Friday, February 27, 2009

::Four For Friday::

Haven't done a meme in awhile so how about one now!!
Four things to share......


Four names that people call me:
Ali..... Al... Mom...Babe

Four jobs I have had:
Mommy...H&R Block..Surfside Sunoco...Fairport Convenient..

Four movies I would watch more than once:
Dirty Dancing...Christmas Vacation...Pure Country...Ferris Bullers Day Off

Four places I have lived:
California.. Woodsfield Ohio.. Eastlake Ohio.. Madison Ohio

Four places I have been:

Four People who e-mail me (regularly):
Mypoints...Sonderfuls School...H&R Block...Tia

Four of my favorite foods:
steak..chicken parm..stouffers mac & cheesse(i am so addicted)...Taco bell

Four places I'd rather be right now:
somewhere warm..bed...somewhere winning some anywhere with family

Four Things I am looking forward to this year:
a lil vacation...summer....watching the boys brothers wedding

Four TV shows that I watch:
ER.. SVU...Medium...cable news

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::New this and thats 'round here::

Hey fellow bloggers.. I finally got sometime to sit down and resize pics and do a few things on here.. Ya, I know no one reads or replys and that is cool, whatev! I do this cause it is fun for me..It would be cool if I had one of those blogs that people enjoyed coming to but its cool.. I have fun and I guess that is all that matters, right?

So I have new hair and new specs!! I like both..Different for sure.... Wanna see?

Both boys got straight A's on their report cards!! YIPPEE!!!
Hell if Sonderful can get straight A's and barely be able to read the board, wonder what he can do since he got new glasses..LOL
I must be doin something right with them.. WTG BOYS WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Things with Pops living here are great, we are all having a blast.... Brian is doing good..he is still working with my stepdad..great job, great bucks...vacation time, nice christmas bonus that goes up every year..
My job is still going good... I am learning alot and have done about 10 returns this year!! Including my own... It really is a neat job, I would reccomend anyone to do it..And it could be a pt job to make extra money, it doesn't have to be a ft thing ya know..

Oh WELCOME HOME CRISS AND FRANCIS!!!!!!!! We are all so glad that your home safe and sound!!!!!!! I know your Mom is super happy to have her baby home too!!!
Criss is our friends Tracy and Gary's eldest and him and his wife have been over in Iraq and are now safe and sound on US turf!!!

My Brother is getting married in May!! My cousin is having her first baby in May as well.. CONGRATS CASSI! I can't wait to meet the new addition to the family!!

HMMM......I think that is about it...

Oh Jayme, I get my GS cookies soon too! YIPPEE!! I can't wait to sit and eat and eat and eat..LOL The ones my niece were selling were through Little Brownie and were only 3 dollars a box, how much were yours a box...another friend of mine was paying 3.50 a box, I am curious what they are around other parts....... And anyone else that bought some this year, how much were yours??

ok I think that is all updates for now... I will get the pics posted in here now!!


New Ali with her new funky cool red specs........
Here is old boring Ali with her old ucky crooked glasses.......

Back view and good shot of the burgandy color...

here is old Ali with her old ucky boring hair.....

Here is new Ali with her new fun hair.......

Then we got my Sonderful.... He now has 4 eyes too!!! HEHEHE I am his momma and I wear glasses so I can get away with that :)

My Sonshine graduated speech!! Yes, finally!!! He really could of been out last year but she wanted to keep him around till he was perfect! And boy o boy it is like a different kiddo too...So here are a few photos of my Sonshine!!!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm loving it!

I LOVE preparing taxes, it is so fun, Never thought i would hear that but it is !!!
I have done a few returns this year, including my own!

The snow wont stop here either! UGH, I am so ready to never see a snowflake again..

I have done a few digital layouts lately but nothing on real paper lately... I have just been so busy with work...I work everday but Tuesday and Sunday all 12 hr days right now, during the 'peak' of tax season..But I want to dig into something this weekend I think...


Ok enough jabbing at the jaws, time to get my hair done and my face on for work...see ya after 9 sometime tonight world..... :)

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