Thursday, September 28, 2006

::Something Caught ME::

(I say caught me cause I wasn't lookin..LOL)

UGH!!! I hate feeling like this.. But I think a buggy latched on and doesn't want to let loose..LOL
I started feeling like total shit yesterday...all that beginning of flu like symtoms(sp?)
I finally was able to have Nyquil lastnight so I don't feel like I was hit by a truck this morning..But it will come in time..

Right now I am just enjoying my cup of coffee.. Sonshine has been iffy with a scratchy throat for the past few days but that cleared right up with some cough medicine... But Mommy can't take cough medicine unless it is pills...
But Mommy is rarely sick and when I do I get knocked the fuck out! LOL

I also believe I am pmsing! What a combo huh.. I have had those 'I'm on my way to visit you' cramps...LOL So that bitch is on her way... I have been CRAVING and I mean CRAVING paydays...YUMMY!! Salty and sweet...I LOVE EM!! I always want a whole case of them oh once a month but I could eat them everyday of my life if I could..LOL

BLAH SOoo that is my exciting update on the sickies!! Damn weather change..And go figure yesterday I start feeling like shit and it is about 80 degreees out side...WTF??

Monday, September 25, 2006

What should your costume be?

Your Haloween Costume Should Be
Candy Corn
What Should You Be For Halloween?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

::Happy Happy Birthday to my Sister::

Happy Happy Birthday to my Sister Hilary!!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

::Age By Chocolate::

Play along.. Get out pen and paper and add em up..FREAKY FREAKY!!
It takes less than a minute...Work this out as you read ...
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to> >have chocolate> >(more than once but less! than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold

3. Add 5

4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator(Use the computer's calculator like me..LOL)

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1756 ....If you haven't, add 1755

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number

The first digit of this was the number of times you really want to eat Chocolate(i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).
The next two numbers are YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)


::Misc This and Thats::

Hi Everyone!!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!!
My kids are DRIVING ME BATTY!!!!! And Brian argues with them like he is a child himself..GRRR..LOL
I just need a drink.. If I get my check tonight I am going to get me some form of alcholic beverage... :)

Plus I wanna celebrate, I made my very first steak today!!! And it was yummy!!!
Steak to me is a 'man's job' to cook..LOL
But I was thinking of a great meal to make my guys today for Linner,since I made it between 3 and 4..LOL
So I made steak, white and yellow corn, and cheddar broccli rice..YUM!
I marinated the steak in Italian dressing for a long time and made them in the Foreman Grill! YUM AGAIN!!

So I deserve a drink and feel like having a cocktail :)

So on to my Misc. this and thats to all my friends...

Jaws.. I hope you are doing well..You haven't updated your blog in awhile and that is unlike you..If you get the chance let us know your ok girl!! Miss ya!!

Java... I hope your doing ok w/Husker being gone!! Hugs to ya girl, I know it's prolly hard.. Hope your taking time out for you!! Have a cocktail with me online

Candlelady..I hope your month of busyeness is going good!! I hope you and Chad had a great anniversary dinner...And hope he had a great birthday!!!
How are you enjoying the highspeed???

JC...Hope all is well with you too and that all the sickies headaches are going away!!
Are you still 'baby dancing'?? :)

Raiza... I am loving seeing all the pics and videos of the grandkids!! They are sooo adorable!!
Thanks for sharing so many!!! I hope you recieved my email with the links to our pics and videos..If not let me know.. email me at with the email address you use right now also please so I know if I have the right one or not!!
Miss you bunches!!!!

Blue.. Hugs hope everyone chills out on you and your Princess!! Dont worry Sailor and BeBe will be here soon!! How is the house coming along? Are you putting it on the market?

Holli..Glad to have you back in the blog world! :)

Nae..where the hell are you girl???

I just wanted to give a special shout out to everyone because I love that you all take time atleast once in awhile to stop and say hi here!!
I just love having my blog and I love just taking time to write and share my life with all of you!!
Love ya...Hugs too ALL the kids!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

::YAAY! That time of year!!::

It's officially in my mind, fall!!! I love fall!! I love all the seasons for their own reasons!!
Summer is still my favorite because I am a water nut!!
But there is something about fall you have to love right!
I love fall for the colors, and smells and holidays, and NEW TV!!

Today is my favorite tv night!! I just wish The OC was back.. But I get to hang with Earl and be in The Office..LOL That I don't get to do anymore with it on at the same time as The OC..but that don't start till November!

So it starts... 7:30 I get my blanket and pillow and get all snug on the couch for tv.. I have to get my celebrity evening fix by watching ET
And usually the boys are bathed and watch it with me or play in the their room till bed time.. But in the fall everythng is done by that time so I have all evening to just relax.

And in the fall I always get in the groove to make awesome dinners and bake bake bake!!
AHHH FALL!!!! Soon it will heater time....It has been soooo chilly here and Brian is dying to turn on the heat but NO I can't do it not yet that just means winter is coming!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

::AHH Finally ME time::

AHH!! Finally after doing doing doing and going going going and with Hubby starting his new job and us ALL getting situated and with a major problem on our shoulders(don't wanna get into it)Our poor Patrick being sick and gone now, AND A bout of depression hitting me............
Finally I have a bit of quiet(besides the fish tank water, the dryer running and the sink dripping LOL), AND till I turn on some music nice and quiet I have a few moments to myself!!

The boys are nice and snug in their beds!
My Husband is off with a few of his friends for the one friends 30th birthday today!

So I am here finally getting a chance to relax and enjoy a few moments on the computer!!

Boy do I feel better though...... My house looks so nice!!
Still some to go but it looks much better...

For the past 2 days I have busted my ass to get this place together....
And buddy let me tell you when it is out of hand, it is hard to get back into shape alone!
Remember we live in a tiny 2 bdrm trailer and it really is not a big one... we have to much shit and no room for it... The ONLY closets are in the bdrms so they have to be used for storage and bdrm stuff.... And I admit, I am not the best housekeeper in the world, but I am not a pig... And I am not all that good at throwing away things..LOL ;)

But for instance we have no where to keep our sheets and pillow cases..So they sit on the couch or on a chair.. ,and every once in a while when I can't take to see them anymore, I put them on the bathroom counter... So they get washed often know dust and all..LOL
BUT the bathroom is also small and I have to keep my towels and washcloths on the counter..sigh see so I have a small cluttered home and it is a PITA!! LOL
But a clean PITA..HAHAHA

Yesterday I got the bug in the ass that got me going(which was me being so embarrassed that Nae saw my home the way it looked the other day..ugh it was bad)..

So yesterday I cleaned the livingroom, Vac and deodorized(I am a compulsive the carpet... Straightend, a chore in itself..LOL and pledged the computer desk..And straightend and pledged the tv(we have an old floor model that was once Nae's and My Grandmas)..And did a dishes and about 2 loads of laundry!

Today during the day I did another 2 loads of laundry and a ton of blankets.....
Vac and deoderized the boys carpet, straigtened out their dresser, and vac again in the livingroom and did the same with deoderizing in the hallway...
And made dinner...

Tonight I cleaned(on my hands and knees) the bathroom floor and cleaned the counters...
Did dinner dishes and cleaned off the table and mopped the kitchen floor...
Folded a TON of clothes that the boys put away, which means I had straighten their dresser again..LOL
And continued to wash and dry blankets.. Last one is about to go in the dryer after I hit publish post..LOL
Got Sonshine his bath going and got them off to bed...All while Hubby took an almost 2hr nap in the other room..GRRRRRR....LOL

So then he got up and off with his buddies and finally it is just me!! For a little while anyways, He is the DD so he is not drinking but he will still enjoy himself..He is not really into drinking anymore since I have known him, he got that out of his system..
He leaves that job to me ;) Which I have NOT fullfilled in a long time..LOL

So that was my day!! AHHH You as tired as I am?
And I have no nyquil BIG SIGH.... I hope I can sleep! If B calls by chance, I will have him stop and get me some.. It really is a needed thing for me...

And big hugs and prayers to my Mom!! Poor thing has kidney stones.. OUCH!!
B knows how she feels so he said prayers too..LOL

And I feel like redoing my myspace page now..LOL And my

Hope you all have a wonderful night!!!


The term "Dropsy" describes the symptoms of more than one kind of disease, but all of which share the same external symptoms of a bloated body with distended scales. The accumulations of fluid within the body causes bloating, that becomes more severe in a short time. The scales stand away from the body instead of laying flat in the normal way. As the disease progresses the eyes will be affected, causing them to extend out away from the sockets. The percentage cure-rate with these conditions is very low, and ultimate death is the most usual outcome for the affected fish. Although dropsy is widely regarded as a non-infectious condition, it is a wise policy to remove an affected fish away from the healthy stock. If the sick fish should die where other fish may peck at its corpse there is a chance the problems could be passed on, depending on what the causative agent was in the first place.


Our fishy Patrick (Our Dwarf Gouarmi) has this :(
This is the only thing we can find that could be wrong with him..
He is currently still alive but really not for long...Sadly we are watching him die... I know not a big deal to many cause they are just fish but we love them, they are such fun fish!!
And poor Patrick is Brian's favorite.. So we have decided to just let him go now.. Brian has just now removed him from the tank and is getting rid of him :(

It says it is NOT contagious to the other fish but if by chance it is and he dies and the other fish nip at him etc.. they can get it..
So instead of 'watching him die' or getting the other fish sick we just needed to remove him!

Now we have Barb(a Tinfoil Barb) and Bob The Builder(Plecostomus)
And in our little tank is Batman(Hunter was dressed as Batman when he won it) a goldfish Hunter won in June at a fair here..

And on a happy note we found out that we have saved our goldfish Batman..
When we got him we thought he was so cool looking cause he had black on him.. Well to find out that is not means they have disease and now Batman has NO black on him... YAAY...What good owners we are!
We figure that he had something that was caused by sitting in the nasty barrels they sit in for 4 days at a fair!

EDITED TO ADD.... I wanted to describe how he looks so if you have fish you can watch out for it.. Since there is a way to maybe cure it and they can be all better, You can tell if something is wrong with your fish, and if your like us you watch them many times a day so you will notice a change....

He was really swollen in his abdomen(sp?)And his fins were protruding and his head started turning a dark grayish color... And he was swimming lopsided and not eating...
Today he must have swam or sunk to the bottom and couldn't get up because we found him laying down on his side in our fake plants where he likes to hang out/hide...
Poor lil guy :(

Monday, September 18, 2006

::His First Day!::

Today is hubby's first day of his new job!! He is already gone and headed there!
Wish him luck!! He was SUPER nervous!!!
But he looked great...LOL

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Whattya think?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

::House Sitting Again::

We are house sitting/ dogsitting for my Mom this weekend!
Remember we did the same for a whole week while they were on their cruise!

Mom is w/OUT the net too at the moment so I won't be on at all over the weekend!!

Her and my step Dad are heading to Southern Ohio(and don't want to take their dog) for my niece Allyson's 4TH Birthday..SIGH!!
I can't believe my Pretty Princess is 4 years old already and in Preschool!!! AND Gonna be a big sister in about a month!! :)
Auntie Ali has alot to teach her about having a younger Sister...she is really hating the idea..she DEMANDED a brother..and when she talks about the baby being a Sister she sounds sooo
IT is sooo hilarious!!

This is also the first of her parties I will be missing :(
But we just don' t have the funds at the moment to take a trip to Southern Ohio!
But next month we will be there for sure as my new niece Jacalynn Dawn will be arriving!!

He is excited and nervous at the same time... This weekend I will be getting him a nice frame for his new desk and in it will be the best photo I can find/take of me and the boys!
I think he will love it!!

And a quick update on life in general..Things with B and I are AMAZING!!
Really I have never been so happy in a long long time!!
We sleep together everynight..and he always falls asleep with his arms TIGHTLY around me
And we have nooky often too!! :) lol

So that is what is happening in our neck of the woods!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

::Just Stifle It Already::

2 Handsome lil boys.... Want em????
I can't take it anymore! Ever since school started they are NON stop fighting!
What the eff is their problem?
Sonshine has just been OFF THE HOOK...And rotten as hell since he started school and I wanna ring his neck..
Our nightly routine is just so outta whack...
We used to have baths done by 7 and a movie, a story and bed on school nights..and now..hell it's all a mess..LOL
I just had vent a sec..LOL

Friday, September 08, 2006

::Hi Hi Hi::

Hi friends!!!
Soo what is up with us you ask...

well Hubby got the job he was trying for!!!!!!!

We are soo excited and I am soo soo soo proud of him! He worked really hard to get it and he did.. He is now the Inside Sales Rep for the SouthWestern division of Sherwin Williams!!
He doubled his annual income!! He will even have his own 'office' more of a cubical but it is still a place for him to call his own ya know..So to us, it's an office!!
I will be buying him a nice frame and put a pic of me and the boys in there for him as a gift from us!! I hope I find a nice one for him!! Maybe one with a cute saying!
He will start his new position on Sept. 18th!!

With this job is the potential to make ALOT of money!!! And he gets a bonus every 3 months!!

I just knew he could do it!! I really really hope this is the start of a new life for us!!
We do deserve to be happy!!!

The boys are doing wonderful in school!! Sonderful is having a fun time haveing the responsiblity of bus helper, and he loves that it is Sonshine's class he helps!!
He has a bit of a problem with some math but Daddy has been a big and wonderful help to him!
Sonshine is just well shining, lol in Kindergarten!! He is learning new things everyday and is just coming up with off the wall things to say lately!!

One of my closest friends just had a baby boy!!! I haven't talked to her yet just got a message saying, baby boy and his weight and all that info..her goofy husband forgot to leave me his name..LOL
Congrats to Laurie and Rob and the rest of the crew!!! Welcome to the world baby boy Sevegen!!! I can't wait to meet your sweet lil self!!!

A few sad things have come up aswell.. Hubby's uncle has lung cancer that has escalated to cancer in other places and he doesn't have long to live...
As I also found out my Uncle doesn't have long to live either.... :(
Many things going on with my Aunt and her family(her hubby is the one that is sick) as she is currently in jail for Crystal Meth...and she is currently still waiting to be sentenced for stealing tin and aluminum from places...UGH She will never learn.. Her 18 yr old daughter is preg. and not sure who the father is...or whether her baby will be black or sad that at 18 you have sex with so many people you dont' know who fathered your child!
She was such a fun lving little girl!! But with a Mom like hers and a life she has had to live along with her 6 other brothers and sisters, I can see how she would turn her life like this..
Her eldest son who is 21 is in jail for who knows some shit with underagers..UGH THat family!!
So if you have some prayers to spare they could use them!!!

That is really all that is happening with us!! Oh my Sister is all set up to have her baby on Oct. 18th!! I am so excited to have another neice!! But a nephew sure would of been nice too!! LOL

Summer is officially over and fall has arrived here in N.E Ohio!! I am sad because I just love to swim! But I am happy because I love fall, the colors, the smells, the food, everything!!!! And fall pictures are always fun to take of my guys!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

::Digital Scrapbooking::

I am gonna give it a try!
I have found old pictures and some awesome free sets!!
I plan on trying my first one tonight.. I will let you know how it goes!!
Have any of you guys done a digital layout?
If so you should post your creations at your blog so I can see what you have done!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

THIS is why I work so hard......

This is why I work so hard to raise such wonderful boys!!!!
The following is an email I recieved from my MIL this morning
She had the boys from Sat. night - Monday afternoon and took them to a family picnic on Sunday because Brian had to work and she didn't want the boys to miss out...
I think the boys had a super-fun time playing with all their cousins. Hunter was pretty disappointed that no one went in the hot tub. He almost cried when we left, and Connie picked him up in a terrific hug, gave him lots of loving, and then Gerry talked to him very gently. Josh noticed Gerry's accent. He may be a U.S. citizen now, but the Scottish brogue is still with him whenever he talks.

Connie made Hunter a solemn promise to make sure he goes in the hot tub next time we do anything at their house, no matter what time of year it is. She said she and Gerry even get in it during the winter. They put on bathing suits, wrap up in heavy robes, and dash out to the nearly 100 degree steam heat in the dead of winter. I don't know about that. I would freeze, if it was me.

Colin and Josh played together for long periods of time quietly in Colin's room, away from the other kids. They are both very intelligent and like to build things, and it was great to see them have such a great time together. They put together a V-Wing fighter plane from Star Wars over at Betty's house.

Hunter gets along with every single cousin, no matter if they are boys or girls, and no matter what age. He is surely sociable. Must get that from Brian. Brian always had tons of friends when he was in school, and even afterwards. I know you have lots of friends, too.

Andy was kneeling like a horsey in the bouncy castle, and both Hunter and Josh jumped right up on him, and they all collapsed giggling their heads off. Then, Paula's son Danny got in and began doing somersaults, so the kids tried their best to do that, too. Many of them did it, too. Aunt Em got in the castle, and bounced, but with my shoulder bunged up, I did not.

Everyone laughed loudly when Cathy, Mark, and Paula got in the castle, and would not let the kids in for a while. They said it was ADULTS time. Ha.

The boys so enjoyed theirselves, they told me all about it... But it is so wonderful to hear from other people how wonderful they are!

And I just love hearing how smart they are! And alot, not all but alot of credit there should go to Brian.. NO NO I am not downing myself, ..It's just that he is always spouting out info and both the boys are just always asking questions and he loves answering them, He is the one to help with hard homework, cause I just don' t know some of the things they ask or need help with, it is wonderful to have someone as smart and intellegent as my Husband to help mold these boys!

I love hearing how well they play with everyone! Some of them kids, boy o boy not even adults get along with them ya know.. But there are a few that are just amazing and super sweet, And VERY VERY Intellegent for little kids, and I am glad to hear my boys are two of them!!

It makes me realize that people do see it, people do see the hard work I have done with them, The hard work they have done and Brian has done and WE ARE STILL DOING to raise respectable, well rounded, and all around nice boys! They will eventually grow into respectable, well rounded, and all around nice men, and what Mom wouldn't be proud of that right!!

And although there are a few in the family that really just only care about themselves, Still there are so many in the family that love my boys like their own and will do anything to make them happy like I would!!
I heard one family member yelled at Hunter for not putting on his shoes and his girls are the absolute worst kids ever..Seriously, rich, stuck up little brats..and I am not just saying that sadly that is how they were raised, and how their Mother acts.
But I am very mad that he yelled at my child when I have never heard him OR his wife yell at his two children EVER.. I am very upset about this part...grrr...Mother Lioness coming

So I just had to share my pride with all of my friends!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

::What A Rip Off::

WOW, What a friggen rip off the fair was!!

I mean we went to see Buffo so it was a fun time but gosh...
It was 6 bucks a piece for Brian and I to get in, kids 12 and under were free..
And granted there is tons of stuff to see and tons of animals to check out and stuff that ARE NOT fair rides or games that your 6 bucks covers..


What child wants to go to the fair and NOT ride rides right...
Ride prices were SICK... 50 bucks for 50 tickets...Or 25 for another amt of tickets, I dont even know.. The bracelets OMG.. They were like 40 bucks.. SICK I TELL YA!!
ONE ride was 4 tickets and that was 4 dollars.. At that price, I am sorry the boys got to ride one ride.. And they played one game and that was 5 dollars A PIECE..10 Dollars for both of them to play a game..grrr..not right!!

Then there was a mechanical bull and many know that is something I AM DYING TO DO...And Josh wanted to try it lastnight too... 5 bucks a piece..we had 40 bucks left..NO WAY... Sucks so bad... We had to eat because we had to be there by a certain time to see Buffo so we didn't have time to eat here.. The food was priced like normal fairs, but everything else geeze so expensive!

Just sucks that it costs to enjoy a night out with the family it costs an arm and a leg..
I remember it was 10 dollars for like 6 hrs when I was a kid, where did that go...sigh..LOL
Thx for listening to me vent!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

::Buffo The World's Strongest Clown::

THIS MAN ROCKS!!!! He is the most HILARIOUS clown I have ever ever watched!
The boys love him! We love him! My Dad, OMG He cries everytime he sees the tape we have from laughing so hard..LOL We bought a vhs of their 'performance' for 10 dollars!!

I am hoping they get up there again today He really gets everyone rolling!!
Check him out!!
BUT FIRST....Here are the boys a few years ago being his assistants!! Oh and he picks up all the boys by their pants so they get wedgies..LOL I'm telling ya, if this man is ever near you, you HAVE to see him atleast once.. Go through his site see all the different shows he does, you can even have him for parties..
Which I really really wanted to get him for my Dad's 50th but I just didn't have the money, But I will get him one year, either for my Dad's birthday or for a big party at my Moms house next summer!!
AWW Look how little my boys were!!!