Sunday, April 30, 2006

Photos from the weekend!!

Here are a few photos from the weekend!!
1 2 AND 3 are veiws of the cabin itself!
The one of B is me standing down by the hot tub looking up at him!
The one of us together we set the camera on the stairs leading the loft (where we slept) and set the timer and took it of us infront of the fireplace!

ALL About our weekend!!!

Hey gang!!
Dang gone all weekend come home and MO is still down! What a bummer!!
I missed you gals!! I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend!!
Please tell me all about it!!
So where have I been you ask??
I was at this place ------>
AWESOME Lake side cabin!!
Here's a run down...
Friday afternoon we cashed B's check and had a few errands to run and had to grab a wedding card.. So Friday was my cousin's wedding, The wedding was a beautiful Catholic ceremony! ..they are the cutest couple ever!! I wanted a photo with the bride and groom so bad because the three of us have a one from my wedding, but dumb ass me left my camera in my glove box..HAHAA...
So we stayed at the reception till about 8:30 or so and headed home to get our stuff together to head to our cabin..WOOHOO It was total last minute and a time well spent for sure!!
OMG let me just tell ya... We totally indulged ourselves..
Before we left I spent over 200 dollars between 2 lingirie(sp?) stores(That was part of Friday afternoons errands)...LMAO
Hey we went to reconnect right? LOL
So we actually headed for our 3 hr drive at 9 or 9:30 Friday night.. We did get lost once we were RIGHT by the place but it was surely a fun adventure through very very very hilly roads, we deff. laughed and had a great ride..Thought since we finally arrived at about 2 am that we would end up crashing right away but nope..We had a blast, lit a bonfire, hung in the hottub, had some drinks..and stayed up till the birds were chirping about 5:30 am or so..

Saturday morning we woke up about 10 or so and got ready and headed in town to a small diner for lunch..did a little shopping at the local dollar store, I got TONS of cute cow nicknacks..Then we headed back to the cabin, lit a bonfire(yes early afternoon),had a few drinks,sat in the hottub and waiting for our MASSAGES!! WOOHOO Each of us got an hr long massage, they came to was AWESOME!!

Then about 9 oclock, OUR CHEF ARRIVED..LOL OMG!!!!!!! The area has a few star resturant down there that has a traveling chef service..WOWIE...FULLCOURSE MEAL..brought right to us and made and served AND he did the dishes..LOL It was amazing...After dinner we were so beat we sat in front of the fireplace and watched some tv and headed to bed..

This morning we got up about 9 and dozed off and on till about 10 and and got up had coffee and got our stuff together, cleaned up abit and headed out! Was another fun ride home, atleast we got to see everything this time..LOL
We laughed our asses off again the whole ride..
Got home and unloaded and then headed out to my Moms to get the boys, she watched them Sat. night..
Hung out there for a few hours and stopped at the new Walmart out there for fish! Iknow you told me not to buy them there Nae but They insisted we get them today..LOL So B and our friend Ian is putting that all up now!! We got tons of cute fishies..I will take some pics!!

The weekend was AMAZING AND ALL of the splurges were worth every penny!! I got my husband back and I am in love with him all over again!!
We totally reconnected, and I think we are gonna be on the right track now! And this for sure was the way to do it!!
We just had an amazing time, just us, hanging out and being together and remembering why we are married in the first place!!

It really really was such an amazing time!! I am soo happy we went. It was total last minute so we couldn't get a great cabin that has romance packages,but the spa place and the restuarant deliver to all so we splurged and ordered both..LOL

I missed my boys dearly and ofcourse it is nice to be home but I wanna go back..LOL
I was also hoping that my dsl package and my scrapping stuff would be here but nothing was..BUMMER..GRR
Hopefully soon! Now I have tons to clean that I didn't do on Friday before we left, but that will be for morning..LOL


Ok Welp off to catch up with all of you!!
See ya in the am..Hopefully MO will be up soon!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Still adjusting to the settings...

But here are two pics that I took early this morning before the boys headed to school!!

Best 100 bucks I have spent!!

It is a Vivicam 5100, I got it at Walmart for 99 something!!

Here are the main features it has..

5.0 Megapixels CCD

4x Digital Zoom

16MB Internal Memory

Supports SD Memory Cards

Movie Clip Mode with Sound

Fixed Focus Lens

Large 1.5’’ LCD

PC Web Cam

I will post some pics that I have taken soon.. I also got video of Sonshine getting on the bus this morning.. I AM LOVING THE SOUND! You can actually hear the bus driver and aide saying hi to him and saying Bye Mom.. Soon as my dsl is hooked up I will upload it, while on dial up it is taking way to long!!
I still have to buy a memory card for it but I will get that soon.. I also got a 1hr battery charger for it for about 20 bucks!!

Nae and I went to Walmart yesterday and I saw it and couldn't pass it up for that price.. I didn't consult B before hand, so I was nervous he would be upset but he was totally happy about it.. He has wanted a new one for us anyway... And another great thing.. IT SETS RIGHT UP TO MY PRINTER TOO!!! So he is very happy about that because he bought me the printer for Christmas and I can't set my camera right to it but I CAN print from the computer but now I can take it with me and travel and print!!!
YAAY!! I haven't been this excited about buying something in sooo long!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What a bummer!

So I ran with my Dad after Sonshine got off the bus to do my errands because he had some to do anyway and stopped by right as B and I were heading out the door..
So I get the main ones done and I go to the scrapbooking store and they are gone!
WAAAAAHHH I was so looking forward to shopping in there today.. So I know where another one is if it is still there I will check it out in a few days.. In the meantime I am going to look and *browse* online to see what I really want to get!!
YAAY! I am excited to get started! I am going to try to do a few things tonight!

::Hey Hi::

How YOU Doin'? --(Insert Joey look, smile, and nod here..HEHEHE)
Hey gang!! What's going on?
I am about to run out with B to do some errands before he heads to work...
Then later on I don't know, Might call Nae see if she wants to escape her spring cleaning and hang with her most favortist sister..LOL

I have a few things to grab from the store and some groceries, and I have some cleaning to do here.. We rented a bazillion movies the other night and have not watched ANY..GRR... Men suck! They never want to do what you want when there is two of them and 1 of you.. I am talking about B and our friend Ian..LOL I need GIRLfriends to hang out with B and I because I HATE BEING OUT NUMBERED BY FRIENDS TOO..hahaha so I have tons of movies to watch here sometime...But don't know when that time will be.. TV looks awesome this week..
My limit anymore is About 12 or so and I am bushed by then, and I used to be such a night owl.. I guess having TWO kiddos in school will do that to a gal!!

OH OH...I am going to try something I HAVE NEVER EVER done with my hair before..LOL I am not tellin till it is done... B is going to help me with it! Hopefully we can get it done this week, I want it done before the wedding.. If he keeps blowing me off and not wanting toI will have someone else help.. But I hope it turns out ok!
I have to do something for ME.. I hate the way I look, I hate the way I feel, and I need to start feeling better about me and do for ME. So this hair change will be a big step in that direction, but like I said I have NEVER done it so I am a lil skeered! LOL

I have to get my life back on track damnit!!
Long post coming later when I have time at
Welp we about to jet out to run our errands


Sunday, April 23, 2006

YAAY! Finally!

YAAY!!!!!! I have missed my boys so so sososososososo
But it was good to let them have this time away.. Sonderful doesn't ever want to come home again ofcourse, him and his Meemaw have a special bond so he loves to be around her, Sonshine is ready to come home he said on the phone yesterday that he misses his Daddy.. UM HELLO WHAT AM I CHOPPED LIVER?

They were supposed to come home lastnight,but by time the meeting was over, we called them and Sonshine was already asleep and Sonderful wanted to stay one more night..LOL So B will get them after work!
Then it is bathnight and school tomorrow!!
I hope they have missed me! Geeze! I sure have missed them!! TO DEATH!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Road Trip!

I love Road Trips! But, WOWZERS I AM BEAT!!!!!!
B talked me into a total last minute road trip to NY lastnight!!
We headed to the casino like last year! We stayed about an hr and a half, lost about 150 bucks and got home around 4 this morning and he had to be at work at 8 this morning..HAHA His idea, I bet he is tired!!
But it was a great ride, about 2 or so hrs and thats about it! Stay for a bit and

Sorry to everyone for not being around...I haven't even barely been to mine let alone anyone elses, I got to reply and update at a few the other day and get mine going..
What do you think so far? I promise I will be back and at em soon!!

As you can probably guess we got my cs big check and one of our federals.. So we are kind of just enjoying that, getting bills paid, and loving our new car! It travels well!
ScrappingMom inspired me to make cards, so I bought a few things to make up my own cards.. I can't wait to try it.. I want to make a trip into a scrap book store and see what I want to pick up here soon...
I still have more damn runnin today.. I thought I was done with running around for the weekend..LOL
I promised my Daddy I would help him with some vendor stuff at this big ol motorcycle rally thing they have had for the past 23 years(this is the 23 yr) in honor of a local man who died and was the first one to allow *bikers* in his bar and enjoy their presence so since he died over 20 years the rally has gotten bigger and bigger it is called the Louie Run! Louie is the guy!!
You can check it out at

So he will be here to get me so we can go over a few things today and meet with some people and then go to the staff meeting tonight.. It is all voulenteer work as MOST of the money recieved from The Louie Run goes to children's hospitals and stuff like that!! BIG OL Fundraiser! THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF BIKES Will be around on May 7.
But with my Dad living up north here they can have him do more imp. thing so I am doing the job he used to have which he needed someone he could trust to handle money and well he knows I do that well..LOL So I told him I would do it!!!

SO I am off to do a few things before he gets here!!
Have a great Saturday friends and neighbors!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Easter is over so we are currently under construction!!
Everything should be up and ready soon!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

::Sons that make Dad's PROUD pt 2::

These are too good, I have to add more!!

::Sons That Make Dad PROUD!!::

::Sorry to the Luda Hatas..LOL::

I put a new quote and video up! Luadcriss Blueberry Yum Yum.. I LOVE THIS SONG!
I have it on my list for my media player so I had to hunt for the video because I myself have never seen it..LOL
So sorry to the Luda hata's I will change it tomorrow or Monday..LOL
Those that like him, enjoy, this maybe a song you have not heard yet!!


I just love the Easter holiday!!
AHHH I am so enjoying spring.. I believe it is here to stay now!!
I am listening to a little JB(James Blunt).. Java I am thinking of you for some reason alot today... I hope everything is ok down there!! I get worried sometimes if I start thinking of one particular person, Like something is wrong. But all is good right.. Call me to let me know later..LOL
So B is at work till 5.. Well he is going out to his Moms then to work.. The boys will be home sometime later on today.. They are doing Easter dinner TONIGHT over at their Meemaws with their Uncles and grandparents.. So they will come home tonight and we will go to my Moms tomorrow for dinner and egg hunt.. PLEASE RAIN HOLD OFF TOMORROW..LOL
Today Nae and Trucker are gonna swing by and th 3 of us are going Easter shopping!! YAAY!! I don't believe I have ever shopped with Trucker..LOL This outta be fun, I am in a rare form today.. I called Nae at quarter after 9 chipper as all hell this morning...LOL

I hope everyone has a great day, if I dont get on tomorrow..
HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER all that celebrate it!!!
I hope the bunny is great to all the kiddos!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

::Rest And Relaxation::

Is totally what I have been getting today!!
The boys left lastnight and will be home tomorrow night for the bunny to come then they will probably be off again to their Meemaw's during the week!!
I have sooo enjoyed my day today!! B and I headed out this morning to get a few things and then he headed off to work! I have been doing nothing but vegging on the couch with some magazines soaps, and Cotton Club Cherry Strawberry pop..HEHE I AM SOO ENJOYING IT!!!
I have really needed it!
And to top it all of, i called CS AND MY CHECK SHOULD BE HERE ANYDAY!!!!!! WOOHOOO
All of the rearrages are gone but 200 bucks so I knew that was good news, I called my case worker and she said yep should be there sometime this weekend!! YAAY!!!!!!
We still have NOT gotten ANYTHING for Easter we will do that tonight or tomorrow before the boys get home..But we had to wait for B's pay check to come...
Thats about all.. I am about to go catch up with all my friends!
I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

::Honesty And Trust::

Are really hard to come by these days! Seems like everyone can't wait to stab another in the back., Talk shit about them soon as they turn their back, or just plain old lie to you!

So really what is honesty?

Are you being honest with someone if you *just don't tell them something they SHOULD know* because they are already in a bad mood that day, and you don't want to add to it?

Are you being honest with someone if you tell them something that you bought is for someone else when you get it but yet that person *conviently* never takes it, so BAM Your out 40 bucks?

Can you trust someone who puts off paying their bills to buy things that THEY ABSOLUTELY CAN'T AFFORD AT THE MOMENT? But yet they DON'T stop!

I have lived with people who lie, cheat and do whatever they want as long as it makes THEM happy! And over the years, I have found it really hard to trust people. So when you find someone you totally and completely trust and then BAM all the sudden they start giving you little reasons not to trust them. What do you do? Continue to trust that person?
Move on and find a way to gain that trust back? But how?
Or do you just cut your losses and realize that some people never change?

The one thing I hate more than anything in life is LIARS!!
I refuse to associate with people that blatenly lie, I refuse to be around people that I have caught lieing to me over and over again.
I also really hate it when you know for a fact what the person said or did was dishonest, yet they have an excuse for why they did it? Then you say something to them and they get all defensive, Why get all defensive like that if you honestly believe what you did or said was honest?
Do you stay mad or just *get over it*?

Really how do you gain someone's trust back once you have made them NOT trust you again?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

::The NEWEST version of The Sims!

That is what ended up being played on our computer lastnight..LOL
Brian and his friend Ian both love to kill their sims so their ghost will come haunt the house etc..LOL
So the 3 of us sat lastnight and played with our sims being totally dirty and never cleaning, the kids always missing school then we took the mom and surrounded a wall around her in the side yard so she will eventually die..OH MY... I went to bed before she did die, so I dont know what happened..LOL I tell ya, the things my Husband comes up with..
We also purchased the smallest house to move our family of 6 into..LOL
But we found a few cool cheats lastnight... I can't wait to make Santa come!!
So what is on everyones agenda for today?
I have tons to do around here, it is a mess, yesterday was just too nice to be inside cleaning or being on the computer! Today is warm but wet, It rained alot during the night I guess.. Hopefully it holds off today so I can the winders open again!!
My nephew Justin turned TEN yrs old yesterday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!!
I can't belive it..IN 1 MONTH AND 2 DAYS I WILL HAVE A 10 YR OLD TOO..WOW I FEEL OLD!!!!!
We hve decided to go ahead and put Sonshine into Kindergarten next year! He is SOOO excited!!!
Sonderful is on a field trip today! They are going to two parks..
Thats about all really.. I was dying to tell you all about the sims though..I have to admit, as nuts as it makes me it was fun torturing them.. It's not like they are real or anything, and it is all in fun right..LOL
Have a great Hump Day everyone!!!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gotta Love CowBell!!

HAHA... Hi gang!!
No video today, found something better!!
Will Farrell playing the cowbell.. And my quote of the day is Christopher Walkin talking cowbell!!
Brian, Ian and I downloaded the skit from SNL lastnight.. It is hilarious, we could watch it over and over.. We also got a Debbie Downer one..HAHA I love SNL!!
Oh it is BEAUTIFUL out today, and the midday news is on and the weather lady is RAVING ABOUT WARMTH...YAAY!! I guess there is tons of it in the forecast!!
I hope it is super great day Easter Sunday!! We have a annual egg hunt for all the kiddos and there are tons!!
All my guys are off at school and work.. I will head down in about an hr to get Sonshine!
I dont have much to do today, just some dishes..
I talked to my ex this morning and he said he has not recieved any money, I believe him, Because if he did get some money he would have gotten a hold of my sister and her bf to hang out for sure.. And that has not happened.. So I guess it is just held up..
I still have some catching up to do, will do soon, I only get a few chances of feeling well enough to sit at the computer..LOL
Oh some neat news.. Spiderman 3 is having parts filmed in Cleveland, they are looking for people to be extras and work on sets and stuff like that.. B wants to go on his next day off.. So I have to look up how to get on etc..Silly, Boys will be boys..LOL
I am also on the hunt for camp for Sonderful, I think he would really enjoy it, So I want to find an affordable one and let him check it out..
He wants it to be a camp that he stays at, not just a daily one!! I went to one EVERY year for 6 years as a kid,church camp, it was ALWAYS SO FUN!! I would love for my boy to start enjoying that kind of thing since he is getting older!!

Welp I am off.. Talk to you all soon
Enjoy watching Will Ferrell.. I WILL!! LOL

Sunday, April 09, 2006

::QUICK Catch Up::

Hi everyone!!
How are all my wonderful friends and neighbors this Sunday?
I am just getting in a quick post while B is in the boys room with them looking through his MANY 100S of comics.. He MUST ALWAYS be around when they look through those ones, they are the expensive ones..LOL
Things have been pretty crazy around here...
This weekend was Bowlergirls birthday party so I was with Nae helping her..See Nae's Blog for info..LMAO The party turned out awesome! What a great time!! Thanks for having us and your MOST WELCOME FOR THE HELP!!
I have also come down with either bronchitis or pneumonia(sp?) I have not gone to the docs yet but I have to this week if it is not better.. My chest hurts all the time really bad, under my boobs on my ribs...worse than any gull bladder pains I had and(I have since had that removed)And my rib area feels really swollen so.. It really is miserable... I have been REALLY REALLY TRYING to quit smoking... But life is so stressful ya know it is hard, but I am seriously trying...
I am so congested and it hurts so bad to cough and I really sound HIDEIOUS!!
I was in bed at 9:30 lastnight and slept till 10:30 this morning.. HONESTLY Nae when you called I WAS OUT!! LOL B was like, your going to bed all ready..LOL Sonderful was up later than me...
So that is another reason I haven't been around.. I am miserable right now..
Things with B have been going pretty good... We are getting along great, and really trying to get our life back together... We still need a get away to really reconnect! But that is out till we get our refunds back.. Yep NONE of them have come to us yet... Still just got my small cs check.. I have been trying to get a hold of my ex since Thursday, and no anwser or call back.. It is really pissing me off and starting to make me wonder if he DID indeed get the money...

But really not much else to mention... Life is what it is for the moment!
I really HATE being sick, I am the one that used to NEVER get sick.. I was always the one that slipped away un harmed while I took care of my sick guys.. Now here I sit with swollen ribs for the past week...UGH!!

I will try to catch up with everyone soon!! HUGS!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOWLERGIRL!!! I hope you have a great day today!!
Hi all..again nothing to blog about.. Got a letter from the irs saying they are still holding some checks because some have not gone through yet.. But SUPPOSIDLY one will be mailed out around the 17th.. I have NO idea why we have not gotten the other years state checks either.. And no check from my ex.. I will be calling him soon to make sure he did not get it, not like he would tell me anyway probably.. I am just, I dont know even know what I am ...beyond pissed and upset right now at everything....
So I just have not been in the computer mood lately! But I had to get on here and wish my girl a happy birthday and say Hi!!
I hope I will get outta of this funk soon!! Miss you all!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

::Tuesday Hello::

Howdy Everyone!!
How is everyone this fine Tuesday?
I am ok.. I went back to sleep after the boys left for school.. I was beat lastnight!
I haven't done much..Our friend Ian was over hanging out lastnight.. I watched tv and hung with them for a bit and crashed!
I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I wasn't on the computer at all lastnight, so it's catch up time for blogs.. I have been slacking .. Just haven't really been in the computer mode lately.. DOn't know why...
Welp don't have much to blog about...LOL So I am off to visit all my buds!!
Enjoy today's song..Sara Evans I could not ask for more.. It is B and my wedding song!!
Have a great Tuesday!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

::It's A BEAUTIFUL Day In The Neighborhood::

It is another glorious day outside today.. And my boys have been outside basically since about 11 this morning..On and off ofcourse... Daddy has been out there on and off too but for about the last hour the 3 of them are out there shooting foam darts at each other..LOL AHH Boys!!
Today really has been a great day!!
After I finally got B outta bed today at noon, we both straightened up the house, and our friend Ian came over and I made homemade pizzas and we had LINNER... Not quite dinner but to late for lunch..LOL
Then my Mom and Step Dad stopped by for a few... And like I mentioned the kids have been out side all day...Mommy makes here way here and there but they keep trying to shoot darts at me..LMAO...Yes I do admit it is fun!!
I don't have much to do if anything tonight.. Thanks to my Helpin Hubby everything is done except for linner dishes..LOL So I will either do those or talk him into it.. And then my whole night is free to relax!!
I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

::Friday Five, A day late!::

Following JavaMama
Name Five people that have made an impact on your life (for good or bad) and why.

1. My PunkyMama(My GodMother's Mom) She was the one and only person I could always turn to when I needed to! She always told you how it was whether you liked it or not!
Her and I were so much alike, right down to the fact that coincidentally she never drove either!
She also always showed me that if you wanted anything in life you had to work hard to get there!! She helped me out alot when Sonderful was born, taught me things to do and not to do, taught me old school remedies and she was always FUN!!
One of my favorite memories of her and I are making homemade Pazzels(sp?) YUMMY!!
I think about her all the time and miss her so much!

2. My God Mother- She is one of the best people ever! She really takes after her Mom(see #1)
She has always been like my other Mom..She is deffinatly a role model for me, and I so wish I could be more like her! She is such a wonderful Mom and her kids are her best friends, yet they don't over step the boundaries. She raised and WONDERFUL ADULTS and is still raising 2 WONDERFUL TEENS!!

3. B- Even though we have our troubles, he is am amazing person! He truly has a heart of gold and I don't know what I would ever do without him! He has so much love for me and his children. He took Sonderful as his own from day one, loves him completely!
When I first told him I was pregnant with Sonshine he was so excited! He never once questioned becoming a father, Though he was already one to a 3yr old!
I never knew what it was like to look at the person your with and KNOW without a doubt just by looking at them that they loved me. I KNOW B DOES! I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me.. When he touches me I still shiver! We started out as best friends and still are best friends, but that friendship turned into a wonderful love that will never die!!

4. Sonderful and Sonshine! They are AMAZING!
I never knew a love like this till I became a Mom!
I know with my boys and my husband I don't need much more! They are my whole world and everyday they are teaching me something new and showing me how well I actually am doing as a Mom!
Those two boys are the most important thing in my life and I absolutely love them to pieces!

5. My Ex right before B-- The main reason I am adding him to this list is because he was indeed a big part of my life. He showed me that I DIDN'T have to put up with an abusive relationship, Before we really got a relationship started we worked together(he was my boss actually) and he helped me get the courage up to leave my abusive relationship, and yes that is when we started our relationship completely. And I helped him realize that he didn't have to be in a loveless relationship, that he could have more in life!
Though our relationship was very complicated and I don't know, I dont want to say it was weird but it was different..LOL It was like we were in a relationship but we weren't.. We had great times and he really did show me a new side of life, Things started to go downhill and waalaa B came into my life!!
But we both helped each other in so many ways and for that I will never forget. So I had to add him to the list!!

::Hey, Hi, Over Here::

Hi all!!
It has been a few days, but I am all squared away for now...LOL
Things have been ok I guess, I feel we have really hit the bottom of the barrel for some reason I feel God is REALLY REALLY testing us, and it is rough! I just wish things well life was easier.. I don't understand how some people just zoom right through without so many struggles and hardships, How do they do it? What am I/we doing so wrong?
I know there is many many things we need to change and I/we are really trying so please please I am begging for a damn break already!!
Still NO big tax checks.. I have given up hope and waiting for them.. I don't understand why atleast the ex's isnt here yet.. I can see why ours is not here. But I still pray that every Thursday that is the day 2005's is delivered(they only get delivered to H&R Block on Thurs.)
But no never... ZILCH!!
But the ex's I am getting nervous... I hope he did not get it...

The boys have been ok..I am still struggling with homework with Sonderful and I just know it will not get better as he goes along..LOL Why why why can't kids just do their damn homework like they are supposed to..LOL

Spring has FINALLy sprung(for now atleast) in N.E Ohio!! YAAY!! It has been absolutely beautiful here..except yesterday and today rain rain rain,but hey thats spring!! I am NOT complaining!!
I have really been enjoying it, and without a phone or net the past few days I have gotten alot done around the house!! GO ME!!

Not much going on today, B is at work the boys are up now and playing a game!
B woke me up and asked me if I wanted to stay asleep or if I wanted him to go and grab me a coffee before he headed to work.. I felt good and it was 7 am so I said ya go ahead and get it, So I got up and had about an hr all alone while the boys were still asleep in the livingroom to just sit on the computer, he knew I would want to since it had been a few days!!
I have a few things to do today, little bit of laundry and dishes! Make lunch and wait for B to get home and hang with the boys and blog catching up to do!, and if my cs check comes we will run out and cash it, and then not sure.. Probably come home and make dinner!!
I hope the video is working on here I am not sure.. It won't work for me yet..LOL If it is not working could someone please let me know!! THANKS!

I hope you all have a great Saturday!! I have a few blogs to catch up on, So if I haven't yet been to yours I will be soon!!

Video Playing-- Third Eye Blind --Jumper