not ready so a friend of ours and me and my sister all stayed there and hung out a bit more.. Well when I eventually got home a short while later all hell broke loose.. And ofcourse ONCE AGAIN he hit me, By that point what else was knew.. at that point in time we had been together almost 5 years by then, I went through all five years being mentally abused, then ofcourse eventually every couple weeks it would be physical. I had a good buzz on that night and he ofcourse was drunk, so he hit me, I hit him, He hit me, I threw a phone at his head, to bad I missed and hit the wall, He laughed at me, I tosses his tv on the floor..LMAO Then I left.. I walked passed his Moms about a million times(and it was a few streets away from us) but I just kept wondering back and forth in front of their house, I wanted to get my Sonderful and go back to my Moms, I knocked and knocked and knocked for atleast 2 hrs, crying buzzed and scared! He must have called and told them if I show up dont let me in. Because NO ONE ever answered!
So finally knowing that since his family had my boy I couldn't fight at that moment, I would not get him back, so I had to give in and forgive him so that he would not leave and take him!
So I went back to our apt.... I was sitting outside in the back of our apts, crying and a friend that lived upstairs heard me and called me up from the window. We sat and talked for a bit and I told her what had happened. She wanted to call the cops but I asked her not to and just wanted it to be over so I could go to sleep, I was gonna go in and just deal with what was coming and head to bed and it would be over with. And see my boy in the morning.. Well she called them after I left.. Well she didn't havea phone but she got on her cb and had a friend call them.
So when I went home, he was all nicey nicey like I knew he would be and we were starting to make up.. Well I was acting and I am sure he was too....but just so he has another day to mentally and sometimes physically abuse me he would pretend to love me so I would forgive him and just so I could never lose my boy I would act like I loved him too, and deep down I did, all abused woman do!
Welp here come the cops knocking on the door...They wanted to arrest him! Ofcourse the battered girlfriend I am ,that just *loves him so much* no matter how much he hurts me, had to open her mouth... I kept saying how I hit him to so if he was getting arrested I have to be too.. STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE BY FAR...SADDEST TOO!
The cops keep telling me to shut the hell up and go inside and I didn't and well I got arrested!
*Just so you know this is killing me to write this out but I feel good about getting it out*
Anyhoo, yep arrested, first time ever! I am not saying I was a saint teen or anything I was just smart enough NOT to get caught and really I didn't do stupid shit, I hung with hillbillys who played softball and drank beer! They rocked!! And at that time in my life at a teenager and on, I only drank beer and played softball with them, I was not a *wild child*
But I met the wrong person among them but for the right reason(he gave me my first born! Sonderful was the first real love of my life,NOW I have 3!)
I must also add, and this is the saddest part about it, it was Father's day weekend, and my Sonderful took his first steps! =( He was still with his Meemaw for the weekend but I was not there to see it! So we were both in there the whole weekend, Here in Ohio you can not get out on bail for domestic violence charges. That is what I had, it WAS misdeomeaner, I have to add that part in..LOL So I had to spend Friday night, sat. night and Sunday night in jail the first time ever arrested, he did too ofcourse.. It was just miserable, the worst moment ever!
So finaly Monday we got out and ofcourse played all loveydovey as usual!
I got fines and probation at video court that day, But I only had to see the PO once in the beginng and that was it is wasn't like normal probation, I also believe I got an under age drinking charge since I was a month shy of 21!
I believe that will always be on my recored and I believe the law here in Ohio is if I were to get a next DV charge it would be a felony!
I spent 7 or 8yrs in that relationship from age 15-age 22. After I met two people that changed my life(That is the next challenge)
But I have moved on and will never put myself in that situation anymore..
I feel I Have eventually have beaten him, I have my Sonderful safe and secure and my Husband to stand beside me while I am try to be strong enough against anything that ass can throw at me!
When Hubby is not there I always cave and just am to scared, he must be home if I am on the phone with him or I just freak. After all these years, STILL I can't be strong against him,but with Hubby there I am and I do, and IT FEELS GREAT!! That is why I know Hubby and I are meant to be together but we have to fight these damn hurdles that won't stop to prove that we can make it, I hope one day the hurdles will go away!!
So that is my challenge, I don't know if many of you know about that, I hope it ofcourse does not change your opinion of me unless it makes it better..LOL
Thank you for sharing my story with me! I am so glad I hve such great people to share that with!!

::TTTT Tuesday!!!::

Hey all!! How are you this fine morning??
It is not even 9 o clock and I am up and at em!! Sonderful is down at the bus stop already probably just getting picked up and Sonshine is watching Daddy shave, Daddy has to be at work at 10 and he told Sonshine he would go with him down to the bus stop and leave from there to go to work.. That rocks! Mommy don't have to stand in the cold today..LOL Well I will to pick him up but not at 9 am..LOL
You all commented how you wanted cheeseburgers..they were yummy!! I had only a half of one though, Guess I wasn't as into them as I thought I was..LOL The boys chowed down some mini tater tots and barely ate burgers.. Hubby and his friend ate them up! We had a friend over for dinner and Magic lastnight.. I played one game and finished up my book!! It was a nice relaxing night!!

SOOO Now I am back... Had to leave ya a bit, Daddy and Sonshine wanted me to ride in the car down to the bus stop with them! So he is off to his second day of school! He is so happy to be going!! Now if the stupid ass speech place could keep their employees so that he could get back into it.. But really I have been thinking and I don't think he really needs it! I have been helping him learn words everyday and he learns them quickly! He has learned the right way to say all kind of words.. He now says his first AND last name right! Which was a BIG obstacle
Aunt Nae is going to be sad about that, she likes the way he used to say his name..LOL That is her boy and I think he is growing to fast for her..LMAO

So now Hubby is about to leave, and I am about to have the next 2 hrs to my self!!
And he is gone!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH QUIET!!!!!!! Not even the tv is on just the loud ass fridge!!
Welp I am off to see what is up in your lives today!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

::Monday Funday::

YAAY!! Sonshines first day of school went great!! He said he had lots of fun and can't wait to go back again! He will go Monday -Thursday 9 - 12.. well 9:15-11:45
He said he didn't learn anything though..LMAO Kids!! I am sure he learned SOMETHING today!
So what did Mommy do while she had no kids for 2 hrs.. I read a bit of my book, watched Maury Povich, did some laundry and talked to Nae.

Today has been a great day so far!! I have to wash a few more blankets and do a load of dishes! Sonshine is already off playing in his room! He only wanted a popcicle after school, ofcourse!!
So I will be making us some lunch here and do my daily read and replys and then off to watch Days! Then we will wait for Hubby to get home from work, I have no idea what time he gets off today, and we will wait for Sonderful to arrive around 4 from school.. I have NO idea for dinner tonight yet so I have to look for something! Maybe cheeseburgers, we haven't had them in a while!
Thats about all for now!!
Hope you all are having a great day!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

::So not SUNNY Sunday::

LOL It is sooooooo blah out and a blizzard once again all morning long! We have accumulated yet again I would guesstimate oh about another 2 to 3 inches more since early this morning..
My MOm and StepDad are coming by in a few hrs so we are going to be picking up and doing things around the house in a bit here..
The boys are in their room cleaning.. And fighting..GRRR
We just hung home after the banquet dinner lastnight.. It was a nice evening surrounded by rowdy boys and their rich stuck up parents..LOL Ya that is the kind of town I live in.. It is a small town we have 3 schools..one elem. one middle and one high school and they are all on the same lot.. It really is small..but yet everyone in it is so uptight..If your not rich and your kid is not in every sport possible then you are not worth them talking too..UGH I hate it but I enjoy the town because it is small!!
But still it was for Sonderful.. He is a Weblos 1 now that means after next year he will officially be a Boy Scout and not a Cub Scout!!
So today we are just picking up.. it will be a blanket washing day.. then bath night and beddy bye time!! I can't believe I will be getting BOTH of my boys off to school tomorrow morning!! How fun and SCARY!!! LOL
Have a great Sunday everyone!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

::Sitting here on Saturday::

Just thinking about everything!! LOL
Lastnight was not what I had expected it to be for real!!!
I had the perfect romantic evening in my mind since Valentine's day is on a Tuesday and he has to work till 7 that night. And we most likely will have zilch as far as money on Tuesday, So I thought lastnight could be our Valentine's... Well it was a nice night,just not romantic at all! And actually kind of boring, and I am sad about that!

I say lets order dinner and pick up some movies...
So he gets home about 8 oclock from dropping off the boys he left about 5 ish or so...
We head up to the grocery store for Redbull(to go with my 3 Olives Cherry ofcourse), and desert(Cheesecake)
I thought it would fun to have some drinks
(I thought he was gonna have a few drinks with me, since he bought himself some wine and his kind of beer he likes the other day)dinner desert and maybe some chocolate candy for Valentine's day..So we go over to the candy... I say does any of this look good.. NOT even looking at me he heads down to get toliet paper and says no..OK...So I picked up two Reese hearts..LOL
So we get what we needed from the store and headed outside to call and order our dinner.. We decided on TGIFridays... So we got curbside service to go, ordered the Jack Daniels tower(the only thing we ever get..LOL) An extra order of the sesame chicken on the tower and potato skins..So after we orderded dinner we had a few mins to kill so we headed to Blockbuster and picked up Fever Pitch(my pick), The Exorcisim of Emily Rose (both picked)and The Aristocrats(his pick), we still have Just like Heaven here that we have not watched yet.. So we get the movies get dinner and head home, the whole way he is cracking sex jokes and talking smack about how he is gonna get some and saying all kinds of other sexy *We are gonna get some* Jokes ya know... So yaay! I am thinking..LOL

We get home put in Fever Pitch eat, after we eat I have a drink and desert..he does not... Then I had another drink and right when it started getting good on the Emily Rose movie, I am so completely tired, I couldn't even stay up.. =(
I was clearly warn out I suppose..LOL I had only 2 drinks and couldn't stay up!!
SO That was our romantic night! BLAH I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!
I think I was also bummed that we were really just sitting there watching movies when that is ALL we have been doing lately.. Really... I have seen all the newest movies at the movie store it is hard to go there and pick something.. I guess I shouldn't of gotten my hopes up that I was gonna actually get laid(Geeze listen to me, It has been so long I am starting to sound like a guy..LOL) We basically spent too much money for lastnight, if it had turned a different way maybe I wouldnt be so bummed but it just wasn't a *Valentiney* night so 30 bucks on dinner was to much..Plus the money at the store, Good thing the movies were free since we had the credit on our acct! So NOW I am feeling guilty as hell for spending all that money! We really shouldn't have =(

Now tonight we have plans.. At 5ish there is a Blue and Gold Banquet where the cub scouts , the Weblos 2 become Boy Scouts!! I think that will be Josh's group next year! So we have that tonight..it also doubles for the Feb. pack meeting(where all the different dens get together monthly) and I believe awards(patches) are given if they are acheived! Always good food!! And FREE for the scouts, parents and siblings.. any other guests you want to bring are 5 bucks each.. So that is awesome! Last year my Dad(who used to be a scout too) and my Step Mom went with us!!
So that is this evening, I was hoping to maybe call my Mom and step dad and see what they were up to for afterwards(it is usually over about 8 or so).. Maybe give Miss Nae and Mr. Trucker a call too tonight.. I dont know!
So right now Hubby is on his way to pick up the boys.. He has to take his Mom to the bank and clean up the car too, so they will not be back for a few hrs.. I got that alone time on a Sat. morning!! YAAY! After NOT having the night I wanted lastnight I told him I am NOT going out there..LOL I AM STAYIN HOME!!!!!! He just said ok..LOL

SO I am just sitting here finishing up this post, already checked into MO!, and listening to some music..
At the moment Celebrity Skin from Hole is playing! Before that was Cross my Heart from George Strait.. That is the different styles on my player..LOL
I am thinking of just grabbing a few songs and playing a game..
I hope everyone has a great day today!! It is cold, blah and flurrying this morning!! I hope the sun comes out but no, I doubt it will!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

::The Friday Five::

Following in Candlelady's footsteps!

The Friday Five

five things that make me happy...

*my kids
*spending time with my family

* My blog
*Alone time


Hubby called me from work today and said so and so left a message for you, UM NO SHE DID NOT...I WAS HERE ALL DAY..LOL So good thing she called him at work too..LOL
So she said he iss set up to start on Monday, but they will have a sub,but if he wants to wait till Tuesday can, but I don't see him getting hooled on the sub one day..LOL
So he will start Monday... I have to walk him down to the front of the park to catch the bus..OMG BUUURRR!!!!!! So everymorning a little after Sonderful, we will walk down to catch Sonshine's bus at approximately 9:05, School starts at 9:15 and goes till 11:45 he will be home approxamately noon!!! I AM SOO GONNA CRY IT FINALLY HAPPENEING!!!!!!


YAAY!! We have a sitter finally!! My MIL is going to keep the boys overnight tonight for us. It has been so long since we have had a night along. I dont know what we will be doing yet, Hubby mentioned a movie thats all though.. I will be calling the local place we like to go to see what is playing there! I do have a bottle of 3 Olives Cherry in there, I just need to get a few redbulls.. It has also been super long since I have picked myself up a bottle too!! So maybe a movie, dinner and some drinks at home.. We do have 16 bucks credit (decided after realizing they were 8 bucks a game to rent we took back the two we rented and the could only credit our acct not refund the money)a blockbuster at the moment so we could go there and get a few new movies!
So I dont know what will be on the agenda for tonight , OFCOURSE Right before we have to drive about an hr to get to my MIL's house it starts SNOWING AGAIN! GRR! LOL
We have to get the boys about 9 or 10ish and take my MIL to the bank(we have her car) BUt since I did NOT get me time on Thursday alone, I think I will ask for it on Sat. and see if Hubby will pick the boys up alone !!!! I love weekend mornings alone! With my coffee, computer and tunes!! That is my dream Saturday or Sunday morning..LOL
Welp, Hubby just got back from talking with the landlord.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? HE REALLY TALKED TO HIM...So we are gonna chit chat about what he said then out to drop off the boys!!!


I am so excited to get two days of sleeping in!! Hubby is also off work both days so there is NO reason,but the boys, to get up..If they get up we usually get up, on the rare occasion they are playing nice and let us sleep in is always accepted!! LOL Hubby has not had a day off since LAST Thursday! So he is pretty beat up from working so many straight days, usually he has a day off somewhere in the middle of the week but someone was on vacation so he helped with his slack!
I am really surprised he hasn't complained much about it this week either, not that he always does but you know Husbands..LOL
So the image above is how I feel today! I also made this my new Avatar at
I don't know why I feel like that but I do, well there are some reasons I can think of..LOL

But I didn't want this post to be a whiney post ..LOL
What is everyone up to this fine Friday? I have ALOT of housework ahead of me so that is what I will be doing soon! I also am going to make up a few graphics for some folks in a sec!
Hope everyone has a great day!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Do you have him hooked?

You Have Him Totally Hooked
Your guy is all yours - and happily so.He loves being around you, and he totally sees you as a couple.It looks like you two have a great future together - if you want it!
Do You Have Him Hooked?

Who are your celebrity sisters?

Your Celebrity Sisters Are Jessica and Ashlee
Beautiful, feminine, and stylish.Who care's if you're a bit of a daddy's girl?
Who Are Your Celebrity Sisters?


YAAY!! My FAVORITE night of the week is finally here!!
I have had a great day today so far!!And ALL my shows tonight look great!! HMM Wonder what is gonna happen with Grace at her *wedding* to Will's Boyfriend..LMAO
Sonderful got off to school just fine this morning!!
Then at about 10 this morning after making a call I needed to, Ofcourse I had to leave a message.GRR.. So anyhooo, about 10 this morning, Hubby, Sonshine and I all headed to the grocery store, we were out of a few things so we had to go pick up a few, And I wanted to splurge a bit and get me a few magazines and a new book, I CAN'T wait to read it!
The Next Accident By Lisa Gardner!! I also got a Glade Scented oil and a refil kit! Dewberry Dreams! OH I AM LOVING IT!! It smells so good!!!
I wanted the Vanilla but it had a rose spicey smell..it was nasty..LOL So we agreed on this one..And it is wonderful!!!
I got home to a message on my machine saying that the transportation dept. STILL DOES NOT have any info on my Sonshine.. GRR He is supposed to start on Monday and they dont have anything about him getting transported to school..So I will call AGAIN tomorrow morning!!! I AM SO MAD....Why everytime something starts to go right it ALWAYS gets messed up!!!!!!!!!
So Hubby is now at work, Sonshine is off in his room enjoying some play time and I am about to watch Days!!!
Then make us some lunch in a bit, Sonshine will probably have a Kid Cusine and I will have a yoplait whips!
I hope everyone is having a great day today!! I just wish it was warmer here!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

::You LIke?::

ALL THE NEW EVERYTHING??? Since I was having problems earlier and yesterday I just decided to redo the whole darn thing..LOL
I hope you all will enjoy the fresh new look!!
I have been sitting here awhile off and on working on it..
Days is on now and Sonshine is off playing!!
I have also decided to scrap my diet blog.. I would rather just have my diet journal at MO!
So I will be getting rid of that blog and will just have this one.. So update your blog roll by deleting it when you get a chance!!
Welp I am off to do a few more things, and do my daily read and replys!! And watch Days! LOL
Hope your all having a great day!!

::Having Problems with my blog::

I am having a few problems, I posted about them at MO! But it is so weird so I am just gonna try new!!! I have to readd everything but it's all good.. I will make it look good again!!!
For some reason the blinkies on my blog don't blink from my view..LOL They do for you and others (IF THEY DONT TELL ME PLEASE) But not for me..WEIRD!!!!!
So I just decided to start over!!!!!!!

So please excuse the area if it gets a little cluttered or messed up... I will be updating it throughout the day!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

::10 Things that bug me::

Idea *borrowed* from Scrappingmomof3
1. When a machine calls MY phone!! GRRR! That is totally #1
2. Cupboard doors open.. OMG!! I hate it! When they are together my Dad and Brian like to open ALL the kitchen cupboards and have me notice it soon as I walk in the kitchen..LOL And I have alot of cupboard doors in there..LOL
3. When my children say Mommy or Daddy over and over again because we are in the middle of talking and NOT answering them!
4. Liars and backstabbers!! There is just NO need for them PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!
5. I don't like when people don't respond to you, whether you call them specifically and leave a message or email them specifically asking a question or just saying Hi, if they don't reply to something like that it bugs me!
6. When I run out of coffee.. It bugs the crap outta me.. I just always have a bad day if I dont have ATLEAST ONE cup in the morning..lol
7. Pretend a friends..LOL People who pretend to be your *friend* though you really know you aren't..LOL I have come across those in my life and they just bug me..HAHA
8. People with NO COMMON SENSE!! OR People that have it but just don' use it! Yep you guessed it, LOL That bugs me!!
9. Hearing I'm Sorry for everything! Thinking that it HAS to make up for everything right away, um no it doesn't..LOL We have a right to be upset before we have to hear have to hear, I'm Sorry and everything has to be all good!! LOL
10. When the kids ONLY want junk and not real food!

::Another Day WAITING!!::

OMG, Yes I am sitting here at the computer, everytime I hear a car go by I look to see if it is the mailman. Hubby's check is still NOT here! I AM LIVID!! Thank God we got my cs check but it was only 75 bucks so it is almost gone! I HOPE HOPE HOPE IT COMES TODAY!!
I told Hubby he HAS to call payroll and DEMAND that they remburse us for our late fees on our rent. This is complete bullshit! And we have to pay 3 bucks a day late fees, now it is already the 7th of Feb. and that makes it a total of 21 dollars for late fees.. It adds up ya know.. And it is not our fault it is late, so we should NOT have to pay that...
Ok , as I just finished that paragraph the mail man just went by, so Hubby will go get the mail after he is done shaving.. OH I HOPE HOPE HOPE IT IS THERE!!!! If not he is calling that lady to see if she mailed it, then going to work (he has to be there at 3) and calling payroll and bitching up a storm..LMAO
Oh I just hope it is there!! LOL
So I am just sitting here with the boys, Sonderful stayed home today.. Ugh It is Hubby's fault..LOL He was supposed to get up with him and let me sleep in but he woke up at 9:30 this morning and don't know why the alarm didn't go off, I think it did and he turned it off and don't remember..LOL So he is home today, oh well, it is just one day ya know.. He will just have extra homework with yesterday being a snow day..LOL
So they were out in the snow again, didnt get pics this time because I was to busy watching Days! LOL And reading through my friend Raiza's blog, and showing Hubby all her pics of her and her wonderful family! Hubby and I know them IRL, So he wanted to see them since we haven't seen them for over 5yrs..but soon as this weather and our luck gets better we will be out there!! WE PROMISE!! LOL If you will have us over that is!! We want to bring the boys too. Sonderful remembers you guys, I am so surprised, he was 4 the last time he saw you! But he does remember so that is so cool!!
Well Hubby is off to get the mail, and then head to work! The boys are enjoying some hot chocolate after being in the snow! So I am off to do some online stuff.. People changing their blogs are making me want to..LOL But so many of the templates are used by others and There are only a few that I even like, I wish I knew how to add a template from somewhere else..LOL But maybe I will look again at bloggers.. I think I just want an excuse to make a new banner..LOL SO IF ANYONE NEEDS ONE LET ME KNOW..LOL
I have been in the psp mood lately, Hey Nae, did you pass it on to me since, your not in the mood..LOL
Welp thats about it for now! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!!
EDITED TO ADD.... Hubby just drove by and honked.. THE CHECK IS THERE!! YAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOO REALIVED!!!!!!!! But he still must call payroll!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

::It's a SNOWDAY::

Welp Sonderful got a long weekend cause today is a snowday!!! They will probably be out in it playing in a lil bit! I let them go out as long as it is over 20 or 25 degrees...LOL We have a TON of snow..ATLEAST 6 OR 7 INCHES OF SNOW!!! I know JC your dying for it...Please come take some!!
So what am I doing today, dishes and laundry.. The boys are playing a game and Hubby is about to head out the door to go to work!
I HOPE OUR CHECKS COME TODAY... Oh if not I will flip a lid!!!
Not to much going on, Yesterday was a nice relaxing day, I did 2 loads of laundry thats about it.. Hubby was at work till 4 then later on he made dinner!! He made his famous sauted chicken with angel hair pasta dish.. I just love it.. But we did not have any white wine and it is much better with it, but it was still very tasty!! We had a nice family dinner! Tonight I think we will have BRINNER(Breakfast for dinner, eggs bacon and sausage and crossaints) per request by Sonderful!
Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

ATTN::Blogging buddies!!

If I have NOT replyed to your blog within the last few days it is not you or me..LOL It is blogger!
I still can't reply to MANY blogs!!! I hope to soon!!
So I hope this will be resolved soon!!!
Just wanted to give ya a heads up!!

::Weekends Over once again::

Hey Howdy Hey all!!!!!
How is everyone this fine morning??
Things are going good here! Hubby is at work till 4 and Sonshine is playing a game and just had a popcicle! Sonderful spent the night with his cousin Justin lastnight who is in town to visit with his Dad. Yesterday his Dad took both my boys and Justin and a friend and her kids all to CEC and Ponderosa..My poor Sonshine was fine at CEC, Then they go to leave pondo and he got sick all over his chair. =( So he stayed home with us lastnight!
He was fine the whole time he was home, I think it is because he barely ate anything all day..he does that alot, he is so skinny but yet I can't get him to eat.. It is time once again to have family dinners more it is the only way he eats right!!
So we just vegged after hitting the store lastnight and watched SNL.. I sooo wish they would do the skit of Debbie Downer more often..LMAO
So I have gotten my morning started and hanging with Sonshine till the other 2 guys get home!
I am getting my morning online stuff done with my coffee.. Even chatted with Trucker for a few on yahoo messenger..LOL Nae was at the store!!! We were just gabbing about how we are both dying to go sledding.. A winter storm has hit us once again and we have a few good inches of snow.. Both Nae and Trucker and us have all new sleds and have yet to use them..UGH!!!
I woke with a sore throat today and I see a fat lip coming on..Don't know why.. I don't get cold sores,never had one in my life. but every once in awhile I get bump type thing and then a fat lip, I woke up with a sneezing fit so bad too so now I am all stuffy...BLAH...I dropped a sudafed hopefully that will help!!..I am gonna grab some more songs.
.YAAY JC... I finally got it to work!! lol Then I am off to do my daily read and replys!!
Have a great day everyone!!!!
Oh and Java..I hope your feeling better today hun!!! I am thinking of you and baby Isabella!!

Friday, February 03, 2006


We have a mouse somewhere.. We saw him once a few weeks ago and B chased him out.. We have NOT seen him since.. This is the first time in 5years we have had a mouse! OMG I AM SO FREAKED OUT..Because we don't find any food or anything he is getting into but yet here and there we are finding little *clues* that he is here..

::Friday Five::

Answer mine by replying here and post your own Friday Five for others to anwer to keep it going, I will try to post one every week!!
1) What word irks you everytime you hear someone say it?
SODA!!! UGH... I have reasons why I don't like it plus I just don't think it sounds right! The word is POP PEOPLE POP!!! You DRINK POP! NOT SODA..LMAO
2) What is your favorite word?
That Rocks! and Kickass! Something always rocks or kicks ass..LOL I don't know why but those are my favorite words! LOL
3) What does it mean?
It means thats cool..LOL ya know, That Rocks! LOL
4) What word do you say far too often?
BESIDES, That Rocks and Kickass! ,because I do use them alot! The other two that I am always saying are...
For Real and Whatever!
5) Name three words you think other people overuse:
Hmm 3 words..that's hard, let me see..
I'm Sorry-- Yes though it is good to say, BUT..My guys use it WAY to much.. They tend to think that oh we did something that we completely know we should not have so we will just say I'm Sorry and think wit should be over and done with..And yes I tend to say it to often to ..GRRR...
And Like--UGH! I hate hearing it, Sonderful puts it in a few times in each sentence.. I was blah blah blah and like, blah blah blah and like..GRR It irks the hell outta me..LOL
I can't really think of a third one..LOL
Your turn!! Keep it going!


Hi All!! Hope this finds everyone is a happy mood!! I woke up feeling WONDERFUL today! So just to warn you this is a long and rambling post.. I just have so much I want to say this morning..LOL
I think it is because I took some Nyquil lastnight, I know not the greatest thing to do but I just can't sleep at night.. I get/got(don't know which way to say that..lol) RLS (never diagnosed,but I know I have it,Had ever since I got pregnant with Sonderful) And besides the RLS soon as I lay down my mind goes bazerck and it tries to think of WHICH MANY THNGS to think about all night.KWIM?
I just start thinking of everything and it's like my mind doesn't want to shut down but my body is sooo drained! It is so miserable and I am up for hours tossing and turning(another reason why Hubby and I rarely sleep in the same bed) So in comes the Nyquil, I take it and slowly fall asleep within an hr or so and I wake up when I need to feeling all great and bubbly..lol
SOOOOOO onto other things,
Things with Hubby have been going pretty well! We have not been fighting or bickering, the kids have been doing great! Sonderful had a cub scout meeting lastnight, So he was gone for a few hrs, Hubby went to his Moms and stopped by a friends, then came home and got Sonshine and headed to the grocery store, They were gone for well over 2hrs..LOL Sonderful got home before they did..LOL
I just vegged all night with my book and my tv!
Then when the boys went to bed, Hubby and I stayed up and watched the news and Jay Leno, and Conan, I went to bed after Conan's monoglog(sp?) He stayed up for a bit, watching Carson SELLOUT Daily(Sorry, TOTALLY HATE THE GUY,when he first started his show he was supposed to be different, His show started out to be a show about music and he was going to have a different band or musician on and have them play and he would interview them, Now he turned into a total sellout and became just like every other latenight talk show, And I think he became anerexic and gay in the process..SORRY BUT I DO UGH)
Hubby laughs at me because I dislike the guy so much, I just hate people like that,the type that just has to follow the crowd and don't care what others have to say about it, I swear to you when his show first started I watched it religiously at night, his very first guest was Kid Rock so ofcourse I watched it and he had Poison and just tons of bands I liked, then all of the sudden he is just another latenight show, so to me that is a sellout..lol
But anyways..LOL I told ya I had a lot to talk about today...Onto other things..
Did anyone happen to watch Thursday night tv with me on NBC lastnight??
Here is the schedule for my Thursday lineup
7:30-- Entertainment Tonight(yes I try to watch it everyday, I must get my fix of celebrity gossip)
8PM Will & Grace (If you watched it that is what the MISMATCHED is about in the title..LMAO)
8:30-- Four Kings(Didn't really care for this show, and I dont know if like it yet or not either BUT LASTNIGHT WAS HILARIOUS..lol)
9PM--The OC
10PM-- ER
So did you watch with me???
OMG TV WAS JUST WONDERFUL LASTNIGHT!! Every show was flippen great!!
I don't even want to know if Earl and The Office were good, because I saw previews and they looked hilarious.. Joy says, "I shaved above the knee today" LMAO Oh what I would do to see them all in reruns! If you don't know what the hell I am talking about.. The OC changed to 9 pm on Thursday nights so I can no longer watch My name is Earl and The Offfice. Two of my favorite shows =( But I will be gettting both of them on dvd IF they come out on dvd(which like every show I am sure they will)
So being great an all, it was also a very strange night of tv..LOL
I really have changed my views on my relationship and how I look at things thanks to a wonderful woman,Mom and Friend!! And lastnights tv kind of had a theme all night long and I just sat and thought and well, I just have a feeling everything will be looking up for so many of us!!
I am also finishing up The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner
OH MY GOSH!! THIS BOOK IS GREAT!!!!!!! She is totally my new favorite author, EVERY Payday weekend I head up to the store and buy one of her books.
So that brings me to what I am doing today, Well same old shit, different day as I always say..LOL Dishes, laundry, playing with Sonshine! He is doing so well these days, Looking forward to school now too!! At first he wasn't because we have been talking about him going *soon* for a year now(Thats how long I have been fighting for my baby to get the help he needs) and he never went so I am sure at first he was like "oh ya right I know I am not going", ya know BUT NOW...He is so into it, he wants to go this weekend and get a Buzz Lightyear back pack and shoes..LOL Good thing it is payday..haha
So that is what is going on here.. Sorry so long but I probably won't post another post today, Just maybe a few fun things! So I wanted to get a post in..I am going to try to not be on the pc to much this weekend, I just want to spend a nice relaxing weekend with my guys!! But hey Nae.. If you guys aren't doing much this weekend, give me a ring or catch me online,maybe we can get together and gel..LOL
Welp if you made it this far THANKS!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

::Go away stones::

Oh my poor Hubby, I wish the stones would just disappear.. He still has a few more in there and almost every time he *goes* they inch their way down there! He is not in constant major pain anymore like he was so they must not be lodged in a bad spot, but he is always screaming while in the bathroom... I feel bad for him because it is not like when I had my gull stones, I just had the whole damn thing removed, he can't do that with a kidney..LOL
Say some prayers that these last few get out soon, and none come for a bit!!!

::Happy Groundhog Day::

So what's up did old Puxitonny Phil see his shadow or what? Am I destined for more winter or early spring? Will have to find that out!!
But hell it is January and it has been like 50 degrees.. SO WEIRD FOR N.E OHIO! But I am enjoying it!!
Not much going on really today..had an appt this afternoon, Sonderful just got home from school and is scouring the cupboards..LOL His usual afterschool routine..LOL
Waiting for Hubby to get back from my MIL's and then my guys are going grocery shopping.. Lucky me, it is Thursday and they KNOW I dont leave my house much or at all on Thursday. So I MIGHT do a few things around the house and wait for my shows! FINALLY A NEW ER..WOOHOOO!! The OC looks totally awesome tonight too!!
My computer is making funky noises, wonder why.. Please don't break baby!! LOL
Today has been a good day!
My thoughts are still going out to my friends who are having a rough time right now!! Know I am here for ya!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

::We talked, FINALLY::

Whew! Finally Hubby sat down with me and talked!
I wrote him a 5 page letter yesterday, took me hrs to write! But I wrote it because he was not home and I just needed to get shit out! Thx Nae for being there yesterday when I called ya! Your the best! =) I would of called you too Janette, but my LD is cut off..GRRRRRRRRR!!
So anyhoo, after the boys got off to beddy bye and I read them a chapter from Captian Underpants lol we got to sit in the kitchen and talk! And I really think things got accomplished!
He went through the letter piece by piece and answered wht I wrote!
I won't get into to much about what was said, but he has been thinking about his Dad lately and feeling like crap for the way he has done things, he says he knows his Dad is looking down on him and is disappointed, But I don't believe that, I bet he is so proud of him for finally acknowledgeing that things were not right and that alot of it was him! So after our talk we slept in the bedroom together...and he wanted sex! But I was not feeling to sexy after crying all day..LMAO Things gotten taken care of that is all I will say..LOL
I am so happy to actually have him sit down with me and talk things out, I feel like a huge boulder was lifted off my heart! NOW....If he will just do the things he promised everything will be all good..We don't know how our relationship had gotten like that.. Things were awesome, we used to have romance, fun, friendship, I want that all back, so we promised each other we will start to make time for us! Even if we have to put the kids to bed early and have a late romantic dinner and talk..WE ALWAYS HAVE TO KEEP TALKING..We realized we had gone on the past 6 months with just the basics of talking, hi, love you , what's for dinner this and that.. We don't talk anymore like we used to... so we have to get it back.. I can't imagine my life without him and I don't want to! So right now slowly things are on the road to recovery.. Not saying we are perfect again but for now things are better!!
Thank you for all the support, please keep us in your thoughts as these next few weeks will be rough!