Monday, July 31, 2006

::30 Seconds To Mars::

The new video is 30 Seconds To Mars..if you think you recognize the lead singer, you probably do, that is the actor Jared Leto... THIS BAND ROCKS!! I had Nae burn me a cd of them when I heard them one time and I listen to it atleast once a day!!

::August Is Almost Upon Us::

AHHH Almost a new month!!!

First things first... Happy birthday Boater!! Hope you have a great one!!!

And a big happy birthday to my Seester,Crystal she turns 28 today!
We are a year and 19 days apart(almost not even a My Mom says she wanted a playmate for me and all we did was fight! LOL Glad we don't as adults though!

So how is everyone today? I am ok... I slept in. and am having a cup of coffee, it has been so damn hot I can't drink any, well Hubby finally put the old ass AC back in and now I can enjoy some coffee.. Sonshine and Hubby are still sleeping(he has the day off today), Sonshine woke up about 8:30 and I told him that is just to early, please go back to sleep and well he did..LOL Usually he won't and I am up from then on...
Sonderful had his first real sleep over at a friends house.. He has gone and stayed with family but never a friend over night... They both went to a birthday party without us! Sonderful's friend from school's little sister's birthday!! They all came to Sonderful's birthday so they inviting my boys!! And then we went and picked them up and well Alex wanted Sonderful to stay.. How fun!! GOSH HE IS GROWING UP TO BE SUCH A WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN!!

I can't believe that school will be starting soon..Both my boys in actual elementary school, this is Sonderful's last year.. Then it is off to Middle School!!
Kind of bittersweet for me since I don't want anymore kiddos! But I am not really one that gets too sad over stuff like growing up and getting older... I enjoy my birthday's and getting older, it just means I made it another year!
But having my youngest baby in Kindergarten in a few weeks, that is exciting and a lil scary all at once!
Now I will have TWO dates to the Mother-Son dance!
TWO Christmas concerts to watch and video now that I have a decent camera!
Also means though, TWO sets of new stuff..LOL THANK GOD FOR DOLLAR STORES....If I can catch the sale this weekend so many things are on sale for CENTS, name brand school stuff!
I am also going to get a few things for school, I might put some in layaway....Or just take 100 or so from the pay check and go ahead and start shopping...

Sonderful is SUPPOSED to go with his Father(he is not a dad) Aug. 2nd for a week and he is supposed to atleast get an outfit, and shoes... Well I will be sure to tell him that an outfit consists of a pair of jeans and/or nice shorts,a nice tshirt, a nice button down shirt ,socks, boxers, AND shoes!
That is not to much to ask seeing as he pays less a week in child support since his back child support is payed up and he ownes NO back... so since Sonderful is 10 now I am going to ask him to send me a few bucks extra a week... If he agrees to do that I won't go to child support and ask them to up my suport...I am sorry but Sonderful is 10 and he eats alot more, grows alot more so his clothes don't fit him all year, needs haircuts more,needs alot more now ya know...So since he pays me less than 70 a week through child supoprt I am going to see if he can send me an extra 30 every two weeks or every week..... See how that flys!!

DON'T FORGET to start watching Mars tomorrow night!! I am gonna check to night just to see IF I see anything...But from Aug. 1-the end of the month you should be able to see Mars clear as hell... a big red moon looking thing I Brightest thing in the sky except the moon itself!!I believe the peak hrs are 12:30 am.. We are pretty stoked about this, as we LOVE anything to do with the sky, planets, etc.... and this won't happen again for 60,000 years so I am NOT missing it!!!

Thats about it, just some mumbling this afternoon...But hey atleast I am not whining...LOL

Have a great Monday everyone!!! I am off to see what is happening 'in your neck of the woods' DID I SOUND LIKE AL ROKER? LOL Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bitching and more bitching....

Hey guys... Sorry about the lack of blogging or reading your alls blogs...
I am just in a funk..Lack of funds is REALLY getting to me and there is no way to change that at the moment...If I could I would....
School is starting soon and now I will have two to shop for, two to pay school fees for BUT NOT more money to do that with...
I am haveing serious issues with my weight... I KEEP losing (the last I weighed in I was at 162)so that is good I guess but it just depresses me and to me I look and feel like a cow....

My house is totally falling apart and everyday I am here I am getting more and more irrated and disgusted... My Husband PROMISED me when we got that tax money that he would atleast attempt to find out how to get rid of this place and no he never did.... I wanted to put HUNDREDS of dollars in the bank so I knew we would be ok.. I wanted to pay MONTHS AND MONTHS on lot rent, loan payment for the trailer, and pay up on all our bills...

Well none of that got done.. HE wanted to keep a hold of the money....
Seriously we had over 10,000 dollars in different checks from the past taxes and it is all gone and we are more broke than before...

Ya I admit we splurged on alot but we still had PLENTY to put away to start saving so we can finally not be poor......BUT NO..

so now because HE didn't want to save..And because HE didn't want to pay a few months on our bills ME and THE KIDS have to suffer.. It is so wrong and unfair..and I am starting to regret not leaving on that money with my kids every day I am here in this peice of shit place you cant even call a home....It looks like a fucking storage unit.. He WON'T help me go through shit like he has said over and over he would...

I know I am not the one working or bringing in the money, but I am WAY MORE responsible with money than he is... He keeps getting our bank acct. in the negative..His paychecks always go to ofcourse our lot rent again is back like 2 months,because last paycheck more than half went to fucking bank fees.....hell I can't even pay back Nae the 20 bucks I now owe her because we dont even have that extra to do..and I feel like a total piece of shit for bad I don't even want to go around her,because I am so embarrassed and she is my sister!! He practically forced me to go out and said don't worry we will be able to pay her back..that was WEEKS ago... =(

He ALWAYS says it's OUR money...everything is OURS...but yet he has all the say so over evrything.....I honestly can't take it anymore.. If I had somewehre to go and save up money I would but I dont so because I am such a loser my kids have to suffer!!

I just kind of been keeping to myself, I really don't want to do anything...or talk to anyone..
So Janette that is why I haven't called ya...Give me sometime I will soon!!
I am just not happy as usual and I don't want to keep writing about my depressing life and yes I admit, It bothers me at times to hear what everyone buys or does with the kids I am trying to stay away from hearing that... Sorry if that sounds horrible but that is how I feel.. I love my friends and I love that they can make their kids happy and be secure in their lives... IT IS AWESOME!!

I just wish my Husband would want that for us...

So that is why I haven't blogged or been around... I hope all is well with everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

::Switched Back::

Ok I realized since it was not makeing me any money that I was not going to keep paying for the domain... I will wait a few months and see if I can get it again... I am sad about this but really what are you gonna do right...
So please disregard the look of the site..It is a mess but I will get it back up soon!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

::Computer Addictions::

I find myself getting addicted to new things everyday!
Right now my newest addiction is
I have been so addicted to watching episodes of The Simple Life and The Newlyweds, both have tons I have never seen.. I find myself there till almost 4 am sometimes!

The other new addiction is finding myspace graphics, The sites that have them just have SO MANY, I can't stop looking and finding more and more everyday..LOL

So I ask you my friends, What are your computer addictions?
And have you ever been to
Do you enjoy it?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

::Nothin' But A Good Time::

WOOOHOO!!!!! OMG the concert was AWESOME!!!
After being alot later than I had wanted to be, and having like 15 bucks to our names,but all ended up well..
First when we got there since we payed full price for our tickets Some guy who works at the place of the concert was holding TONS of tickets stops my friend Jeff and asks him if he wanted to upgrade to pavillion FOR FREE(those tickets are like 50 bucks), So then we went over to him and my dad and them did too so we all got upgraded to pavillion seats if we wanted them..

We missed the first band but got there about half hr before Cinderella came on.. Ofcourse I only know like 4 songs of theirs but they still rocked out.. We were out on the lawn for them!
A few minutes before Poison came on Bri and I headed down to the pavillion, Noone else wanted to at that moment.. So we got in there and were like screw it lets see how close we can get...

OMG!! We were literally close enough to talk to them if it was a quiet room, close enough to see spit and sweat flying off of them...LOL IT FRIGGEN ROCKED!!!
And OMG THE MOST AMAZING THING HAPPEND... It is the closest I have ever had a celebrity acknowledge me....HOLLA!!

FIRST, Let me explain a little bit....
Ok Brett Michaels has diabetes and so ofcourse he wants to keep bringing awareness etc for the disease. Well being the Poison fan that I am I know this, and I also know the lil sign he looks for, it is just your pointer finger up in the air rocking out so he sees that others acknowledge it, ya know... Well my dad has it and a few members of my family have it so ofcourse I would know about this..Anyhooo I am rocken out hard, and at a moment when the lights came on to go over the crowd like they do every few minutes, He saw me..
I shit you not he looked at me,nodded and smiled and put his pointer finger up at that time!!! Brian saw it too..OMG AMAZING!! We really were that close and he realy did acknowledge me.. Oh I think I can die now! LOL

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This and thats!!

Hi gang!! I hope all is well with everyone!!
CONGRATS ON THE NEWEST GRANDBABY RAIZA!!! I will be heading to your photos and stuff to see him asap!!!
I am home now so I think I can get back into blogging!!
Sorry I haven't blogged, haven't had much to say since I got home..LOL
Just trying to NOT die of heat stroke!
Brian's been working everyday so we haven't been doing much, and we have no moola either..UGH
I have finally decided it is time for me to get a J O B.. I know try not to faint..LOL
Brian's job should be able to cut it but it's not.. And we are very behind, which I am putting the blame on him this time and not me... I am way to embarrassed to get into it but shit is sucking money wise right now and I just can't live like this anymore... So I guess I better do somehting about it!
Sonderful is at his Meemaws for the week... Nae has Sonshine till Thursday..Thanks so much, she was only supposed to have him tomorrow night but ofcourse they cried and whined and Nae said ok..LOL

And tomorrow is POISON!!!!!!!!!

I really dont know why I haven't felt like blogging..but I feel like I write the same ones all the time and I hate boring everyone..LOL
ok off to visit everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

::Hi ya gang!!::

WOW Another month has passed already! I just love July! It is my favorite month of all!
It is the middle of summer and just a great month for everything!
Tons of family birthdays,including mine, tons of family anniversaries,including mine..LOL Usually great weather, but it has rained atleast once a day for 12 days straight, seriously it is soggy in Ohio..LOL But still beautiful!! Ohio is at it's most beautiful in the summer I think..
So how is everyone? I promise I will get to visiting everyone.
My friend April finlly headed back to VA. I miss her already. But she will be back in the beginning of August!!
We just have been enjoying the summer.. Fairs(when we have a few bucks), the beach, picnics and get togethers!! I LOVE IT!!

We are watching my Mom's house this coming week while her and my StepDad are on a cruise!. Which means swimming everyday and grilling out and bonfires..YAAY!!! We are hosting a picnic over there Saturday..FUN FUN FUN!!!

Not really a hole lot going on, Oh Nae dyed my hair for me..BLACK..YAAY!!! I LOVE IT!!
I will post anew profile pic soon.....Also I will be changing the look of my blog again so be on the lookout!