Saturday, May 02, 2009

26th Annual Louie Run

The Louie Run celebrates 26yrs this year!!

Sunday, May 3rd at the Lake County Fairgrounds featuring

The Fabulous Thunderbirds! Check out their site !

And as always the awesome Burnt River Band will be there too!!

If your in the area stop out, you all know I will be there. I am actually headed there in a minute to help get stuff ready and TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY we have all worked so hard on!!

Oh and just a side note, The Burnt River Band has been with the Louie Run for the whole 26 yrs! And they also play at Louie's old bar every year on the Friday of the weekend of the run!!

Only $10 and you get a day of fun, great food, and get to help a good cause!!
Seeing the bands are included in the $10!!
And see THOUSANDS of bikes!!!
Also Louie Run is non profit that means after they pay for the run itself EVERYTHING ELSE goes to different charities!!!