Tuesday, August 29, 2006

X-Rated at the library!!!

Viewing adult pornography is protected by the Constitution.
But what happens when the X-Rated material is being viewed at a public place?
Like the public library.
Is this ok? Should it be allowed?

I ask this because of a story that was on our news a while back.
I just LOVE the investigative reporter, Carl Monday, who does these things. He is the only one I watch!!
This story sickens me to no end.
The man was in the library right there masturbating away!
You can read the story

It is sickening and sad that even at the library our children are not safe from disgusting people!
AMEN To Carl Monday!!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

::1 Year/1 Month Later!!::

It was a year ago today that hurricane Katrina devestated so much!

Now I was not 'personally' hit by the hurricane, I was emotionally!
My very dear friend Christine lost everything!
She waded through nasty water and past dead bodies with her son in tow!
I can never in a million years even say I can imagine what she and millions of others went through and are still going through today!
I am so happy my friend is safe and happy now with her new life in TX!

I just hope that no one forgets they still need help in everyway there!
And like many others have said,
Just because it is NOT on the news everday, Doesn't mean we have forgotten, nor does it mean the need for help is over!!
I don't think it ever will be!!
My prayers go out to everyone that was devestated or touched by Katrina!!


It was a month ago today that the worst flood ever devestated my county!
Our county has never seen anything like this, and it is a a 1 in 5 phenomenom!

Now One Month Later... STILL many homeless and without!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

::This Is Who I Am!::

Copy and Paste this at your blog friends!!
This Is Who I Am!!

Current location?
-NE Ohio
Hair color/Height/weight?
-Black-5'4-5'5-between 160 -165

Do you.....

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you have any sibilings?
Do you have a boyfriend/Girlfriend?
-a husband
Do you shower daily
-I try to..LOL
Do you drive?

Which one...
Sweet or mean?
-I'm a girl! Sometimes both.. But usually sweet :)
Love or Lust?
-Both Please!!
beer or wine?
Range rover or Caddilac?
-Escalade from Caddilac please!
Youngn Or sugar Daddy?
-Sugar Daddy, What's a youngn gonna do better! LOL
Thongs or grannys?

The last time...
You ate?
-a little bit ago
Bought something?
-the other day
watch t.v?
-long time..but will try to watch the Grammy's tonight!
Smoked weed?
-That's a secret! ;)
Got drunk?
-When we went camping
Cussed out somebody?
-The other day
you drove?
you kissed?
-Hunter this morning
you hugged?
-Hunter this morning
Talked on the phone?
-a little bit ago
Change your panties?(Just trying to catch ya off gaurd friends!!) ;)
-LMAO Yesterday

Would You.........
Have sex in public?
-Been there done that, but there are a few places I want to try just once ;)
Kiss on first dates?
-Done it
fuck on first dates?
-LOL I was single, I have done it? But that led into a one night stand because I knew if I did it on the first date it prolly wasn't gonna go far..LOL
Jump Out a Moving vhehical?
-Are you nuts?
Tell someone you loved them if you didnt?
-Yes I have

What do you like doing the most?
-reading, listening to music and being online
Would you want a sexy or handsome guyfriend?
-I have one ;)
Do you talk about people if so who?
-Not anyone I really care about no
How do you want to die?
-In my sleep
Do you love your family
Do you miss someone right now?
Have you ever burp in a really sexy persons face?
-Ew no..
Whats do you regret at this time?
-The only regret I have or prolly will ever have is that I didn't get a good job and that I don't have savings!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

From Your Perspective..

Is the grass greener on your side?
Your perfect weather
80'S with occassional rain!
Your dream vacation
Amsterdam or Paris!
Your perfect husband or wife
The one I got..He is not perfect but he is perfect for me!!
The best sexual position
Relationships or random hookups?
Now relationships, but I have been single..LOL
Drugs, Sex, or Rock/n/Roll?
HELL YA!! Rock on!!
Your most cherished memory
The birth of my boys!
The best way to impress someone
Just be yourself! If you suck, don't bother! :)
Your best attribute
My heart and personality!
The best musical artist out there
Rob Zombie! Edie Brickell! Stevie Ray Vaughn!

Play along by posting the survey at your blog with your answers!!

Oh I wish this could become reality!!

Oh I sooooooooo wish we could have it!!!!
It is my Aun'ts house..She is selling it for 108,000 but would go down to 98,000
She said for us she would pay the downpayment
the closing costs just to get keep it in the family..
For anyone else she is willing to pay the closeing costs just to get rid of it since she already bought a diff. house...
The porch her ex built..The main bedroom just got new carpet(I dont think there is apic of that room)and she is getting a new kitchen floor put in!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

::First Day Of Kindergarten!::

Today is my Sonshine's very first day of Kindergarten!!!
He was SOOOOOO Excited and has looked forward to today asking if it is Friday yet all week..LOL
He will go Weds and Friday's and every other Monday..ALL DAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

::Sentimental Moments::

AHHH Another school year is upon us and this time..

I have a 5th grader and a Kindergartner!
My oldest baby is now in his last year of elementary school and my youngest is now starting his first year in Elementary school! *SIGH*

It is so weird that just this time 5 years ago I was going through all the beginnings of school with Sonderful and now it is Sonshine's turn!
Never again will I have a kiddo 'just starting' school! There will be new beginnings like when they start middle school, highschool and hopefully college..But never again will I have a child that is not schoolaged at home =(

I don't know why this is really hitting me as hard as it is.. I guess because it is so official.
I wish I could turn back the hands of time and just have both my boys as toddlers!!
I know I will have many many fun and happy times watching them grow into young men. I am there with Sonderful now.

Both of my boys are just so amazing! I thank God for them everyday of my life!
Without them I honestly don't know if I would be here today. Without them I don't know if I could get through life! THEY are what keeps me going and THEY are what gets me through a day!

I have never felt a love like when I became a Mommy 10 years ago..
I was 18 and so scared!
Scared because I was 18, scared because I wasn't living at home, scared because I just didn't know if I could be a good Mom!

I still don't know sometimes but that is the one thing I am concieted about. I know I am a good Mom! I love my boys with all my heart and soul..They are my EVERYTHING! And I will do everything in my power to make sure they have a good life and grow up to be strong, respectful men!
and I know that makes me a good Mom

I don't think turning 30 next year will be as hard as having BOTH my children in school...

Friday, August 18, 2006

::Paint Shop Pro Addicted Moms::

Do you just love your Paint Shop Pro? and Are you a Mom?
If you said yes come on over to PSPAM!!
We have tons of tuts, challenges,and fun!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

::End of Summer FIESTA!!::

I made a promise and I won't break it!!
I am taking money this weekend and taking my boys camping.. THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Nae you guys better damn well come... We really can't afford it but I PROMISED them we would go camping atleast once this summer..Well summer is officially over for us as of the 22nd.. So we are going this weekend!!!

Brian finally has off Sat. and Sund..woohoo!!We are most likely going here----> http://www.heritagehillscamp.com/I am soo excited.. I LOVE CAMPING..My boys LOVE camping..Brian enjoys it but can take it or leave it..He honestly can make any situation enjoyable for himself.LOLSo that is my plans AS OF NOW this weekend..

I am hoping A whole bunch of people will go!!!
I am NOT breaking this promise to my boys..so since we have 5 more days of summer vacation AND it is payday this weekend it is the perfect oppurtunity!!NOW If I could get a hold of Josh and see when the hell he is coming home..It has been 2 WEEKS TODAY!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I am so excited, I just have to share with you a great web-site I found!
I was getting so frustrated every day when I would realize it was already 6 o’clock, my kids are crabby, and I have no idea what our family is having for dinner.

If your house is anything like my house, often dinner time is the most stressful part of the day. Finally I have found a way to make dinner time run smoothly in our home.
I have subscribed to an affordable family friendly menu planning service called Dine Without Whine. Each week you receive a menu (with easy yummy recipes) and a categorized grocery shopping list sent via e-mail.

All I have to do is print out my menu and grocery list, shop one day, and I’m set with quick and easy to prepare family friendly meals for the entire week. They even include side dish ideas and two brunch and dessert recipes.

Dinner time has actually become enjoyable again. Anyway, I wanted to share as I thought you might enjoy the service as well. You can find out more by visiting here: http://www.dinewithoutwhine.com/aliciamorris

::Where to begin..::

So where do you begin to TRY to move out of state!!
I FINALLY got B to give me a yes or no if he would move out of state...

I know it is not much but forever he wouldn't give me an answer...
And it is not like it is gonna happen anytime soon but IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!
The places we have talked about are... FL.. NC..and AZ!
I would live at all of them!!!! Wish I could have a home in all 3 states!!

B is not really to keen on moving to FL.. Me I am game for any of the above!!
So now to make this all a reality...

B has to SERIOUSLY look for job postings on the 'intranet' at work, for those places..and try to get it...
Then I guess the plan is to try to pay this shithole off(Sadly we owe a little more than 5,000) and we can go NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
The loan payments are not that much so IF I could bring in some extra cash we could make double payments etc to get it paid off...

If we are seriously gonna do it then I WILL SERIOUSLY try!!!

Java I know you have moved out of state..What do you do first? How can I Seriously make this a reality??????

Sunday, August 13, 2006

::My Journies::

Well.. I am currently only on a weightloss journey, but I will soon be on a quitting smoking journey too!!!!
So if you would like to follow along with me check out... http://onegirlmanyjournies.blogspot.com/
I will be starting to move some of my weightloss updates to it!!
If you know of any good weight loss sites let me know over there!!

::Wish I Could Write::

I wish I could write up my posts in an interesting way..LOL
I read people's blogs and I just love the way they write things... Jaws your one of them..I always look forward to reading what your gonna say next..LOL
I read mine and I'm like 'ew blah' SIGH...
I feel like they are just so boring ,but yet at times I have so much I want to write about..
Then I go to do it and I have my little spins and wordings etc..I go to type it all out and it just then sounds dumb.. KWIM?

Friday, August 11, 2006

::I have an offical Kindergartner::

WOOHOO!!!!! My boy is all set to go!!!
Ok just let me tell you....
You have all know how hard I fought for Hunter and his speech and preschool...Well I didn't back down for Kindergarten either I tell ya...
Ok first I was told the appt was YESTERDAY @10...No it was TODAY @9 ok..whatever...

So this morning the SAME IDIOT lady called and said that we will have to reschedule because the lady that does the registering is NOT coming in... WTF??
So ofcourse I am fuming this morning.. So we went back to sleep...

Well the lady who is supposed to have 'not shown up today' WAS THERE.... WTF again??
And called while we were sleeping.. We called her back when we got up and she says "I don't know why she did that I am obviously here", that was at 12:30.. So I was like fine can we just come in right then...WE DID!!! But what the hell...
That one lady surely needs to NOT be working for the board of education kwim? What kind of idiot does NOT know the person is there..or WHY would she call and say she isn't IF SHE IS!!!! I so want to write a letter about her or something kwim?But anyhooo....He is all set and ready to go...He will go all day Weds and Friday and every other Monday... AND he has the same Kindergarten teacher Joshua had!!On the 23rd he will go for an hr...more like for orientation...Then Friday the 25th is his first full day of Kindergarten!!!!

He is soooo excited and was so upset when he heard the appt was cancelled..But I told him "remember how hard Mommy worked to get you into speech and preschool" He said ya, I said "well I will do that again for Kindergarten" He said "Right Mommy cause you love me" AWWWWWW YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO KIDDO...lol

Thursday, August 10, 2006


First how do you like the start of the new look??
And my video montage of my lovies??
Idiots!!!! The stupid lady at the board of education told me that our appt. to register Sonshine for Kindergarten is TODAY AT 10 AM... I go there today and she says, "Oh I am so sorry..it is tomorrow @9" OMG!
My MIL and B's Aunt drove all the way here to take us this morning over an hr. away and everything... I hope B will be able to take us tomorrow....But the DID offer to come back out to take us if need be!! How sweet of them right!!!!
I just want to know that he will be in school for sure!! He was SOOO bummed today..but tomorrow is the appt and he will finally be registered!!!!!
The thing I was talking about the other day was a huge promotion and move to a new store for B..It didn't happen =( He would of been working at a commercial store instead of the regular ones, and it would be higher pay and he would home everyday by 6 where as at the store now he gets off at 8! He is really upset about this.. This could of really been our chance to turn things around..but once again...we get the shaft!!!!!
More than one person told him HE HAD THE JOB!! Now apparently someone wanted another person and totally ignored the guy that said he wanted B to get the job...
BUT I guess they told him that there is somehting else opening up and he is FIRST to get interviewed and he is going to try his damndest to get him in there!
I MISS MY SONDERFUL!!!!!!! I have talked to him a few times and he is having a good time!!
He is in Southern Ohio with his father!
Sonshine gave him the BIGGEST guilt trip lastnight... Telling him he wants him home tomorrow! And that Sonderful is making him so very sad for not being here with him..LOL TOO CUTE!!!!! I love that they love each other so much!!

Monday, August 07, 2006


::Please don't let the dust disturb you but we are currently redoing our site::
I am finally taking time to redo the online things I have been wanting to do!!
My blog is one of them.. Look for a new look these next couple days.. I am hoping to have it done tonight!!
I am in a very creative psp mood with designing sites etc...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

::NEW Beginnings!::

Cheers To New Beginnings!!
I have decided NO MORE.. I am stepping up and reclaiming my life from whatever creature that took it over!!
I am going to get my life back in order and get my marriage back on track!!

I think I am gonna make another blog for all my different journies.. Not different blogs just one for all of them..LOL So be on the lookout for that...
I also decided to try out two sites that are WAHjobs! They are free to join on the team and you can make a decent buck or two...
If your interested they are pretty neat, if you would buy this type of stuff!!
Let me know if you would like me to email you the links to them!!
I don't know if I can make it successful but you never know right.. Every person with a good life started somewhere I suppose!! SO WHY CAN'T I RIGHT!!!!

We have NO kiddos this weekend so why not start getting our relationship back this weekend..NO COMPANY ALLOWED..LOL

I really feel good friends!! I can actually seem a glimpse of that light on the other side of the door that will lead us to a WONDERFUL life!!

There is a reason I am seeing that glimpse but we don't know for sure yet if it is for sure so I AM NOT JINXING US....I will let you all know soon... AND NO DON'T JUMP THE GUN...I AM NOT NOT NOT PREGNANT..LOL It is just good news...LOL

So wish me luck friends and I hope you will all be there by my side while I take all these new journies in my life and help me out when I hit a little block in the road as I would for all of you!!!
Thanks for always being there when I need you!!!! And again CHEERS TO NEW BEGINNINGS!!!