Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HOLLA!!! Got ONE done!!

WOOHOO!!! It's not the greatest by far and there is a spot you can see glue smudge..LOL
BUT I got my very first layout done!!!
The letters say "brotherly" across and "LOVE" going down!!

I mismatched different stuff I had and some of it is some of the stuff Mary sent me for the last swap!
For my first one, what do you think? And it looks crooked cause of the way I cropped the photo so you can see it close up.. It is not really this crooked..LOL

::Gonna Get 'POISONED' With My Dad::

I ordered my Dad, His GF and my brother all Poison tickets lastnight! Pammie (Dad's gf) gave me her cc info lastnight and had me order her 3 tickets.. Except I didnt realize that after I hit submit and got them sent, you can't have them sent to a po box..grr so I dont know if they will call her and get a new addy for her or not..But she had me pay with a cc so I am sure they will find her who knows maybe she can just go to a ticket master and get them, but I would think they would either email me or call her..

WOOHOO I never in a million years thought I would EVER get to see Poison with Brian, let alone my rocker Daddy AND 21 year old brother,..HAHAHA WOOHOO This is going to be a rockin time!!
JEFF YOU AND KATIE NEED TO GET YOUR TIX DUDE!! I have to know your going for sure..LOL

I thought it was pretty cool also that I am the only kiddo that has NOT met Dad's new gf and yet she trusted me enough to have her cc info..that is awesome.. My Dad is soooo smitten.. and is having a wonderful time with her!! I am so glad, I have NOT seen my Dad this happy in YEARS!!!

KISS OFF ANNA YOU LYING BITCH!!!! --Ok sorry had to add that....Anna is my step mother who decided to kick my dad out and spread lies TO EVERYONE WHO WOULD GIVE HER A SECOND TO LISTEN that he is a 'cokehead'.. UH NO... My Dad is not stupid he had 5 bypass heart surgery 10 years ago and his ticker is still working ,like he is gonna be a coke head to die , ya right he ain't stupid..
He wants to enjoy his life and live it out as full as he can.. So he dabbled a TINY bit one night... Big F'en deal.. That does NOT make you a 'cokehead' I have tried it 4 times does that make me one? Ya know... I was the ONLY child that still called her after she kicked my Dad out, she was my step mom for over 15 years..

She was good to and for my dad until recently..
We also found out she stole something off my dads shelf, had it in her drawer the whole time and blamed it on my Aunt.. My Dad found it in her drawer where she keeps hidden junk food, well my dad being a diabetic needed a little something and KNOWS where she keeps the goodies she hourdes, so he went in to get a snack and found his stolen item his 'SISTER' stole from him and was just shocked as hell...What a bitch!! She never called me after I called her ,So after I found out about the 'cokehead' thing, that was it and I severed my ties with her.. I hate liars to begin with and thieves but when your DOING BOTH and TO MY DAD...OH HELL NO...Stay the hell away, I dont need her..

And sadly NOT even the kids miss her.. She smokes to much and don't care if she is around 80 babies she will smoke.. She is nasty slob and my house always smells so bad after she leaves it... And once, I swear to God, she changed my WHITE SOFT cushiony toliet seat to a pink and green.. BY SITTING ON IT..EWWWWWWWWW
SO THERE!! Wanna lie... My truth is way more harsh than your lies..LOL

Hell even my Mom,who divorced my dad over 21 years ago believes after his surgery he would never go out and blow his heart out for a cheap ass high, not when he has his 4 kids and all his grandbabies to give him one!
My Daddy is a stoner not a 'cokehead' BELIEVE ME THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!

But there is one thing that I will miss about them not being together anymore are my nieces and nephews down in Southern Ohio(step sis and bros kids) But I KNOW for a fact, if I called my step brothers ex I can see them babies whenever I WANT.....LOL


Monday, June 26, 2006

::Whoa! What's happening?::

Hey ya gang!!!
Not a whole hell of a lot goin on our way that is why i haven't really blogged..
For the past few days, I am trying to get photos printed out to start some layouts, and the kids are fighting non stop..GRRRR

I have tons of housecleaning to do and I don't wanna do it... And I have been fixing up my MySpace page..
But for the future.. All you PSP Fanatics like me and Nae.. We are moving our MSN group, Paint Shop Pro Addicted Moms(PSPAM) outta MSN and onto a real forum.. We will be getting that all up, my friend Jeff has been logged in doing some php things at the website, doing a lil tweaking., I dont know what..LOL
We will be unveiling that soon!! So keep a look out!!

Sonderful is done with camp!! He had a great time, did awesome on shooting bb guns and arrows!! And had a blast..To bad it was only daycamp... I have to find that boy some overnight camp..HE WOULD LOVE IT...Church camp was my FAVORITE thing to do during summer break!

Took Sonshine to get his school shots..HE DID AMAZING!!Actually let the nurse give the shots and only cried for a second or two!! WHAT A BIG BOY!!
Nae took us and I had Bowlergirl in there with us, and they kept thinking she was the brave big sister..LOL

Welp, I am off to fart around and then get to cleaning..Have a great day!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

::Sad ain't it!::

This is how I feel , sad ain't it!

FlyLeaf I'm So Sick Lyrics!

I will break into your thoughts
With what's written on my heart
I will break, break
I'm so sick,
Infected with where I live
Let me live without this
Empty bliss,
I'm so sick
I'm so sick
If you want more of this
We can push out,
sell out,
die out
So you'll shut up
And stay sleeping
With my screaming in your itching ears
I'm so sick,
Infected with where I live
Let me live without this
Empty bliss,
I'm so sick
I'm so sick
Hear it, I'm screaming it
You're heeding to it now
Hear it!
I'm screaming it!
You tremble at this sound
You sink into my clothes
And this invasion
Makes me feelWorthless,
I'm so sick,
Infected with where I live
Let me live without this
Empty bliss,
I'm so sick
I'm so sick
I'm so sick
Infected with where I live
Let me live without this
Empty bliss,
I'm so
I'm so sick
I'm so
I'm so sick

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Counter Surfer and Beta's Don't Mix!

Ok after reading Jaw's post about her poor little fishie I forgot I don't think I ever told you about my beta, Majinblue (His name is a Yu-Gi-Oh reference for those that know it..LOL)

Well like Jaw's poor little fishie going carpet surfing without a helmet, so did poor lil Majinblue, just not on carpet..

Brian decided to keep the lid off the tank to 'cool' it off in the tank, and when he went to feed him the next morning, Sadly Brian found him hard and crusty..LOL he decided to jump out of the tank and counter surf, and well he didn't do a very good job, should of gotten a trainer..LOL

RIP Jaws's fish..LOL

Monday, June 19, 2006

::Shooey, It's HOT!!::

It has been a few days, I have barely been at the computer.. It is just to hot in this metal home..LOL
Not really much been happening, trying to keep the boys busy and me cool..LOL
Saturday was our picnic with my friend April and her family!! It was soo awesome to see her after so many years..And we will be going there in a little bit when Sonderful gets home from Camp.. He is at daycamp this week for boy scouts...

Sunday we went out to my Moms and swam and had a picnic.. It felt great to jump in that cold ass pool...LOL
That is where the video of Sonshine swimming is, Sonderful didnt get over there till close to when we were leaving, he has been with his meemaw all week. So that is why there is no video of him.. I am in the process of uploading all our videos and pics to the computer I will let everyone know when that is done so you can all see what a real freak I am and how much I got..LOL

Some totally awesome news... I Lost another 5 lbs..WOOHOO I am now down to 165..only about 20 or so more to go!!
Java sent me my goodies, YAAY, I can't wait to jump in and play with everything!
I will show you all what I come up with soon!!

Welp, I am off to do a few things before we head out!!
Have a great Monday ya'll~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

::Everyone loves Batman::

Yes I am using Java's title for one of her recent post..LOL
WOW, I can't believe how one little costume ,(Well toy really,but he says he will use it for Halloween, um we will see if it lasts that long..lol)is so popular!

We got Sonshine this set of Batman stuff because my friend Tia said that when the boys were over there last he just loved it and wouldn't put it down.. So it was at Super K 24.99 for the set..Not bad really..Normally I cringe to spend that much on toys but THIS SO WORTH IT..He has not taken it off really in 4 days...LOL
It has the mask, the gloves that make noise, the chest plate and cape..Oh and a belt.. I mean it has alot and HE LOVES IT!!!!!!!!

So everywhere we have been going he must be Batman..And he trusty sidekick Robin is Daddy..haha that is what he says to people...
So for the past 4 days all kinds of people will come up to him and talk to him, will make some kind of Batman reference, Even teenage boys who are like 18 19 are like Hey Batman I love your outfit..LOL

Yesterday we were leaving the store and there was a Chinese family walking behind us in the parkinglot, All you hear is them speaking Chinese then you hear Batman..LOL
And so anytime he has a chance when someone says something to him he says,"This is not my Dad he is my tusty sidekick Robin" LOL SOOO CUTE!!! And he does look adorable
I will attach a picture of him all dressed up too!!

AND everytime he would play a game at the fair lastnight, all the people running the games gave him a little better toy than what he won BECAUSE he was Batman..LOL
I love it..He looks so friggen cute and he really really really really loves this set...lol
I will post another post with bday info and some pics!!

The first and second pic is him riding on a ride at the fair, Dressed as Batman..LOL
And the 3rd pic is my friend Tia's little boy Logan with the Thing hands they bought Sonshine for his birthday. And Batman!

Oh and also B won a damn ol goldfish lastnight..Anyone want to take a stab at what Sonshine named him? LOL

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

::A little Hurt::

Please remember this is my blog to vent about whatever I feel like! There are a few things that have just been bugging me to no end and I HAVE TO GET IT OUT!!
I apologize (even though I dont have to)if I make anyone mad ahead of time but I am quite hurt right now!
Thank You!

With that said, I just have to get out that I am a little hurt by some of my "friends"
You know your sons birthday only happens once a year, And we all love our kids more than life itself, so you want to know that the people you 'talk' with EVERYDAY would aknowledge your son's birthday!

But no most of them don't and that's too bad.. A few did and I appreciate that so very very much!! But when you go out of your way to wish your friends children a happy birthday everytime a birthday of theirs pops up and send ecards with no thank you in return...That really hurts! I am just glad that it is me that is hurt by this and not my son! He has no idea he is just happy when I say "Mommys friend so and so said happy birthday" But it hurts ME when I see my 'friends' not doing that!

Especially when I KNOW they are around online, is it really that hard to take a second out of the day and say Happy Birthday? Especially if your online anyways.. I don' know maybe to some other kids birthdays aren't important, but remember your friends are supposed to be important to you and so are their children.

Remember I am one of the TWO people that make your children (and my friends)their birthday graphics out of the kindness of my heart because I love my friend's children and my friends and I want to make them smile on their special day!
Again, Thank you to my wonderful friends that wished my boy a happy birthday!!!

And remember if someone does alot for you, A thank you goes along way!!
And that is something I never hear for all the things I do!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Here is my 5yr old!!

Here is my boy today! My 5 yr. old boy that is!! LOL Does he look any older!!

Today we will have a cake made by yours truly(not the resturant, me silly's..hehe) The cake and the stuff for the cake were all picked out by Sonshine himself! So I will be making a confetti cake(white with colored pieces) with vanilla frosting and m&ms to go on it, purple writing frosting(purple is his FAVE. color) and a few little candy cars to put on the cake! LOL I hope it will look ok..

And he has 2 gifts from us to open..(the 3rd was given to him this morning w/ breakfast!) This morning, I sang my boy happy birthday with a cupcake (he picked out lastnight) and a candle with chocolate milk for breakfast! And gave him one of his 3 gifts this morning, I didnt want him to have to wait till after 6 to open presents..LOL So this morning he got his Cars leap pad book!! He has been enjoying that! and playing with his Superman Happy Birthday balloon he HAD to have at the store lastnight..lol

Daddy is at a job interview, for a Asst. Managers postion, same company, different location and position. Right now he is just a plain old full timer.. Which is a big deal there because the only people they have as full time are the managers,AM's, and everyone higher than them, They don't actually hire full time employees..But he went in to get the job as a full timer, he is a father and sole provider he couldn't have anything less when he switched from Glidden to SW.

So technically your supposed to have a Bachelor degree for the Asst. Manager postion but he was told to try it anyway! He doesn't even really want to be an AM he really wants to be a sales rep for them but I am sure that will take time. But Brian is the only person I know who can sell ice to eskimos SERIOUSLY that man can talk ANYONE into buying from him, it is crazy. So that is where he is and has been for a few hours.. WISH HIM LUCK!!

Sonderful is not here either, He decided to spend the week at his Meemaw's! I think maybe it may have slipped his mind that it was his brother's birthday this week.. But I didn't say anything, I will let him enjoy his time over there, With B working till 8 pm almost everynight we don't get to do much with them and I want him to enjoy his summer!! I do have to call him tonight though and remind him there is a parade for our town this week and he is supposed to be in it, so I have to see if he still wants to or not... I am sure he will want to!

YAAY!! Strawberry festival time!!! STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL is a fair held at the schools for a few days. The festival features a strawberry theme, with amusement rides for young children, teens and adults; it has a midway and flea market. Strawberry desserts (strawberry shortcake and chocolate covered strawberries) are a wonderful part of the festival and there are fresh strawberries for sale, as well; And there is a strawberry shortcake eating contest that B is dying to enter every year, you win like 50 bucks or something..LOL But he never has anyone to enter with so this year he said he will find someone..LOL

Last year Nae and Bowlergirl came with us, fun fun fun!! Oh and Sonderful starts boy scout Day camp on the 19th-23rd! And on the 23rd he will be working at the concession stand with B to earn money towards boy scout stuff!! This is his first year to do both.. And to be in the parade as last year it was rained out and we did not know what day the raindated was..So hopefully this year it will not rain and I hope he will want to come home for a few hrs to be in it..LOL

Welp I am off to check out all my daily online stuff while Sonderful watches Shrek 2 and before I start picking up!! Have a great day everyone!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

::5 Years Ago::

5 Years ago today, I was anxiously waiting for it to be tomorrow..LOL
ANXIOUSLY awaiting to have my second baby boy!
I knew if I did not go into labor that night, I would be induced in the am, it was all set and ready to go cause my Sonshine, wasn't wanting to leave Mommy's womb..LOL
Tomorrow is my baby boys 5th birthday!! We will just have a small get together here tomorrow for him and next weekend we will have his party!
I believe he wants to bowl now like Sonderful did for his party! Not sure who will be on his cake yet either we will figure that all out this week, but since we are not having his big party for abit after his bday I wanted to do something small for him tomorrow.
So I will make him a yummy cake for that! And get him a lil something to open!
WOW, 5 years! Such a wonderful 5 years they have been too!!
I love you my baby boy!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Taking in a big sigh of relief! LOL

Hey Gang!
So what do you think of the new look?!?!

I LOVE IT! This is it for a bit.. I finally have a creation I have no doubts about ..LOL
I am so picky when it comes to my blog, mainly cause it is my only spot that is MINE. So I want it perfect. =)

I am also feeling much better today! So I have been wanting to sit and make graphics so I thought I would redo my blog too!

I hope everyone enjoys the new look, new blinkies, and I even updated some info in my profile and added a new pic.. My hair is different now,but I don' t have a recent pic I like..LOL

Welp off to make more stuff and get this place done!!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Ok first off, feel bad for me, I am sick! LOL
I sleep with my fan on me everynight and the winder open and now I AM SICK! Lovely!
Yesterday had to be such a bad day cause I noticed I was coming down with a SEVERE SEVERE head cold.

I took some Contact cold and flu cause they had NO dayquil at the store this morning, NOW, OMG, I am literally passing out sitting here..It is totally crazy..
I have never taken this stuff before and wow, once it kicks in and after a bit you get SUPER TIRED..Well I am atleast.. It didn't even clear me out all the way..GRRRR

I have just Sonshine here today, and I am dying to take a lil nap because this stuff really is kicking my ass..WOW, But I want to lay on mybed and I can't nap on my bed with him in the livingroom so maybe I will lay on the couch with him since he has my pillow anyways, and doze off.. I don't think I will be buying these pills anymore if they make me this tired.. And I am drinking coffee and not even helping..LOL

I hope evryone is having a great Friday.. nice start to my weekend huh..LOL

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

::Been a few days::

Hey gang!!
It has been a few days since I blogged, For some reason the page was not coming up right, I think Jeff went in and fixed it cause it works now.. If you did THANKS JEFF!!
Sorry to those that don' t like the song, but I think it is my new favorite at the moment!
I really really love it! I listen to it all the time since B played it for me a few weeks back!
And it helps me when I need it to!
So how is everyone doing? I will catch up today on everyone's blogs!
I have been doing the myspace thing.. I am no so addicted it is sick! LOL
Hey Raiza, I found you and the boys, I will be adding them soon!!! Does Dru man have one?
I did not see one for him anywhere!!

I found my best friend I have not seen since I was 16! Her and I have been friends since I moved next to her in 4th grade!! OMG I HAVE MISSED HER SO MUCH!!
And we got to talk on the phone for a long time and I can't wait to see her in a week or so!!
I am so excited!
I even met a lady who puts on shows for Brett Michaels and we are going to meet up at the concert next month! WOOHOO!! Maybe she will invite me to the after party with her, WOULDN'T THAT FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Not a hole hell of a lot going on really... Just trying to figure out what we are gonna do for Sonshines 5th party.. and get my house together... For the last 2 wks my tummy has been killing me waiting for the royal enemy, and the bitch is here finally so I am starting to feel better..lol So I can finally get my house back together..

Welp off to check in on all you guys!!! Happy Hump Day gang!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006



Friday, June 02, 2006

How well do you know me?

Take my quiz to find out!

If you recieved this in email, It IS THE SAME one, I just wanted to post it here for Jaws and others whose email I do not have!!

Hope you play along and create your own quiz!

1 Reason---FEAR!

You are all wondering exactly why I don't drive. Well one reason.. FEAR!
That is really the only reason... As embarrassing is it is to me that is why.
MANY people over the years have said, 'why don't you have them yet?' OR 'Why don't you just go get them?'

I HAVE TRIED..Honestly.. I know the laws really well..LOL
I have had my temps atleast 5 or 6 different times since I was 16 yrs old, but I always cancel or don't make an appt. for the driving part. And I am not a bad driver either. The last time I had my temps was when B and I got together!
I would drive on my temps for a month or so and thats it.. I just turn into a nervous wreck.

I know for some this may sound stupid or childish but to me it isn't.
It is a very serious fear that I have and I have no idea how to overcome it!
So thats it in a nutshell!
Embarrassed for me yet? lol

Thursday, June 01, 2006

::The 1st Of June::

WOW! The year is half over already! I can't even believe it!
I have so much I want to talk about, my monthly enemy should be making an appearance so I am soo very emotional and just I don't know 'down in the dumps' I guess you could say!
I was thinking that I blogged to much, but then I got to thinking, that is really what it is for.
I just get a thought and want to jot it down, thats what I do.. Sorry if you guys think I post to much..LOL But it is what I have to do when I get to feeling all emotional!
So please bear with me here, as you are all my friends and I need to type away.. =)
My Family--
I so need a night away alone or with girls, I mean a whole girly night!
I would so love a night away!
There are just so many things that are bugging me.. I get NO help when I NEED it! ONLY WHEN IT IS CONVIENT FOR THEM...GRR I cant take it...
I am so fed up with the 3 of them right now!!!!!
I am overweight,unhealhy, depressed, and just a hermit!
NONE OF WHICH IS HEALTHY FOR ME... But why won't I change anything..
I don't know where to begin, or I am to scared to ask for help.. I think it is both..
I thought maybe changing my hair would be the start, and I really just want a new me.. Not for anyone but ME!

So where do I begin.. What do I change first?
And the other question hanging in the back of my head, Do I need medication?
I really really think that answer is yes.. But who do I call, what kind of doctor? Where do I begin with that.. Y a know... these are things my Husband should be helping me with,But our relationship is out of whack I don't even want to go to him about it..
I was told the other day that I should be committed.. That hurt me more than anything ever has! And I don't know is it true? Am I a severe mental case? Or do I just need some help making myself feel better? And if so what is that help?

I need to lose weight. I am still at 175 I flucuate between that and 180 ONLY NO HIGHER NO LOWER!
And becuase of this I am very embarrrassed to say but I am flirting with anorexia!
I eat maybe once a day... And I drink water and coffee that is all.... To me that is 'flirting' with it, I guess the first step to helping myself is telling my friends so they can yell at me to stop right?

I have asked B if I can join a ladies gym, probably Curves. I need to for me.
He said yes if we can afford it. BUT I haven't even looked into it. Why not?
Mainly because I don't drive.. So he would have to take me.
I don't want that. I am tired of that, but don't even know where to begin to change that right now! I need a workout buddy, but I dont have one! I need someone who really does want to try!
So that is why I haven't even opened up my pilates dvds.. I just, I dunno I hate doing all the things I enjoy alone! =(
Hell I have all kinds of fun surprises planned up for all my wonderful friends, and I have to do it alone so Iam not finishing them up.. It really blows not driving, but again, I can't really do it alone, I need strength, encouragement from loved ones, the mental strength, etc...none of which I have.

So that brings me to another way to lose weight and get back to something I LOVE!!

Dancing.. I have really really been in the dancing mood lately!
Dancing used to be such a big part of my life.. I was never in dance or anything just always always had music playing and I used to always be dancing.. And not to sound concieded(sp?) or anything like that but I am pretty good at it... Over the years, I had kids and got 'fluffy'(Thanks Candlelady, I love that word..LOL) and don't do it as much.
Well I have been finding myself dancing around alot lately.. To anything..even sitting here in my seat, I will go to town so much the kiddos will laugh so hard at me..LOL

When I was a teenager and we would go to the skating rink every weekend, I never skated, I always danced...
I want to dance again, I used to go out all the time just to dance, I know I can't do that cause Nae can't always watch my kiddos, LOL And I'd want her with me atleast some of the time..LOL

A few years ago, I was living with a friend of mine(RIGHT AS B and I were getting to know each other)helping her after her divorce with her kids etc... and she took belly dancing.. Well at the time we didnt have the money for me to take classes but I went a few times with her and got to join in etc...
I LOVED IT!!! It was one of the most funniest things I have ever done in my life!
I want to do it again! I asked B if I could take lessons, he says yes if we can afford it, So why haven't I looked into that either? Because I don't want to take lessons alone.. =(

I guess I am just lonely, which really sucks because I live with 3 other people!
Java what parts of KY are you heading to? Close enough for me to come visit? LOL
Like I said in the beginning it is maybe just hormones and almost 'that time of the month' but I just have been feeling really really down!
Thanks for listening if read this far!!