Thursday, November 13, 2008

my computer took a dump

hey all!! My computer took it's final shit!!! I am over at my brothers for the moment to let you know!! Hope to be back up and running soon......

Friday, November 07, 2008

Some pics from our trip to WI...

When Shawn passed away my siblings, my mom and my step dad all headed up to WI for the funeral.. Here are a few pics.. I will have more when my Mom gets her film developed...

My Cousin Christina and I..This is one of Shawns 6 younger brothers and sisters..

The Sears Tower
My Sister Hilary and Me

The Chicago Sky

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Someone is watching over this guy.....

A British pilot who lost his sight after suffering a stroke mid-flight from Scotland to Essex was talked through a safe landing by a crew of Royal Air Force pilots sent to his aid, The Daily Mail reported Friday.

Jim O'Neill, 65, put out a mayday call after a suspected stroke cause blood to put pressure on his optic nerves, blinding him. A Royal Air Force team was scrambled to guide the two-seat Cessna to safety, The Mail reported.

With help from air traffic controllers O'Neill managed to land the plane on his fourth attempt.
"I should not be alive. I owe my life — and those of dozens of people I could have crash-landed on — to the RAF," O'Neill told The Mail from his hospital bed on Thursday. "It was terrifying. Suddenly I couldn't see the dials in front of me."

RAF Captain Mark Hopkins told The Mail, "The royal Air Force has the best pilots and air traffic controllers in the world. This team effort from Linton-on-Ouse lives up to its reputation. Shepherding aircraft in this way is something we do from time to time, but this is a very strange case.",2933,448478,00.html

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::2nd Grade::

Yes I know he needed a haircut,but he threw a fit and didn't want it cut yet, 'it wasn't ready to be done' he said..LOL Whatever your hair, your pictures be how you wanna be..LOL
But ofcourse he still looks adorable as ever.......

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

2 & a half hrs of my life I will never get back..

I just sat and watched some idiot on the ledge of an apt. building for the last 2 and a half hrs at ..LMAO

Why? I dont know why but I cleaned the living room, did two loads of dishes, and had to exit and reopen my browser twice and dude was still there on that ledge.

Then as two cops are gliding down the building like Spidermen to save this guy, THEY CUT OFF THE LIVE FEED....LMAO

So I turn on fox news on tv and they said he just stabbed his wife who is in critical condition, and they got him in custody now..

I watched that long for them to cut it off at the end.. What a waste of time..LOL

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dumb Criminal Of The Week Is.....

If you’re being tried for auto theft, the last thing you should do is give prosecutors the evidence they need to convict you and even though driving another stolen car to court isn’t inadmissible, it doesn’t help.

That’s just what happened, according to the AP. He was already charged with stealing a $125,000 Porsche, so when he showed up to court in a fancy, expensive Lexus, police were naturally suspicious.

I guess he figured a Lexus was less obvious. LOL

The stolen vehicle also had several Yorkshire terriers in it, so not only did he get slapped with another vehicle theft charge but he also got slapped with an animal cruelty charge.

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Raelynn Nicole Is Here.....

Raelynn Nicole was born this morning
11-5-08 @ 8:34 a.m
7lbs 4oz..19 inches long
With not as much hair as her big Sisters did...

My Sister Hilary said her baby picture should be online tomorrow, the hospital does it, so I will post it soon as I get to see it!!!

Welcome to the world Raelynn Nicole!
Congrats to Hilbug, Bunk, Allyson, and Jacalynn!!

I can't wait to meet my new niece... Raelynn joining the family makes 14 nieces and nephews!!!

*a lil note on her name.. RAE are her daddy's initials


Remembering Shawn Loescher

My Cousin Shawn passed away Friday Sept. 5 2008 at 11:15 am He was 23 years old.

He was taken off of life support at midnight the night before and fought almost 12 long hard hours!
Shawn had been in critical condition since the car he was in crashed into a tree August 25.

17-year-old David Jacobson from Osseo Wi. was driving that car on a country road south of Eau Claire. He told deputies he was going between 90 and 100 miles an hour when he came over a hill, lost control and hit some trees. He also told them he had been drinking.
The sheriff's department says it looked like Jacobson was trying to 'jump hills' with his car

Jacobson is charged with four felonies including homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle. 19-year-old Michael Hiatt who was also in the car died at the scene. Shawn Loescher was airlifted that night.

And as if this wasn't bad enough....

Teen Driver Charged With Drinking Before Double Fatal Crash Arrested For Drinking Again....
Yes he was seen at a house party by the other boy that dieds sister so she called police.. Part of his bail was 10 pm curfew and NO drinking well it was 10:06 pm and the sister knew he had a curfew so she called and he was found hiding behind a couch..So now he is also charged with bail jumping...

I made the montage on the side bar of my blog for Shawn!

Rembering Shawn Loescher

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TV Chit Chat....

What are you watching on tv these days?

I am still watching the normal winter primetime shows..
ER..DH..Law and Orders...My Name is Earl...but now I have some new faves...

I am addicted to celebreality(trainwreck tv) like... Rock of Love Charm School.. Yes I also watched both Rock Of Loves....
I enjoy the trainwreck that is Kimora Lee Simmons...

My new favorite show is John and Kate Plus 8 LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.....

Post and Discuss.....


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama Elected 44th US President

Post and Discuss...


Gobble Gobble

Like my turkey?
I just love Thanksgiving dinner, and since it is finally November, I can't wait for it to get

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Falling Leaves.....

Tis the season for orange and brown.....

ofcourse the dates are not right on the photo
photos were taken on Nov. 1, 2008

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did you know..

Did you know that the heart attack rates rise when we 'spring forward' but the rate of heart attacks goes down when we 'fall back'


Monday, November 03, 2008

::Carrot Top::

When I see a picture of Carrot Top, the first thing that comes to mind is_______; lol
Post and discuss!

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::My Scary Vampire::

Joshua decided to spend the weekend with his father and not go out so here is Hunter...

B did his makeup..I must say, as much as I hate that he is now out of the 'cute costume' stage, Brian did a great job...

And yes ofcourse that is Mr. Halloween himself, Brian behind

Last year Brian laid like this dressed up and scared people, This year it was Hunters turn..after he went TOTing, he laid here with the candy to be passed out and tried hard to scare people.. He finally scared a lil girl and was SOOO Happy..LOL

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