Tuesday, November 28, 2006


UGH!! I hate it!
I am determined to get the house 'Christmas Ready' tomorrow!!
I have no boys all day so there is no reason not right!!
Wish me luck I can get it all done!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

::New cut::

ok so for those that don't know I had a horrible horrible knotted up dreadlock thing on my head..LOL Its been there a week or so and I have tried and tried to get but couldn't...payday came so I decided to go and get it fixed before I cut it out myself... I got a cut and style too...
Whattya think??
Sorry you ladies at MO have seen these but some that come here are not at MO!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

::Happy Thanksgiving::

We hope all our family and friends have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving!
Don't forget to stop and thank someone you love!!

I'm Thankful For...

I'm Thankful For.....

The great job my Husband has
My two AWESOME Sons & WONDERFUL Husband

The food in our cupboards and tummy's
The loving family I have
The wonderful friends I have

What are YOU thankful for?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

::So much...::

Hi ya friends!!
SOOOO How was everyone's weekend? Ours was good!!
A few exciting things to mention!

My 10 yr old nephew Justin shot his first deer yesterday..
His Dad and the crew pushed it to him but he was the one that shot it and got it down, it started to try to crawl away and those that know about hunting know that sometimes if a shot deer gets up you have to follow them and they can go for miles and sometimes you lose them so his Dad shot it dead before it could get away but Justin IS the one that got him and all by himself too!!

A HUGE HUGE 8 PT BUCK!!! WOOHOO Go Justin!! His dad is gonna have it mounted for him and it's gonna cost close to 400 dollars yes it is that big the suckers neck shooo THICK..LOL Hopefully I will get some pics soon it was nice and he was sooo proud!!!
So today they had to get it cut up before my nephew headed back home.. So Sonderful got to go with them his first time experiencing that and actually being a part of it so he got to bring some deer meat home.. Bri cooked up a steak for each of the boys and Sonderful ended up eating both of them..LOL We do have some more so they are happy... I think they will eat deer all week...
And neither B or I eat it...LOL Well B WILL from time to time but not I....

Exciting thing part 2........... I HAVE A JOB IF I WANT IT!!!!!! It is only pt and one or two days a week for now but it could be more after Jan., and will make me 50 bucks or so a day, when a friend of mine goes back to her regular job..She is currently on maternity leave from her 'real' job and working at a gas station pt and she does not want to work on Sunday's there anymore so I can have her Sunday's and maybe Saturdays and then all her other days when she quits and goes back to work in Jan...
I have been thinking about it and I think I will take it! I know how to do the gas things and the lottery machine all that jazz...I am just so nervous, since it has been over 6yrs since my last job.. I don't want to screw up , or screw up my friends name there etc..kwim... Just nerves...

Brian told me to do what I want, he doesn't care either way as long as I am happy about my choice...We could use the money, I could use a few hrs away from here... So I will think about it some more and let her know in a day or two..Ofcourse he is trying to get me to take it because he knows I would do great at it and he knows that I really really need a few hrs away ...and 8 hrs every sunday is surely away from here..LOL But he doesn't want me to feel that he is pushing me to do something... AWWWW he really is great ain't he :)

Exciting pt 3..... YAAAAAAA I got to see my Jacalantern......HEHEHE My new niece Jacalynn is just so precious and tiny in person...I wanted to sneak her under my coat and take her away with me..HEHE I am sooo happy I got to finally 'meet' her!!

My mom had a great time on Saturday night!! I got her some funny gifts....My cake turned out sooo yummy!!

On a sad note... I think I will be losing a big chunk of hair.. I have no other choice but to cut out my horrible horrible 'dreaded' knot in my hair..OMG It is so bad... I would tell my mom and sisters and they kept saying oh we can get it out blah blah blah..I'm like "um, you have not seen it yet" And sure as shit soon as they did they were like '"omg, I dont' think that will ever come out" AHHHHHH NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!
So I don't know what to do... I don't have the money until Friday to get it done at a salon IF they can even save any of it... :(

Friday, November 17, 2006

Just because......

WOOOHOO GO OSU!! Beat Michigan on Saturday!!

Well we will be heading out tomy Moms not sure yet if I am staying or not.. I don't feel super great so we will see!!

If I don't blog much over the weekend I hope everyone has a great one!!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

::Water--A method of torture::

Water isn't it a method of torture..DRIP...DRIP...DRIP..
Ya it can be soothing at times too...but alot of drips and drops and sounds gets to ya after a bit...

I live with the torture daily and it I seriously feel the sound of it all is really starting to get to me..It is so weird but sucks really bad....

Our kitchen sink drips all the time, the two fish tanks and every time it rains my livingroom drips..UGH It was raining so long lastnight thats all I could hear while sleeping was the livingroom dripping in a bucket..I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!!!
I literally am going insane I think! Honest to God this place is making me so miserable I am going insane

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

::SHOO..Got a bit done::

YAAY!! I got to throw some things in layaway today before Walmart gets rid of it!
I spent about 170 give or a take a few more...mostly on Sonshine though.. Sonderful is just to old for toys and such...So it looks like I will be looking for video games and other electronic things for him... Also he wants a telescope and a rocket...both I bet they have up the road for not to much!!

Things have just been crappy here lately even the weather sucks..LOL
So I just been blah.. I hope all is well with everyone!!

Congrats to Tracy(Raiza) and Gary on FINALLY reaching a settlement!! Now it is time to relax a bit huh..LOL Have fun fixing the house and spending your doe..LOL :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

::Happy Happy Birthday Princess::

AWW Java's Princess turns 6 today!!
Happy Birthday big girl!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

::AWW Just So Handsome::

My boys! Picture day was this week so ofcourse it was time for haircuts!
And they wanted Daddy to do them so here they are!!

SIGH They are just growing way to fast!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

::Talk, Talk, Talk.. ::

I am sick and tired of talk!!
That is all everyone seems to do anymore..

Everyone just loves to talk......

about how much better it would be for us in a house and not a the small ass trailer... Ya know, I never really thought of this place as small...Damn whattya know 4 people would fit better and be happier in a house..I would never of thunk that shit..IDIOTS!!

About this house that is up for sale..Rent to own and I guess the owner will finance...
Ya ok..there are others in line, with way better credit I am sure, and we are NOT ready to get out of here like that.. It's not like we can just say ok we got a house, see ya later trailer..UM No we have to move it off this lot etc when we go to move... It is going to cost some money to move and we need to plan things and work on things before we move out...It's not like I wanna be here cause sure as shit I don't want to be...I wanted to be outta here last year or two...BUT STOP TRYING TO GET US INTO THIS HOUSE.........GRRRRRRRRRRR

And the best one of all..Comes from my Husband....
He is just now realizing that he needs to let ME take care of our finances..He just can't do it..plain and simple.. I can and I will be from now...Thanks for wisening up young grasshopper, Maybe NOW we can get our shit together huh!
And he came home from work yesterday to tell me that he is appliying for a job he is PERFECT for... Well I thought he was perfect for the job he has at the moment,but I guess this one sounds better.... So he is putting in for it today.........But there is something else.........
They will pay to relocate and all if he were to get it....

So as you can see people just love to talk talk talk about what me and my family should do, What we need to do etc.... Well just so everyone is clear, I know what I must do for my family... I know what needs done to keep my family safe, happy,healthy and not living in a cardboard box, I just need the help of my spouse!

I just wish the people around me that keep doing this would just stop!
It hurts me... It hurts me to know that we can't afford to get a nicer/bigger place..
It hurts me to see so many doing way better than us...
It hurts me to know that so many people around me think they know what we can and can't do..
It hurts me knowing that so many people are or have talked about me and my family to so many others in the family just for the point of gossip!
And I don't think I am whining, I believe the above would hurt or upset anyone...

You don't think I know that we have f***ed up over the last few years.. You dont think I know this place is to small for us, You dont think I look at the mess everyday and get upset because there is literally not enough room for us and our stuff here any longer and there is NOTHING I can do about that!!

You don't think I am racking my brain EVERY SINGLE day trying to figure out our life and put it back on track...

Friday, November 03, 2006

::Happy November Friends::

Well chop me up and throw me in the fireplace! It is a blizzard out!! We have a good few inches of snow this morning!!

Sooooooooo..... What's been happening? Anyone else with snow??..
Blue,Java, Candlelady and Jaws I don't need to hear about how beautiful it is in the south now..LMAO

I have realized after already two bouts with snow that I am 29 years old and dare I admit it, I AM ENJOYING IT NOW! SIGH!!
It really is beautiful coming down and freshly on the ground..
Me of all people is supposed to hate the snow! But I guess when you live here your whole life and see you moving in the NOT so distant future I guess you learn to deal with it..
I just wasn't ready for it yet, but since this is the 3rd round I am used to it now..

Yesterday was my MIL's birthday!! Hope you had a super day Bonnie!!

Tonight I believe we are heading over to my friends house to hang out, let the kiddos play, shoot the shit, or the kids...LOL HA Kidding......
Her and her Hubby are trying trying trying like hell to get us to move into this house right down the road from them.. It would be a great opportunity, and it is an adorable house but I doubt it is possible..But they sure seem to think so... And it would be perfect for both her and I with babysitters etc.....

So he is really really wanting us to move on their road...lol Since they know the guy they seem to think we can get it if we want it, and he won't do a credit check..But I am not even thinking of trying, if my Husband feels we can and him and her hubby sort it out with the guy without me knowing more power to them because I hate getting my hopes up to be shattered..lol
But at this point it is all talk between us and our friends, I dont think her hubby has even talked to the guy that owns the house yet or anything like that... Just talk of pipe dreams..LOL

Speaking of pipe dreams, My aunt sold her house :(
I knew that was never gonna happen BUT one could only hold out hope right.. Specially cause ones Aunt lives in the GHETTO... I mean the SHITTYEST part of Cleveland So one was actually hoping that her aunt would wisen up and move back to her old house and just not sell it at all, and sell the new one! But now since my Aunt's old house is gone now that means she is really staying put in Cleveland and it is just not safe for her to be living where she is....She is single, Religous, and nieve(sp?) and hates to say no...not a good combo for where she lives :(

Lastnights tv was great!! I had a nice evening!
Today I am home alone and enjoying the shit out of it..LOL
Have a great day gang!!