Monday, October 31, 2005

::Happy Halloween::

Yaay it is finally here!!! Sonderful just got off to the bus stop costume in hand..They are not allowed to wear the costumes to school,they put them on right before the halloween parties and parade..they walk over to the highschool and have a parade around the school for the big kids..All 3 of our schools are on one lot...highschool, middle and elementary are all together on the lot..weird,but good in some cases I guess...The highschool kids do alot with and for the elementary kids that way t hough..LOL
Anyhoo...The boys are just going nuts..they do NOT want to wait all day to go TOTing... They already have their pillow cases picked out..LOL We are NOT bag users for halloween...a pilllow case won't rip even if you have TONS of candy...HAHAHA
Welp off to check email and MO! Talk to you all later!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

::OOH Spooky::

I finally after 12 years went to a haunted house!! YAA!
It was awesome!! I love Halloween!!
The boys will be going TOTing tomorrow night!
Sonderful is a ninja! Sonshine is Bob The Builder! They look adorable.. Photos are posted at our photo album
You can see their outfits
There are also pics of Sonshine wearing Sonderful's ninja outfit.LOL
I will have pics from tomorrow up there tomorrow night or Tuesday!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

::How do you live your life?::

How You Life Your Life
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How Do You Live Your Life?

::What kind of a drunk are you?::

WOOHOO I am a wild drunk..HAHA
You're a Wild Drunk
You can get enough drink. Seriously, you'll just go puke and start pounding them back again!
What Kind of Drunk Are You?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

::I know I just posted but...

I just have to say...GRRRR.. I am trying to get a few images on my blog, I realized that is what I was missing since I changed the look...
BUT.. For some reason, this look wont let me put images up, like blinkies. HMM DON'T KNOW WHY???
So any of you bloggers, know an easy site I can find a new cool fallish look for this here blog that is easy to put up and will let me have my blinkies back???

::Been a few weeks::

I guess it is time to update.. I have been getting myself into starting new *projects* with MO! so I have been putting off my blog..shame shame you are probably thinking.LMAO
NOT COMPLAINING..I love ya girls so anything I can do to make your days at Moms-Online more enjoyable I WILL!!!

I have a lot of different issues waying on my mind at the moment so good luck and bare with me ..LOL
First let me start with a HUGE THANK YOU TO JAVA MAMA!!! You dont know how good you made me feel this morning.. Besides Hubby, NO ONE (not even family) has ever really said such wonderful things about me.. You did!! And I am so glad I can make you feel good too!! You are great and you deserve it, you have had lots of people shit on you and that you DONT deserve!! So thanks for the WONERFUL words in your blog!!
I LOVE YA GIRLY!!! To MANY more great years of friendship!!!
So what is new.........
Well Sonderful went to THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH...Ringling Brothers with boy scouts.. HE HAD A BLAST OFCOURSE!! He enjoys boy scouts so much, I am so glad he likes it and wants to keep at it, I am a FIRM believer that boy scouts if kept up with can really enrich a young mans life. And as sad as it is to think about my Sonderful,at 9, is now a *GASP* Young man..LOL
There are not many things that I am proud of with myself, but the way he has grown up into such a respectful kiddo that makes me PROUD!! I never would of thought when I was a single Mom living with a few friends with NOTHING to my name that I would have raised such a wonderful family! Sonderful and I have been though alot in his young life and I am so glad that he is just so awesome!! I just know that Sonshine will grow up to be the same way as his big brother!!
I have noticed lately that respect and manners are NOT as important to parents as they used to be, and that is sad because to get respect in life you MUST give it. In all honesty you can't get through life much if NO ONE respects you!
If I talked to my parents or acted the way I see kids act nowadays, UGH IT JUST MAKES ME SICK!!
And what kind of raising does a child have if they go and kill people? I mean when I was in school, you didnt hear as much about kids killing kids, and over the STUPIDEST SHIT! Like Hubby was saying the other day.. He lived in a MAJOR, Hunting, farming ,country town..where kids always learned young to shoot and hunt. Hubby took his knives or guns to school once or twice but TO SHOW THEM OFF, NOT to kill or harm anyone. Just sick.. There are so many changes in life it really makes you stop and count your blessings!!
HMM..What is next on the agenda....
Halloween.. Sonderful is going to be a ninja!! Sonshine is going to be Bob The Builder!! We have to pick up Sonderful's costume this weekend from my MIL... Sonshine will only take off his for me to wash it.LOL
We will be going out to Oma(My Mom) and Opa's(My Step Dad) for TOTing again, that is where we go every year! I am comfortable there since Ilived out there for so many years, I know the roads and they get to have their grandsons TOT at their house!! Even though we start off there we go to their neighbors and then the boys will come back to my parents like they are regular old TOTers and then off we go to other roads.LOL
I am sooo disappointed that we did not get to hit a haunted house this year.. Well there is still a few days.. I have not been to one in over 10 yrs..LOL I am dying to go... I also wanted to hit boo at the zoo and the haunted hayrides but with Hubby starting a new job we are still awaiting his first check..UGH UGH UGH Did I say UGH? LOL He started at Sherwin Williams about 3 wks ago ON A PAY WEEK...So we have to wait longer to get it...This weekend it should arrive...THANK GOD... We are soooo broke and just scraping by.. But that is what happens when you try to better yourself I guess.LOL
ICI (Glidden Paints)was just not a great place to work, at least at the store Hubby worked at.. There was no room for improvement or more money... At SW.. he is making MORE... The hrs ROCK! They change day to day and he likes that.. Hubby is much more content if things change a bit.LOL Me on the other hand I only like to change my hair and livingroom..HAHAHA
As for what's new with me... NOTHING AS USUAL... I have not been able to sleep ofcourse, Nyquil works but it gets and only lasts about 6 hrs with me. Beer helps too..LOL I have been teasing Hubby with all the shit going on in our lives every once in a while Iwill scream "Michelob take me away" HAHAHA I drink Mich Ultra..major girly beer..HAHA And I have never used Calgon so Michelob works..LOL Have a few of those and your good to go(moving hand like in taco bell commercials..LOL)

Oh and one last thing...
I noticed something TOTALLY wierd while watching Martha lastnight.. One of the guys on The Biggest Loser is on a commercial..WHAT? I believe it is for cars or something.. Now I wonder which was made first the reality show or the commercial.. Kind of bugs me because TBL is supposed to be for *normal every day joes* to lose weight NOT actors.. I know your thinking, what the hell does she do with her time..LOL But I found it quite wierd, and when it came on again I called Hubby into the room to see it and yep he agreed it is him...
But the commerical jumper(the guy in almost every commercial) I do love is the Capital One guy..HAHA HE IS GREAT!!! And think about all the commercials he is in, tons of Capital One commercials, car commercials, and others..But he is a funny dude!!
Well sorry for blabbing, Hubby is at work till 8 and the boys are playing, I just had so many things running through my mind I felt the need to blog and get it out!! since I ALWAYS forget to turn on my messengers and chat away with friends.. YELL AT ME MORE
Thanks for reading.. Oh and one more bit of info... 1 MONTH AND 4 WKS TILL CHRISTMAS!!! YA THAT MEANS ATLEAST 6 PAY CHECKS...LOL
Have a great night...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

::What Band From the 80s Are You?::

You rule. in 15 years, you won't be as known as you
are now, but most of the people that will know
you then will like you (or else I'll beat them
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What band from the 80s are you?
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::How Weird Are You?::

I am getting different answers than I did when I posted these at Moms-Online!
You are 60% Weird

You Are 60% Weird
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How Weird Are You?

::What I need..according to Google::

Borrowed from PurpleMama,Java Mama and a few of their friends =)
I am using me real name because I used Ali and it was all about him..LOL I am guessing Mohammed Ali

1. Alicia NEEDS US NOW!(I need someone but not sure who US is)

2. Alicia needs a very special environment in which she will be protected
(protected? from whom? Myself probably..LOL)

3. Alicia needs to let Jeremy take full responsibility for his tasks. (who the hell is Jeremy)

4. Alicia needs50 people @ $8.50 to replace current UMP cash flow
(how about just nix the 50 people and give me the $

5. Alicia need to throw their 'friendshipthing' out with the bath water, and finally follow their hearts
(Wow that friendshipthing must be

6. Alicia needs the music and the music needs her (well alrighty then)

7. Alicia Tapp Designs transfer fine art and vintage labels onto tiles(Oh do I now)

8. Alicia needs help from Doctor Álvez(CALLING DOC ALVEZ!! I NEED HELP..LOL)

9. Alicia needs your help spreading the word about everything going on in her world!
(Maybe someone read my previous post..LOL)

10. Alicia needs about 6 (6? 6 What?? 6 padded walls maybe..LOL)

HAHA That is funny stuff... Thanks PurpleMama and JavaMama for letting me borrow it!!
go to and type in (your name) needs and see what comes up!!

::I feel like giving up::

I honestly don't know what the hell to do anymore.. I just want to give up and run away..
I am so tired of well just everything in general!
Here is what is going on now, and this part is just with Sonderful...
For the past 2 wks Sonderful would NOT let me look in his bookbag.. Well Sweetest day was arriving so I thought maybe they made/did something in school for it..So I kept asking him why can't Ilook in the bookbag, he said because there is a suprise in there for you for sweetest day.. ok fine, so Sweetest day was Sat. the 15th..I got my "present" it was a buckeye for good luck he says.. OK.... Cool thanks dude...
So yesterday comes, I asked him to go in his room with Sonshine to play while Dr.Phil is on( I dont like them watching it usually)
Dr. Phil comes on at 5 pm, Sonderful gets home at 4 pm(just in time to watch Ellen that is our special show we watch together)So while I was doing dishes and watching Dr. Phil,I wanted to look in Sonderfuls book bag to see what is for homework today, and I knew I forgot to clean his take home folder out on Friday... so I went to look for it, can't find the book bag anywhere
So I start the calling"Sonderful, where is your book bag?" "In here" he says.. Ok "bring it to me please so I can look through your folder" He brings me the book bag and says," I dont want you to look in it" UM I THINK NOT,Isaid "you tell me why you dont want me looking in your book bag" ALLS he kept saying was, "I dont know, I dont know"UM NO THAT DONT FLY WITH ME....LOL
So I was starting to get mad, If there is a surprise in there again, tell me that, kwim
so I told him that,then I said in a sterner voice once again"Why don't you want me to look in here, and you better be telling me the truth, is there a surprise in there for me or something" "Yes" was his reply...
HMM Ok I say" Well there is no holiday coming up anytime soon, so what is it for?" "Christmas he says"
Well for some reason I just didnt believe him, that feeling has never come over me before, I have never had any reason NOT to believe what he says..
So I gave him one more chance... I told him to put the "surprise" under the blanket on my bed and give me the bookbag NOW.. I was getting really pissed... then after I look in the book bag ,go back in my room and put it back in there... Well I just KNEW that there was no surprise but what the hell would this kid be hiding from me... So I saw him putting something under my blanket and he was taking for ever.. So once he was back in his room I looked, Yes I know I should not have incase there was a surprise for me, but I had an overwhelming feeling there wasn't a gift... I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!
There all crumpled up under my blanket was a note I wrote to his teacher 2months ago!!! OH I WAS SOOOO PISSED.... It was not even a bad note, I had a few concerns and questions was all, HE DID NOT GIVE IT TO HIM..OMG For the past two months,I have been ranting that this man does not repy to me (i emailed him and he did not reply, that I know Sonderful could not have kept saying how it pissed me off that this teacher did not reply to the note I sent to him, for 2 months I would ask Sonderful, did the teacher write me back yet, "Nope not yet, I dont know why he wont" Stuff like that..
Now I find that he NEVER even gave it to his teacher..OMG FUMIN MOMMA NOW....
I said" why did youNOT give this to Mr.Coxen?" "I didnt want to get yelled at" was his reply.. WTF? You would rather lie to your Mom ....Then after digging MORE into the bag.. I find some assignments NOT COMPLETED, and I found a lil teeny slip of paper from his Science teacher saying he is doing really good this year but has a missing assignment.. WHAT??? That is the third homework assignment he did not do (that I know of) his interm report said he had 2 missing ones in another class a few weeks of the ones I found in his bag was one he turned in but no name, so I said well put your name on it and give it to the teacher..NEVER DID...
OMG I AM SO UPSET AND PISSED.. HE has never done this crap before.. He has always been a straight A in 4th grade he is going to start this crap out of the blue.. What the hell do I do.. so he spent the rest of lastnight(minus dinner time) in his room and was in bed by 7...
Today when he gets home, he is doing homework, NO ELLEN and going back in his room.. No stereo no ps2 no NOTHING.... I dont know what to for the rest of the week he can spend it in his room.. Except for dinner time...I dont know what else to do, Now if that was me, I would have gotten my ass blistered really, well IF I wanted to spank him he is to big anyway, ya know.. But I dont spank my kids unless I have and 9 in my opinion is way to old for spankings..Well they can't play out in the yard because the landlord has it all tore up, and it is geting to cold to play outside anyway, so I will take away all the inside fun stuff.. No more fun books like his huge 900 page Harry Potter books either, the only books he is allowed to read for a bit are his school books.. I am really sad that I can't trust him at the moment, I have NEVER in my life felt Icouldn't and nowI do..makes me very hurt, and I told him so too... I also told him I am dissapointed in him which is something he has never heard me tell him before... =(
So that is what is up with him, and as for my Husband, well I just can't even get started or I will never stop.. I just dont know wht the hell is wrong or going onw ith these two but OMG I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!
I am so seriously thinking of just leaving,but I have no where to take the boys and I.. Really I dont... so what do I do, I have to stay and be miserable!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

::Headed out of town::

The guys and I are headed back down to Southern Ohio for my Niece Caitlyn Rain's FIRST birthday party.. And celebrate and have a few cocktails with my Daddy for his 50TH!!
We will be leaving sometime this late afternoon and coming back tomorrow night!!
I am truly excited to get the hell outta dodge I tell ya.. And I love to go see my nieces and nephews down there..and ofcourse the rest of the family down there too..but I love all my *second kiddos* down there..

I have 5 nieces and 2 nephews that live in Southern Ohio so I miss them terribly.. I am so glad I still have 4 nieces and 4 nephews up here I get to see semi often LOL Yes, I have alot of siblings..LOL
I hope everyone has a great weekend..

Oh, and Javamama or Purplemama if one of you gals read this could you please email me and let me know how in the heck you all do that google thing..LMAO
You know if it is a fun blog thing I HAVE to *borrow* it..HAHA
Have a great weekend!! I am going to do a few things on the computer before I start getting us all ready to go! Talk about procrastanation(sp?) lmao
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND GANG!! See ya Sunday or Monday!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Can you pass the US citizenship test?

Apparently I can't.. I failed..HAHA
You Failed the US Citizenship Test
Oops, you only got 4 out of 10 right!
Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

::How Addicted To Blog Things Are You?::

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You Are 60% Addicted to Blogthings

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::20 Questions About Me::

1.How old are you?

2. How many brothers & sisters do you have?
2brothers and 7 sisters...1 Brother and 2 sisters are biological rest are

3. How many first cousins do you have?

4. How long have you been in your current relationship?
5 years and 7 months

5. How old were you when you had your first girlfriend/boyfriend?

6. Approximately how many pairs of shoes do you own?

7. How many rooms are there in your house?

8. How long have you lived in your current house?

9. How long have you been 'online' (years)?
8 years

10. How long have you worked for your current employer?
I have been a Mom for 9yrs.

11. What makes you happy?
watching my kids

12. What makes you sad?
lots of things

13. What makes you angry?
Liars and backstabbers,IGNORANCE

14. What makes you laugh?
usually something my kids say or do

15. What makes you cry?
Besides if my kids are sad

16. What makes you feel helpless?
my depression

17. What are you passionate about?
my kids,my hubby,

18. What do you worry about?
lots of things in everyday life

19. What scares you?
Heights and losing my boys

20. What makes you feel sick?
domestic violence,child molesters, anything close to the others

Help, I can't stop playing..LOL

This game is great..LOL Thanks Gina for sharing it..
I am so addicted, Hubby and I have been sitting here playing for like a half hr..LOL
Have a try!!
Click to make the penguin jump and then click again in - time to make the polar bear swing the bat to hit the penguin across the ice!
so far I am the champ between Hubby and I.. the score to beat here is 321.1 That is me that got that..LOL
Let me know if you try it!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

::Another BLAH Monday::

Well it is another blah day here in N.E Ohio... I love fall in Ohio but not the rain that comes with it.. And I am not liking needing the heater already.. Since we use heating oil to heat the house it is going to be EXPENSIVE this year with gas and oil prices as high as they are..UGH
Oh well nothing I can do...
Hubby started his new job at Sherwin-Williams today! I hope he has a good day ...
Keeping my fingers crossed that this job is going to work out for him. WE SO NEED IT TO..LOL
So I have found a few things I am going to add to my blog...It is time for a change so I am going to find a new template.. so maybe later it will be changed over! Found some cute graphics and blinkies I want to put up...and a few I made myself!
I am so getting into psp like mad.LOL The holidays are coming up, there are so many cute things to make for them!!
I have not updated the blog in awhile, just haven't been into it.. But I felt the urge to come here and update and now since I am feeling the need for change, I bet I will keep updating for a bit.. I go through spells where I want to do stuff, then I don't... I think it is the season change... And the weather being shitty here!
My knee is killing me and Aunt Flo can go..LMAO
Geeze can I do anymore complaining? HAHAHA
Sonshine is being totally excellent today (well so right now he is playing with is Mr. Potato Head..and Sonderful got off to school good this morning, and Hubby started the new job.. Nows all I need is to feel better.LOL
HMM Maybe a few beers with my Medium tonight.LOL That may do the trick.. I just love love love that show..and tonight looks AWESOME!!! Anyone watch that show?
Well that is about it for now..Off to look for templates..
Have a GREAAAT Monday!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

::Meme Time:: Borrowed from a friends blog

Meme Time
A is for Age: 28

B is for Booze: 3 Olives Cherry Vodka or Michelob Ultra
C is for Career: SAHM.
D is for Dad’s name: My Dad is John(everyone calls him Stanky,gotta love them
E is for Essential Item to bring to a party: The booze ofcourse!!
F is for Favorite song at the moment: Champagne Supernova by The Oasis
G is for Goof off thing to do: Play in psp
H is for Hometown: Small little town in N.E Ohio
I is for Instrument you play: I played the flutaphone..LMAO(along with every other 4th grader on
.J is for Jam or Jelly you like: strawberry Preserves
K is for Kids: 2
L is for Living Arrangement: Hubby, me, Sonderful and Sonshine(and the raccoons living under the house)
M is for Mom’s name: My Mom is Carol
N is for Names of best friends: Nae and Jeff
O is for Overnight hospital stays: 2 Having the kids
P is for Phobias:Heights, and being in the dark alone
Q is for Quote you like: “Whatever"
R is for relationship that lasted longest: 6 yrs but hopeing to beat that, hubby and I are on 5 now!!
S is for Siblings: 2 bio sisters and 1 bio brother..younger (4 step sisters,all younger but 1 of them, and 1 step brother that is younger)
T is for Texas, ever been? Nope
U is for Unique Trait: hmmm, Hubby thinks this answer would be that I can take my bra off withOUT taking off my shirt but can't all us women do that..LOL.
V is for Vegetable you love: cucumbers
W is for worst trait: to emotional
X is for Xrays you have had: on my back, on my knees(do ekg's and ultrasounds count,had them too).
Y is for yummy food you make: Pork Chops! That is my specialty!
Z is for Zodiac sign: Cancer