Tuesday, March 28, 2006

::Well following the crowd::

I guess I am following the crowd, I finally broke down and got the video up! LOL
So I guess like my friends I will be changing it often!!
Enjoy the song playing!!
Five for fighting-100 years!

Things To Ponder!

Some serious points to ponder:

1. Can you cry under water?

2. How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

3. If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

4. Since bread is square, why is sandwich meat round?

5. Why do you have to "put your two cents in" but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to?

6. Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?

7. Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

8. What disease did cured ham actually have?

9. How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?

10. Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours

11. If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

12. If you drink Pepsi at work in the Coke factory, will they fire you?

13. Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV?

14. Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

15. How come we choose from just two people for President and fifty for Miss America???

16. Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.

17. If a 911 operator has a heart attack, whom does he/she call?

18. Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

19. Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet soup?

20. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll> squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out!"

21. Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp, which no decent human being would eat

22. Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer? (I've always wondered..)

23. When your photo is taken for your driver's license, why do they tell you to smile? If you are stopped by the police and asked for your license, are you going to be smiling?

24. If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song> about him?

25. Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?

26. If the professor on Gilligan's Island can make a radio out of a coconut, why can't he fix a hole in a boat?

27. Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

28. Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They're both dogs!

29. What do you call male ballerinas?

30. Can blind people see their dreams? Do they dream?

31. If Wyle E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that ACME crap, why> didn't he just buy dinner?

32. If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?

33. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

34. Is Disney World the only people trap operated by a mouse?

35. Do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?

36. Why did you just try singing the two songs above?

37. Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere,> but call it a hemorrhoid when it's inside your butt?

38. Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride; he sticks his head out the window?

39. Do you ever wonder why you gave me your e-mail address in the first place?,
Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

::Tuesday's this and that::

Hi All!!
What's happening this Tuesday afternoon??
Not a hole lot here..B is at his Moms then he will be going to work, both boys are in school.. I am still waking up..Still have no coffee so it takes me longer...LOL I think B will bring me a cup home on his way back from his moms though..
Yesterday was just a vegging night.. Watched Deal or no Deal and The Apprentice!
I was in bed by 10:30... I just hven't felt good these last few days at all... My tooth is KILLING ME... It totally needs to be yanked, I need some antibotics for the infection that is raging through there...OMG IT JUST F'ING HURTS!!
I just don't feel right... Just feel weird..I dont know what it is... But I just don't feel good. =(

So I haven't done much... I spent a about an hr or so online yesterday looking at foreclosed homes .. Sure wish I had an idea on what you really have to pay etc...and and also got B's credit report.. Not to bad...But not great either..Ofcourse there is a few things that need cleaned up..but some of them aren't even that much money so we may be able to eventually pay them off.. for some reason I couldn't get mine...ugh!! The major ones are two student loans for a few grand.. And our bank loan we have now but that is in good standing! Because we have been paying that for years!!

So since I haven't been doing much There is not much to write about!!
I hope all my friends have a great day!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

::Sunday Already::

WOW What a great weekend!!!
I have posted what I have been doing this weekend, but I haven't mentioned that it really has been a great one!!
We have been getting along, all of us.. Except the boys are fighting after a bit of playing video games..That happens... Even B was arguing with them the other day while playing it with them..LOL BOYS WILL BE BOYS RIGHT..LOL
I just wish it was warmer! Oh but I know soon soon soon!!!
So this weekend as gone by pretty slow I would say... I wish I could of went to my bros to help him drink beer and celebrate turning 21 but I had no sitta..LOL
Now I will take him to the bar maybe next weekend! That will be fun!!

I am gonna go over and post some trivia.. I got tons now with my new game..LOL And they are good ones!!!
And off to see if any of my friends have posted a new post!!
Hope you all have a great day!!! A fun relaxing Sunday!!
Currently Playing on my Media Player--James Blunt-Your Beautiful
Was playing--3 Doors Down- Kryptonite

Saturday, March 25, 2006

*Saturday 7*

I post MEME's and no one does them..LOL But I still like em... Please play along and post your answers at your blog!!

please describe your favorites:

1. cuisine (or combination of cuisines, if you cannot just choose one).
It would either be Steak and Baked potoato or chicken Parm and pasta

2. breakfast.
Ham and cheddar cheese omelette, bacon and pancakes!

3. dessert.
Cheesecake with strawberries and whip cream or strawberry shortcakes with whip cream..BOTH MUST BE THE CANNED WHIP CREAM!!MMMM

4. place to eat lunch or dinner.
I love to eat lunch at Fridays, Though I have not had lunch there in years!
Dinner I like to eat at a great steak place!! GOSH I AM STARVING NOW..LOL

5. item to cook.
Homemade breaded porkchops, homemade mashed potatos and corn! My FAVORITE meal to cook!

6. person to eat dinner with.
Brian or Nae..Both are fun to go out to eat with!!

7. hot-day treat.
a twist with crunch coat from an ice cream stand, or a Mcdonald's vanilla cone

::Are you KIDDING? Is it WINTER?::

Hey Nae so much for that cookout today huh...LOL
A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW CHRISTOPHER!!!! Auntie Ali, Uncle B and the boys love you bud!! We hope you have the best day today!!!!!
Hi Folks!!
Whats up today? Not a whole helluva lot here!!
We had to run out and cash our state check this morning..YAAY!! That bought groceries how boring..LOL But atleast it came!! I believe I also got my ex's state because I got a child support check that was more than my normal amts, So that was a splurge check... LOL Thanks for taking us out Nae!! We always have such a silly time even though our kids our hellians together..LOL No wonder we know how to laugh at ourselves..LOL

The boys got a Shrek 2 ps 2 game... I bought B and I Trivia Pursuit Pop Culture 2. We played 3 games of it lastnight.. SUCH FUN!! I won the last game B won the first 2!
I also picked up Chicken Little and a shirt for both boys and a pair of jeans for Sonderful!
Nae I have bypassed the jeans problem with Sonderful... He wants Swooshies!! He says, "Mom, I know how to fix the jean problem, I want Swooshies" OK BY ME..LOL
UGH It is so hard to shop for jeans for that kid..HE IS GROWING UP TO FAST!!
He is in between a 14 Regular and a 14 Husky but the Husky are still way to big and the reg. are just about to small..LOL ahhhh the joys of raising a tween..lol
But at least he has one pair of jeans for now...

Not much planned for today, If I end up getting my regular cs check we have to head out and cash that and not sure what else..Probably call Nae at some point I usually do on Saturdays..LOL..I wanna play my game again..LOL It is that fun... I splurged on a few magazines today at the grocery store.. I will be reading them in a bit...Gotta keep up with all that Hollywood Gossip..LOL

Ok I am at the point now that Java was the other day.. Post at them blogs ladies or at MO ... I want something to read on here!! =)
Hope you all have a great Saturday!!!
Last song-- Five for Fighting --100Years

Friday, March 24, 2006

::No taxes for a bit::

Welp I found out yesterday that we will NOT be getting 2005's return back this week like we thought... While I was talking to JC my Mom called telling me the IRS is holding 2005's return so I had to call to find out why and it is because they have not gotten the other years yet.. So after those are processed they will release 2005's UGH =(
She told me it could take 11wks but to try again in 2 wks.. I am so sad about this..but what are you gonna do... And I called Child Support and theere is no sign of the ex's tax check either yet... They said that could take 6 damn months.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????

Last year I got it before Easter, but I was no expecting it at all so I was so shocked when I recieved it.. This year I am expecting it, and like watching a pot boil it is not coming..LOL

I just wish that I would just forget about it but I can't, we so need it.. I just wonder what the hell is up with our luck ya know... Soon as things start going good BAM something totally goes wrong.. What is going on up there? Are we being tested? I mean we are still together and have been through hell they can stop testing us know!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

::You Like?::

Well the new Easter look is up! Whatta ya think?
I found those eggs and HAD to do something with them, So wala..LOL
I still have to add a few blinkies that I did not add yet, but other than that this is how it will look for a bit!
Not up to much today, Cleaning, I decided to let the boys have a hayday with some fingerpaints yesterday so I have to scrub down the tub AND the surrounding walls today..LMAO
And do the kitchen up real nice other than that some laundry and I am done!!
B is at work, boys are at school! And I am about to veg with some tv while I have some alone time, after my song downloads.. I am downloading Five For Fighting's 100 Years.. I LOVE IT!!!
I hope everyone has a great day today!! Happy Thursday!!
Oh and Jeff... I know you read my blog, cause you told me you did..lol, feel free to reply once in awhile buddy..LOL

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Morning WithOUT Coffee...

Feels WEIRD!!!!!
Hey Howdy All!!!
Happy Wednesday! How is everyone today?
Let me just first say that I am in A TOTALLY WEIRD MOOD today...LOL So if I start to not make sense that is why... I feel like I have not really blogged in a while so I may ramble a bit...But hey then it would give you all something to read..LOL
The guys are all off to work/school!! AHHHHH I love this time!

I am just sitting here listening to Gary Allan It Would Be You cd.. And actually that particualr song is on too..LOL
Haveing some TEA! AHH I like it enough and all.. But it isn't me unless it is cold tea, sugarless YUMMY... Or I am sick.. But I am outta coffee,cause my cheap ass didn't want to spend the money this week.. So unless my wonderful Hubby brings me some home from work I wont have any..LOL But it is ok.. I WILL SURVIVE..HAHA

So I haven't been on the computer much these past few days... My left side jaw upper and lower (Mainly lower)have really been bugging me ALOT these past few days..Hurting like hell.. I HAVE to get to the dentist but I am so friggen freaked out by dentists and teeth and ...oh buddy, I honestly need a valum before I go!
And my monthly ENEMEY is here this week.. KICKING MY ARSE TOO!! OUCH!
THANK GOD THERES PAMPRIN MAX!! LOL I have been poppen them babies left and right buddy! So I just haven't felt good at all these past few days.. I just been blah and vegging alot... But I have gotten alot done around here too when I am not in to much pain.. The guys have been trying to help out too a little so that kind of helps!

I have been looking into apts. and houses to rent.. Just looking at the moment..without the tax money we cant move but I still like to look and see what's out there and alot of times if you call apts, and ask if they will have one open in the next couple of months they usually know, so I can get some sort of idea ya know!
I am starting to get doubtful though because it is taking so long for the money from my ex to get here... I hope we get our 2005's back t his weekend.. It was a week today and they said IF we do get it, it will be 8-15 days... CROSS THEM FINGIES FOLKS!!
Things with B are still going pretty good.. We have our small stupid moments ya know but other than that things are going good... I think the boys are noticing too... They have been better lately too!!

Sonshine is just doing WONDERFUL since starting school.. He doesn't really act like the babish child he acts more grown up like Sonderful. It is really awesome!!
They are getting along a bit better now and have more to talk about.. They compare school stories now it is so much fun!! If I didn't know for sure before I do now, I am so done having kids!! LOL I know that may sound bad but I am so content right now. The boys are at a really fun age right now!!
Oh all you ones with your boys.. just you wait!! They may be rotten as heck now but when they are older it is funny rotten(YA, They stay rotten..lol).. Sonderful loves to just pick at me all the time.. Both do actually, what Sonderful does Sonshine follows..LOL
He likes to make fun of me but in a fun way ya know... They do know how far they can go and how far they can't..LOL I JUST LOVE MY BOYS!! =)

Welp I think that I have rambled enough... I am off to catch up on blogs and @popsugar!
Hope evryone has a great Wednesday!! Check soon for a new look.. I am gonna start to work on one... I am gonna try Java's idea, but I don't know if I will be able to make it look good or not..LOL I am gonna look for new blinkies too!!
Oh Java please please email me your home address!! I also need Kate's if you or April could please get it for me!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

::Happy 21st Birthday Billy::

Not much to blog about..LOL
I have to catch up on everyone's blogs today, It has been a bit...
I hope everyone has a great day today!!
See told ya nothing to blog about, just wanted to wish my bro a happy birthday and say hi to my peeps!! HAHAHA

Sunday, March 19, 2006

::Been a few days!::

Hi guys!!
Wow, I have barely even turned my computer on the last few days!!
This weekend seemed sooo long!! I love those ones!!
What did everyone do this weekend??

Friday, we went out with my Dad and celebrated St. Patty's Day! Nae and Trucker watched the boys for us..Thanks again!!!

Saturday B had to work and my Dad and I just kind of vegged all day here...Brian picked the boys up from Nae's and I had dinner done for him... And we just hung out and watched Wrestleing on NBC and then the new show Conviction!! And a bit of SNL!

Today , B is at work again.. I hate when he has to work Sunday's!!
Dad just left a little big ago and I hve some cleaning up to do! The boys are playing a game and I am catching up on online things.. I have go through my email later on.. Got tons of dishes and a load or two of laundry to do and If I get frisky I may wash the kitchen floor..LOL

Still no tax check from the ex... I am getting aggrivated as hell.... I got it around this time last year so it is bugging me that it is not here yet!! GRRRRRRRRR!!

Other than that not much going on, just relaxing.. It was fun to have my Dad here it has been awhile since he came to stay for a weekend.. I love that he is moved back up here now!! I just hope that I get our tax money soon so I can throw him a few bucks for gas to go get his personal stuff from my Step Mom, and then he can start his new life up here!!

Update on my Sis!! Her little baby bean(we are HOPING for a boy) is due OCTOBER 26TH! She has had some HELLISH morning sickness.. I sure hope it settles for her soon!! I am so excited to be an Auntie again!!!

I also have to think of something new for a banner for my blog.. St. Patty's Day is over so it is Easter decorating time!! =)

Not to much really going on.... I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Have a great Sunday!!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

::Happy St. Patty's Day::

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAIZA!!!! I hope your having a great day today!!!!
Happy St. Patty's Day, Lads and Lassies!!! I hope your all in a festive and green mood today!!!
Anyone eating any corn beef today... Apparently today if your Catholic, you are allowed to eat meat on a Friday, because and only because it is St. Patty's day! So have all the corn beef you want!!! I myself don't eat it... B does and he will be getting a samich some time today...LOL

Welp I am off just wanted to say and wish Raiza a happy birthday!!!!

Have a great St. Pat's everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

::Howdy All::

Hey Hey Hey!! How is everyone's Thursday going??
Mine is going good!! Having a good day, got quite a bit accomplished I think, for how I have been feeling anyways..LOL

I cleaned the bathroom, washed the bathroom carpets and toliet cover, washed the floor and counter, The shelves in the shower, Dang forgot to clean the mirror, lol I knew there was something I forgot to do in there!
I got a load of dishes, still have a bit to do.. Got ALL the dirty clothes washed and 3 blankets done... FOLDED AND PUT AWAY!! Vac. the hall and the livingroom..
Called Nae she came and got me and the boys and we took B's check so he could sign it and we could pick up a family discount coupon my for my step sis(her sis), and then cashed his check, got taco hell for dinner for all of us! And even got a bottle and some redbull!! SHHH B don't know about that yet...LOL Since I have his money and he doesn't...hahaha

Now Sonshine is in the tub, Sonderful is off at a pack meeting for cub scouts,B is still at work(he gets off @8) and I am about to get ready for my tv tonight!!

WOW, I am tired..LOL

Things are going good with B and I the last few days so that is nice! I really really think if we both try we can make it.. I don't feel like I am in limbo anymore, I love my Husband and I just can't bare to loose him..
Welp it is almost 7:30 , Entertainment Tonight is coming on, that starts my Thursday night tv!! Hope you all have a wonderful night!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blog Challenge for Monday (Yes I know it is Wednesday!):
All about Blogging! from BonnieRose
But Borrowed from ScrappinMom

1. What time of year do you blog the most? I blog all the time...LOL

2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least? Like above..I blog all the time!

3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging? In the am before or after the boys are off to school!

4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless?
I visit my blog buddies everyday if I am online!!

5. Do you change your blogroll often?
No, I haven't changed it in a while, but I do have to get rid of my diet blog that is on it since it don't exist anymore!

6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments?
ALOT! I check everytime I log online

7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker?
I reply to all the blogs on my blog roll.. The only other blog I read is popsugar.com and it is a celebrity gossip one so I dont reply!

::Whoopi Doo It's Wednesday!::

Good afternoon all!!
How is everyone today? I'm doing ok today!!
B had to be at work at 7 this morning, Sonderful and Sonshine are both at school.. I will be heading down in about 20 minutes to get Sonshine.. OMG IT IS COLD AS HELL OUT!! Sonshine and I were both dying this morning standing at the bus stop, I am sure Sonderful was to, I dont walk with him down there anymore.. He is in the 4th grade..LOL

So what is going on today folks??
So far I have done 2 loads of laundry, checked email and did my daily popsugar gossip reads!!
I am a tabloid/celebrity gossip hound!!

After B gets home from work and Sonderful home from school we have to head out to H&R Block to sign our taxes so that they can get sent out asap!! And then she will efile 2005! I just want it done, I am NOT getting my hopes up that we will get any of that money but if we do it is looking like a NICE amt even AFTER the student loan gets taken out!!!
I still have NOT gotten the ex's check yet, I am sooo waiting for it..LOL
Now I am sitting here watching Access Hollywood waiting to get Sonshine!
They are talking about the new Dallas movie! I don't know how much I will like JLo as Sue Ellen but having Shirley Mclaine as Miss Ellie is great!! John Travolta as JR, and Owen Wilson as Bobby.. I am not to sure of those either... Kind of a weird cast..
And the new Welcome Back Kotter! ICE CUBE AS KOTTER?? WTF IS THAT????
Is Hollywood runing out of original movies to make or something.. Some shows just don't need a movie made out of them. Welcome Back Kotter, I don't think that I will be in a big hurry to see that one,but it is Ice Cube and I like him as an actor.. So I dont know we will see!

I watched the first hr of AI lastnight... I was not to thrilled to hear them all sing Stevie Wonder, most of them were not to good lastnight.. I did not watch the second hr so I dont know how the rest of them did, and I still say Simon and Paula just need to get together already..LMAO

Welp it is almost time to get Sonshine!! I hope everyone has a great day!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

::I'm Scared::

Of everything!!!
Today was bad with B. And it all started because he had a damn smoke in the bathroom.. I HATE SMOKING IN THE BATHROOM!! I have asked him for the 5 years we have lived here NOT to do it yet he still does, to me that show total disrespect!
I got up and soon as I opened the bathroom door I about died, And I smoke! It was so smelly and smokey in there I lost it!
I just don't think he respects me and that is huge for me.. I am all about the respect and I expect that with my family too. I give it 100% if you give it back to me!
Things are so very shaky right now, and I am just scared.
I am still so confused, I dont know what will help us. I don't want to completely give up but yet he is not doing anything to make me want to stay! It is so sad!

Ofcourse he says he does, says he loves me so very much and that if I left him it would kill him. Well it would kill me too.. He said how he thought things were getting better and we are reconnecting, Where he sees that I have no idea, and I told him that today..
I also said alot of other things, I just can't live like this and I have to make a decision it is not fair to me, him or our boys!

Thats another thing, the boys.. I try and try and try NOT to fight around them but I get so mad and upset I yell.. I can't help it.. Today I heard Sonshine ask B why Mommy yells at him(Brian) all the time.. OMG THAT KILLED ME! I am so hurt by this!
That really really makes me feel like shit! I wish I knew how to control my yelling, I am so so so scared that my children are being affected because when I get angry or upset I yell.. I don't breath and walk away I yell... I KNOW it is affecting them or Sonshine would never say something like that... I don't know how to help myself, How the hell am I supposed to help my kids or my Husband if I am so miserable all the time, and making them that way!

I don't know what to do, I need help I think and I am afraid to get that help! I honestly don't think I am good for anyone the way I am right now! I don't want to get out of bed, I dont want to clean, I dont want to do anything anymore and it makes me so sad to be this way,I know I can't be making life altering decisions while my mind feels the way it does.. But I dont know how to help my self or where to begin. I thought I could just push it away and I thought I could just make myself better, I have gone my whole life depressed and I have made it this far. But now it is startin to affect the way my kids think of me and I dont want them to end up miserable and hating me... And I am scared that I think I have passed the depression on to Sonderful. He used to be such a happy go lucky kiddo,Sometimes he is just a bump on a log! OMG What am I doing? How in the hell have things gotten this bad? And how do I fix it? What do I do?

Monday, March 13, 2006


Come back in about an hr...UGH... It keeps MAJOR DOWNPOURING and stopping, going and stopping, thundering and lightening, And in about 20 minutes I have to WALK down and WAIT for Sonshine to get off the bus..OH PLEASE DON'T LET IT RAIN WHEN I HAVE TO LEAVE...LOL
So how is everyone today? I feel good today! I don't know why, maybe it is all the rain.. And the fact that my ex called and told me he recieved the letter from the irs stating that they took his money, so I HOPE it is on it's way here!!! WE SOOOO DESPERATELY NEED IT NOW!!
And the rain, oh it has not stopped since yesterday... It is ok if you dont have to go out in it, I dont mind it that way, and it is so clensing (sp?), I just want to clean and get up and do do do ya know!! AHH That is why I love spring.. I just hate going out in the rain, otherwise I sometimes enjoy listening to it!!

Not much going on same old same old!!
Hope this finds you all well today!!
Oh one more thing...
I changed my email address... If you did not recieve an update on the new one please let me know and I will get it to you!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

April::Mary::And Kate!!!

Sorry for using all your real names but it's more personal!!!
Ok for some reason my yahoo mail is being a real PITA, So I have to post this here at my blog, It let me email April but wont' let me reply to it now...WEIRD!! I am changing to a new email addy today I believe!!

Anyhoo I can feel this is gonna be LONG...lol.....
LADIES, What can I say but THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!
I got my WONDERFUL package yesterday!! The boys thought it was so funny that Mommy was so excited to get a package in the mail! They are the ones that get the good stuff, but yesterday I did! And was just awwed by what I saw when I opened the box!! It took me a bit to figure out the corner curver gadget, but I's eventually did!! LOL
Everything is great really, You all know me thats for sure, All the colors of the pages are soooo pretty!!! My favorites!!! I am gonna be having alot of fun playing around and creating new things!! YAAY!!!
You guys just started my hobby for me, that's all I needed to get my butt in gear, I will be working on stuff later on tonight when the boys are in bed, I will take pics to share!!
I am excited to get started and make my very first layout!!
You girls will never know how much this means to me to know that you chose to do such a wonderful thing for me, It totally brought the biggest smile and my Husband thanks you for that, he hasn't seen me smile in a while!! =)
Oh no I am crying now!!

SORRY, BUT, I have to get a little sentimental here!!
About 6 or 7 years ago I HATED the word computer..LOL My best friend and old roomate Jeff was always on and on about them, and at the time I barely was on one. Well he eventually gave me my very first computer(sadly my ex destroyed it) And with that computer it started it all!! I was then and there a junkie!! LOL
He even helped me set up my very first yahoo email acct..
But I honestly would of never thought that I would meet so MANY WONDERFUL people because of a computer.

I met my best friend Jason from MI playing Yahoo Euchre,We are still super tight even though we have only met in person once, Brian OKed him to come to Ohio a few years ago on my birthday and spend the weekend and go out with me and my family and friends 2 weeks before my wedding! It was so awesome!! Jay is awesome!! He is always there for me and vice versa!! We talk often, but not often enough on the phone...

Then about a year after meeting Jay on the computer but not yet in person, I happened to play against a funny guy in Ohio one night, well here we are 5 years later married!! We are not perfect, but God I feel we are perfect for each other!! I just wish we weren't going through such a hard time, Do you think it is a challenge from God to see if we honestly are taking our marriage serious and that we really love each other, is he trying to make us see it or something??

Then, about 4 years ago,the computer also brought me to Mary =)
I was looking for online photo contests AND a place to talk with other Moms, well I ended up in a pagaent group that was so not for me..LOL But Mary took time after seeing me post an intro, to email me and invite me to a board she frequented!

Then and there started many great friendships, When after a year of me posting at that board Candlelady and Mary opened up MO! And I was the first member to join, Unless Rachelle was and I was second but it doesn't matter,MO has created so many wonderful friends that I will love and cherish forever!!

I know I will have many wonderful times with these ladies and I know that most of them is only through the computer but it's still like I go through what they go through!!
Many people I talk about my online friends to that aren't into the internet and stuff like we are think it is weird..LOL But not me, because I honestly can say you are ALL my friends!! And I know some day I will meet many of you in real life!! It has been amazing going through many of your pregnancy's and watching so many children grow up, and being a part of your lives!! And I have enjoyed sharing my life with all of you!! I talk about my online friends all the time, B and the boys know many of you well..LOL But they enjoy it because I enjoy it! Hell Brian will even sit with me at the computer at MO! and do games and trivia and stuff.
He knows most over all people how much you ALL mean to me because him and I met just playing cards by total chance!!

Thank you so much for always being there and standing by me through all the good and the bad!! And I know I will need you all for the rest of my life.. Nae and I were talking the other day and laughing because we were talking about we will be sharing our grandkids with you all, Hey kids, go over there and get MO up on the computer for Granny Ali..hahaha how fun will that be!!!

Sorry I got all sappy and sentimental but after getting the package it really just hit me and I just had to tell all my friends how much they really really mean to me!!

Again, Thank you April, Mary and Kate!!
And Mary and Kate can you please email me your home addresses please!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

AWW Poor Sonshine!

He has a double ear infection! I knew knew knew I should of had him into the docs before today..but I just didn't have a way, and I am so sick of asking for rides places! We are already gonna lose money for today UNLESS by chance B gets to have a personal day today, he has to call and see if he has to come in for the rest of the night or not..
My poor baby has just been miserable since Sunday! He is soo not his self.. So they have him on a teaspoon of Omnicef a day for 10 days. We had to wait about 45 mins to see the doc and were out in about 8 minutes..LOL Sonshine was a trooper!! He did a great job... He also has a NASTY cough! and is really congested!! Poor thing!!

As for me, Well things are always shitty.. If it isn't one thing it's another,With B not doing taxes for a few years we found out now we are gonna have to pay ALOT in back city taxes =(
NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT!! I have to quit thinking of moving I guess...

I try to talk to my Mom about it and *what if* I do have to move just the boys and I, And ALL I get from her is negativity on how I won't be able to cause I have no job, lic. blah blah blah.. THAT is not what I need to be hearing right now ya know.. Once I would just like for my MOm to be positive towards me, I dont understand why it is me that is the failure, why it is me that just isn't good enough for her =( She is the same way if I talk about B and I moving with the boys, people probably won't rent to us, our credit is to bad, blah blah blah

It just excites me to think about moving, I even been planning room themes this and that.. But she is right I suppose.. I cant move out on my own. And most likely won't be able to move at all.. The more and more I think about it, I feel she is right, I do feel like a failure!
And I guess that is just life and what has come for me!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

::It's Back!::

YAAY!! The OC is back on tonight!!!!
I am so happy!!! Today has been a nice day so far!!
Sonderful is at school!! Sonshine is playing a video game for a bit! B is on his way to work and I am posting some mad trivia at MO! lol In a bit I will take a break to do dishes! and vacum!
But for now we are having fun in there!!

Not much to do today, the norm!
Not sure what the heck we will have for dinner tonight.. I have to figure something out!

Lastnight was fun, B and I sat here at the computer and played HOURS of Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy at Uproar.com after the boys were asleep! While he was talking with his buddy I played some Rock and Roll Jeopardy at Sony.com
It was so fun that I even didn't want to watch the new episode of L&O..LOL I love when we hang out and do things together, the night before last we played hours of yahtzee!
The only downfall to the Wheel game is you only get one puzzle then the bonus round. But they are fun to play.. I wish I could find wheel of fortune for ps2...

So that is really all I did lastnight.. The boys didn't want much to eat lastnight so they chose tv dinners..Ofcourse Sonshine wasted his as usual..UGH!! B made himself 2 budget gourmet meals(he buys them for work) and I had notta..lol I just didn't feel like eating, I had 2 tacos at lunch...
I am thinking of buying him Sonshine Pediasure.. I am so worried he is malnourished he really hates eating.. It is strange!! But he drinks TONS.. So I am going to make him an appt for different things.. I want him tested again for diabities(sp?) it runs in both sides of the family so it is a must the way he drinks!!

Welp off to do a bit more in trivia forum at MO! Then off to make Sonshine(IF he will eat) and I lunch.. MMM French Toast!!!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

::Happy Hump Day::

Hey all!! Happy Wednesday!!
Well I have decided to keep Sonshine home from school for the rest of the week.. He goes M-Th. for 2 hrs aday but he is still kind of pale and now he is saying his throat hurts and he sounds like his throat is swollen..Poor lil guy, I think I will make him an appt tomorrow...So since he missed 3 days so far and tomorrow is the last day for the week, I think he will just go back on Monday! He is always the one in the family that gets sick most often(besides B he is always complaing he dont feel good) Say a little prayer that my Sonshine starts to feel better..He has done nothing but lay around for 3 days =(

Sonderful has achievement tests all week this week! He missed the one on Monday but I am sure he was not the only one so I bet they have a make up day!!!
Every year when we get the results of these tests he is always above average, I hope that stays this year too!!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR B TO GO BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!! He has to be in at 11 today and wont get off till 8... OMG I just can't take him having days off during the week.. I would rather him have them off on the weekends.. What are you gonna do right??

So I think today I am going to search a bit for a few houses and/or apts for rent.. The only way to make it possible is by trying and I know for a fact NOTHING gets done unless I do it.. I am determined to be outta here by end of summer before school starts up in August!!
Hey Raiza, I am going to look in your neck of the woods girlie!! Wouldn't it be great if we lived right by each other again?? I think so!! And Nae is right around the corner too!!

Welp that is about all for now... I will be making a post about all the new movies I have watched lately... We have been renting TONS...and they are all pretty darn good!!
I am off to read blogs and check the local newspaper site for homes for rent!!
Have a great day all!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

::Catching Up CONT'D::

Hey again!!
I am home and relaxing!!
Nae and I had a nice time.. We headed to Denny's for Brunch!! I have missed Denny's coffee!! YUMMY!!!
It was totally unexpected, I just thought we were going to chit chat here, but hey unexpected is great!! Fun time! and WE BOTH NEEDED IT!!
I just sat and read a magazine after she dropped me off, B played on the computer, Now Ian(B's buddy) is over and will hang for a bit..

But while I was out with Nae, My Dad was here, I just missed him =(
Oh well I guess he is offically a NORTHeast Ohioan again! So I will be able to see him all the time!! He went today and had all his imp. stuff transfered to my Bro's address, so I guess it is official him and my Step MOm are seperated. But I guess it is for best, if neither is happy!
So I hope comes by sometime this week!! I have barely seen him and he has been up here 4 days, oh well soon!!

So now I am just chillen on here a bit, gonna maybe add and take away some blinkies that I just am not into anymore..LOL
And update the birthday list I have there
Nae is there a birthday besides Lesley's in March on your side of the famdamily?

Welp off to see what is up in my friends lives today!! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!

::Catching up::

Hi all!!
Hope all is well!!
First off I wanted to catch up on a few things I have been meaning to jot down to my friends in a post that I have not done yet!!
Raiza, I am so glad to hear Criss is home!! And that you had ALL 4 of your boys together after months and months!!!
Hopefully the job hunt will go well for Criss!!
Java I hope you like your banner at MO! And did your cat come home yet? I noticed that in the cast part at your blog that it says he did.
Jibagz, I have not forgotten about ya, I will email you back asap!! Sooo sorry it is taking me so long!!!
Miss Gina, I hope you had a great first day at work yesterday!!! I am sure you will blog about it, But I am anxious to know..LOL
Scrappingmom I will be emailing you about some scrapbooking stuff I am interested in at your website!! I found a few but I need to know prices first..LOL

AHHHH Ok Those are all things I Have been meaning to ask or mention and so since I was thinking of a few right now that I wanted to do after posting this post I figured just put them in here..LOL
I hope you all are having a great day! I AM SO EXCITED... It is going to be in the 60s this weekend!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING SOOO LONG!!! I know it won't stay warm everyday JUST YET, but it will.. By the end of the month, my favorite weatherman said that the end of March the average temps SHOULD BE high 50s low 60s... AHHHH Come on...... I know it is just a little bit aways...

I have been so very sentimental lately.. Been thinking alot about Nae and Trucker's wedding, it is what really brought B and I together, and with all the problems going on, well I just have been thinking about us alot lately and it always brings me back to their wedding.. OH WHAT A NIGHT!! We were just friends till after the wedding!!! I love my Husband so much, But I won't just settle for survival anymore!!

Oh Nae's here, Oh she must be on that damn phone, it is taking her forever(I swear thing is glued to her ear..lol)

I will write more in a bit....

Monday, March 06, 2006


Boy o boy! The sickies are rough!!!
The boys are soo sick! Sonderful is throwing up, Sonshine is throwing up and has a very high fever I have no thermometer so I have no idea what it is.. I have to get one!!
Sorry all if I have not been replying to blogs these days..
I just am blah ya know... I hate being so upset and feel like this when everyone I know is doing so well and having such good things happen for them... I just pray that good will find me!!
Welp off to tend to the sick kids!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Um, Can we say LAME?

OMG!! Never again am I gonna waste a chance at a sitter for sitting on my ass doing what I can do with them in bed!!
And that is just what we did! I am so bummed!!
He finally got back from his Moms about 2 or 3ish yesterday afternoon, We had to head out to H&R Block to turn in all B's W2's he has collected(We are doing our taxes for 02,03,04,05) He never did those.. DUMBY! But with my mom working there it is completely free so there is no reason not to get caught up! So far we have 04 and 05 done with about 4,000 going towards the student loan!! We don't have to be there, she can just give the rest of it to my Mom when she is done! So we got that done!! I have been naggin for years of course for him to do them and he just didn't give a fuck! Sad but reality!! =(

So then we headed to my brothers that is about 10 minutes from the tax place!
We ordered dinner, watched that 70s show and bullshitted for a bit and left!
Thats it !!
Came home I made a drink and we TRIED to watch Walk the Line but the cd didnt work so we have to take it back to blockbuster and get a diff. one.. That really blew it was just starting to get good too..lol So we watched the end of Boogeyman and Hustle and Flow.. Great movies.. I wish they would of used the alternate ending on The Boogeyman, that was WAYY better than the one they did use..LOL
I had 3 drinks and he was asleep on the floor before 11:30, So I watched one skit from SNL and went to bed, sad and crying!
On the relationship front......
I bathed, shaved, fixed my self all up for a nice night hoping to have some romance.. But instead I put on my nightgown and went to bed alone again while he layed on the livingroom floor snoring away! Ofcourse I wanted to have a few drinks so I did not get any nyquil so since I only had 3 drinks I did not have a buzz so I could n't sleep and had nightmares etc... Just miserable!

So just as I said was gonna happen, he is just acting like a few weeks ago didn't happen, Like I never found a SHITLOAD of porn magz and photos torn from other magz under my motherfucking bathroom sink, And that the fact that he DONT' want me. He is completely acting like it never happened, I know he is thinking that soon as I get the ex's money I will be buying him a car and this and thatand have nothing left to move on..
HELL NO, I am using that money to better me and my boys!! If this is how our relationship is going to be I dont want to be in it anymore,and everyday it gets worse and worse!! He does nothing to change him or us or nothing to better him or us and I cry and sleep alone in my bed...
I know there is something going on in his head or with him, but for the life of me I have no idea what it is, By saying what he did the other day about not wanting to have more kids that is why he doesn't want ot have sex was a fucking excuse for soemthing, I can tell!! Something is going on and it is making ME miserable.. I honestly don't think he could be or would cheat on me. He honestly has no time! He is never but work and home, and if he is not at one of them he is at the store getting something for the family. He never just goes out or does things alone. Not that he isn't allowed or anything..LOL He just says he would rather spend his freetime with us.. Which also says he loves us right?
Then WTF is wrong with him? Girls I am seriously concerned, NO man goes without sex, for real! So I know he is doing soemthing to ease himself..but why the hell is it not with me?
*HUGE SIGH* I am really at a loss for words on what to say about everything that is happening..err or NOT happening with my relationship...
I guess I am just destined to not have a relationship! =(
Songs just listened to-- Blurry and She Hates Me by Puddle Of Mudd
Now listening to my playlist on my computer-- Photograph by Nickelback

OH AND Hey Nae... I was wondering if B could run by and get my magazines one day after work?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

AHH Just me and Kid!!

Kid Rock that is!!
I am sitting here drinking some Maxwell House and listening to Kid Rock's Cocky!
This is my favorite Kid Rock CD. And every chance I get I have been listening to it for days!!, I have the UNKIDFRIENDLY version so I can't listen to it while the boys are around! They are on their way to Grandmas so it is in!
This cd also has my ABSOLUTE favorite song ever on it!! Midnight Train to Memphis!
You guys this song is just so amazing! It really really gets me! He sounds awesome, the music to it ROCKS! And after a bit David Spade is in it, and it makes you giggle like hell.. And it gets heavy and then regular slower again, IT TOTALLY ROCKS!!
The lyrics are just beautiful!!
I wanted to post them for ya, If you are a fan of Kid Rock I recomend you download this song, and if you have the cd and may have bypasse the song, Listen to it! I absolutely love it!!
Kid Rock - Midnight Train To Memphis Lyrics
I was hiding from the sun once again
I was running from the time my friend
I've lost another war
So, I poured one more and went home drunk again
She was up when the key hit the lock
And the clock looked at me just like the devil in disguise
I saw it in her eyes - she'd be gone before the evenin'
So, I poured another strong one and chopped a line from here to
Cause I've lost another good one - she's on the midnight train
to Memphis
With a brand new start, I swore I'd love from the heart
I meant to change my ways
But I've seen better days than the one's that's here this
With a wife and kids at home with a job some where on some
assembly line
I wish I had that life - I bet you wish you had mine
So, let's pour another tall one and chop a line from here to
Cause I've lost another good one - she's on the midnight train
to Memphis
[David Spade]
Dude, what station is this? K snooze?
Kid Rock I thought he was the American bad ass
He's putting me to sleep. Nudge me if he gets over five
I knew his first album was a good one
But that's the way I am
And this is how I jam
All across the land from Alabam to bandstand
Doped up rebel with an attitude
So f**k a bitch
So f**k a bitch
So f**k a bitch
I won't switch won't quit my vices
Flip the script cause I'm gonna slice the righteous
Haven't you heard I don't refrain
Free as a bird and so I won't change
Livin it up Givin it up f**kin shit up
I'm gonna run my track from the D to Nantucket
So f**k it - If you don't dig that, you can suck it.
And it don't
And it don't
With an old suitcase, I swear I'll leave this place
I'll get you back in time
Can't drink you off my mind. So, I'll see you when I'm sober.
I been looking for some reasons, but I ain't found one down in
I been changing with the seasons
Walked in a new line back to Memphis.

Awesome huh? LOL
I have also been listening to Candlebox alot lately!
I am also blinking hunting and blog animation organizing..LOL
I know I probably have to many but I love it, and I just love having the blog and it is the only thing that is mine..LOL So I have to personalize to me..That takes work.LOL And ofcourse I keep finding tons more I like that I have never come across.. AHH Gotta love Google! =)
So the main reason for the post was to mention my Kid Rock obession at the moment.. His cd is over now, and Candlebox is in..LOL
Oh and since I was on a Kid Rock Kick I was looking at tour dates, I did not see anything for him coming to Cleveland but it is still early.. It was summer when he came lasttime, But I am FOR SURE going again! He plays at the best place..20 Bucks for lawn seats and we always get a great spot!!
Welp, off to blinkie hunt!!
I am really getting in a GREAT MOOD! My Dad is in town, My Brothers asshole roomates moved out so I think we may head over to his house because my Dad is staying there anyway so I am gonna take my bottle of 3 Olives and some redbull and have a great night!! I AM SO READY FOR ADULTS AND DRINKS..LOL
Have a great day all!!
Have a great Saturday!

::Good Morning::

Good morning friends!!
How is everyone today?
I just woke up an hr ago so things are so far ok here..LOL
I was EXHAUSTED yesterday! WHEW!!!

How was everyone's Friday night??
Ours was nice! Hubby got home from work about 4:30, Sonderful got home from school about 4 oclock and about 5 I heard my Dad was stopping by. He had left about 3:30 or so from his place so I thought he would have been there shortly, By 5:30 we left him a note and a key if he showed up cause we HAD to get to the grocery store, we had zilch..lol
So the 4 of us headed up to Blockbuster and then to Giant Eagle, did the shopping thing, and headed home. Dad got here shortly after I got everything put away! He didn't stay long, shot the shit for a few then he headed out to my Brothers place. I was so hoping he would of stayed with me lastnight but ohwell.. Not sure how long he is in town for, I think he said a week or so. Him and my Step Mom are having some problems so he is taking the week to figure shit out..
Boy are we alike or what? LOL That is totally what I need and have been wanting to do and here he is doing it..LOL I hope and pray that evrything will work it self out! I don't want him to be alone But I dont want them to stay married if they are not happy either! Please keep my Dad and Step Mom in your thoughts!!!

So after he left Hubby did up some dishes, I could up some homemade hamburger helper(one of my fav. dishes) and we all sat and had a good family dinner together! After dinner the boys watched Zathura and I read some of a magazine and Hubby farted around on the computer.. When the boys went to bed, we started our movies. We watched The Weatherman.. OMG HILARIOUS!!! This is a GREAT MOVIE!!!
And then we watched Boogeyman.. ALSO GREAT From what I saw, I was too exhausted and had to hit the hay so I have to watch the parts I missed tonight.lol
Don't know what time Hubby went to bed. I took Nyquil and was OUT.. After yesterday I was drained.. If I dont take Nyquil I am up tossing and turning or not sleeping at all, OR I have HORRIBLE nightmares.. Didn't want those after wtching most of The Boogeyman..LMAO

So today I woke up feeling great, Nyquils do that to me!!
Been up since about 8:30 this morning, and Hubby is asleep with me naggin at him to get up now on the couch..LOL
He has to head out to a friends to drop off some paint, and then take the boys to his Moms, she is watching him for us tonight!
Not that we will do anything becuase I dont want to spend money we dont have..UGH
But he still wanted her to watch them, Now me I would of saved it for something else..But anyhoo she is watching them, so I am not sure what is planned for tonight.. We still have a few movies to watch, I have to finish Boogeyman and we have Walk the line, and Hustle and Flow to watch!
So that is Friday and Saturday in a nutshell..LMAO

Welp I am off to get his ass up... He has to get out there!! These kids are getting ansy..LMAO
Have a great Saturday!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

At the end of my F'ing rope!!

OMG I totally need a break! This is just miserable!!
I sooo did NOT want to wake up in a mood like this.. I pity anyone that fucks with me today! Seriously!
I wake up this morning BEFORE the alarm to Sonderful telling me that Sonshine crapped his f'ing pants lastnight, IN HIS SLEEP! OMG HE IS 4!! So I am making him an appt, he has to quit peeing the bed, but shitting it...OMG Why ? How? ONLY AS A BABY DID THAT EVER HAPPEN!!
his poor little bottom was so red and it hurt him so badly, I had to throw him in a nice warm bubble bath at 7 am, And he tried to clean it up before I knew about it, which is great, But it just made things worse, ya know.. Oh I just feel so bad for yelling at him like I did, and crying hysterically,but you guys, I mean a person can only deal with so much, and right now God is throwing to much at me and I don't know why =( =( =(

It was so gross, and the poor kid had to have done it early in the night or the middle of the night, NOWAY did it happen shortly before he woke up.. So before I even had a cup of coffee I am cleaning up shit! I was histerical and crying! I feel completely bad but I freaked the hell out!
I just couldn't take it, I made my boy cry and that bothers me more, and makes me even more mad, I just yelled and started crying, I just can't take anymore really!

All in all this really just topped the cake.. I am just so fed up with everyfrickenthing! I am fed up that Sonderful won't do his f'ing homework after school, I have to bring it up, I am so tired of Sonshine NOT cleaning up toys or things he plays with or gets into, I am tired of my Husband and his shit!
I am tired of living in a shithole trailer, being broke as hell all the time, borrowing from peter to pay paul so we are broke already at paycheck day! And I mean really broke to the point where we have ZILCH money, And lots of people have stuff to draw from, able to put some in the bank, We dont even have a fucking bank acct.. We ONLY have money the day he gets paid and a few days later, seriously it is so embarrassing and sad.. And he makes ok money.. It is not the greatest or anything but I am sure we would be doing ok...
I am tired of my rent being late, I am tired of the fact that I am stuck in this piece of shit allday long with no friends around or family that visits, I am tired of being embarrassed with my life! I am tired of my boys doing without because we *can't afford it* BULLSHIT!! No more..If my Husband doesn't want to help the situation I will.. I have to.. Someone has to put these two boys first, they are and ALWAYS will be the most important people in this world and I will do anything for them!!!
Did I mention I was just tired?

Really things are that bad with me right now. I am sooo waiting for the ex's income tax so I can just get the hell outta dodge as fast as I can!
I am thinking screw a romantic getaway, I am going on one alone, seriously. I need some fucking time alone, I need some time to think about life, I need some time to sort life out, figure out if and where the road ends with my Husband and I, I seriously think I am going to take a weekend or a few days during the week after I get the money and just get away. I won't have the money to fly to Tx to visit Christine yet,but I will have the money for a few days away!!

What the hell is the point of going on a romantic getaway with a man who doesn't fucking want you anyway, What is the point of trying to save a marriage that is probably broken beyond repair, Or for surely is if only one person in the marriage is TRYING to do anything to fix it! Ya his excuse for NOT wanting to have sex with his wife.. "We need to do something so we don't have kids"
WTF? Are you kidding me, We had one scare and that produced Sonshine! It is not like every month I am worried I am pregnant.. We know how to prevent that from happening, I don't want more children, I know how to take precautions I am not a fucking moron!
What a lame ass excuse and he is full of fucking shit!
I don't believe that is the reason he has not wanted sex in OVER 6months.
This pissed me off more than anything in a long time, I can't believe he seriously stood there and said that to me!!

I am sad about it and it hurts more than anyone could ever know, but I am over with trying anymore! I am so hurt and sadden by the way things with us have progressed over this past year and really I dont know if I want it to continue.. I dont know if he will read this or not but if he does I hope he knows how much I love him and our family and how much I have tried to make things work but they just aren't! I want him to know that I will be forever grateful to him for giving my my wonderful wonderful Sonshine!!
But saddly love just isn't enough anymore! And people think marriage is just something that you say, I love him this should be easy, It doesn't work that way. He always says I love you, we love each other we can make it work.. No if you dont' try it wont work! And a person can only do so much ya know!!

Now I find out some info on my dad and stepmom lastnight, will find out some more today, but things there aren't looking so great either!!
I just don't know what to do anymore, But I do know that come summer, No way will my sons and I still be living here.. I think I will wait till after school is over but that is it, I will not be here after that!! My Husband wants to try to sell this place.. What a load of shit... NOWAY Is he gonna get anything for this place.. ESPECIALLY if he doesn't do anything to fix it up.. He always talks about selling it but you can't sell a half painted trailer with bad floors that anytime you can cave in, where the ceilling leaks and the fridge leaks, the kitchen sink leaks and OMG NO WAY , I AM SO OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Lots of different things.. First off...
I AM GONNA BE AN AUNTIE AGAIN!! My Sister Hilary called me this morning to tell me she took a test and has been getting sick in the am! The one line was really clear the other not so clear but visible! So she is gonna take another in a few days, but she swears she is expecting!
Congrats, Hilbug, Bunk and Ally!!
AWW My Sonny Helga(Thats what I call my niece Allyson Helga Marie) is gonna be a big sister!!
She has been telling her Mommy that she wants to take the baby out now..LOL
Congrats to Husker, Java, Princess and Lil Buddy on the birth of the newest member of the family!! Blue says she is adorable and I can't wait to meet her!!!
Those are my announcements..LOL
Not much going on today.. It is soo crappy out!!
Today is Thursday my FAVORITE day of the week...
I hope Hubby's check is here today, I highly doubt it will be probably not till tomorrow, but a gal can hope right! I would love to have a few drinks while watching Deal or No Deal, Earl and the Office and ER!!
No OC tonight but thats ok, I finally get to watch Earl!!
I am stoked about ER though!! Dr. Carter is back for an episode!!
Hubby is about to make us some cheeseburgers, he don't have to be at work till 3 today!!
The boys are in school and I am about to chill and watch some tv!!
I hope your all having a great day!! I myself am having MO withdrawls!!
Any ideas what broke it this time?? LOL
Have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

::Wednesday Shemendsday::

LOL Good morning friends!!
HAPPY MARCH!!!! The countdown has begun for Spring!!
Happy Lent!! Anyone giving anything up for Lent? I believe I am spelling it right!!
I am going to be giving up pork!
I hope this find you all doing well!!

2 Guys down, One to go!! Sonderful just left a few minutes ago to head to the bus stop, Hubby had to be at a training session about an hr away at 7 this morning! Not sure what time he gets home, he has to go to work after the session.. Sonshine and I will be heading down to get him on the bus in oh about 20 minutes or so!! Then I willl have 2hrs alone!! To relax hear nothing but what I want to hear!! AHH I LOVE BEING ALONE..lol Is that weird!!
I love my family you know that,but I love my time too!

Lastnight was such a nice relaxing evening! Our Friend Ian came by about noonish and hung out all day till about 4. The 4 of them watched The Brother's Grimm.. NOT my kind of movie so I fixed up my blog (ADDED and rearranged blinkies..YOU LIKEY??)then took a small nap while they watched that.
When I got up from my nap, Hubby was taking one..LOL So I figured he was not going to want to head out and pick a few things up from the grocery store, So I just asked him if we could order in.. Pizza and cheesey bread..YUMMY!! So I ordered dinner, got the boys a bath, right when they were about done, pizza came, Hubby got up we all ate and watched Deal or No Deal ofcourse..LOL The boys went to bed at 9 WITHOUT any complaints lastnight..WOOHOO!! Go me!!!
Then Hubby and I watched Scrubs and SVU... Then we watched Sienfield and Malcom and I headed to bed!!
Nice night!! Tonight will not be much different!!
Oh I can't wait till payday.. Sonshine BADLY needs a new coat!!His zipper is broken and Sonderful is in desperate need of pants!! Few more days and I can get them what they need!!
Welp, Off to get Sonshine ready to headout!!! Have a great Hump Day all!!