Sunday, September 25, 2005

::I have creators block::

UGH, This sucks.. I want so bad to make a few new websets for my websites and NOTHING is coming to me.. I get the bgs done and thats it...The font dnt look right, the graphics are not really what I want, so I scrap the whole thing and try again, the same thing is happening... Same with fun enhancements, I owe some halloween enhancements and THEY will get done but nothing is really coming to me... I dont know how to get myself back into the groove... I am not happy about the sets that are up on my sites now and it is killing me not finding one..LOL
What a gloomy day.... I decided to have my coffee from one of my Eeorye mugs today, lol It has not rained yet but it will, and it is kind of chilly.. It was SUPPOSED to be a high of 81 today..YA RIGHT... I guess that indian summer is NOT coming by Ohio just yet..LOL
I am so NOT ready for winter... And it is creeping up on us.. I would not be so against it coming if gas prices were NOT so damn high..We heat our home with heating oil and it is like a 300 gallon tank... and 150 gallons HALF A TANK is WELL OVER 500 bucks.... we have to get it filled here really soon and that just blows we dont have that type of money.. It is so sad that this country can charge so damn much for shit you HAVE TO HAVE... Pisses me right off..LMAO

Friday, September 23, 2005


Lastnight we had THE WORST thunder and lightening storm I remember.. Probably thanks to these stupid ass hurricanes the south keeps having.. Mother nature is pissed at this world I tell ya..LOL
So I am watching The OC. And BAM power out half way through it.. OMG, FREAKING OUT... Then it did NOT come back on till 11 pm... which is RIGHT AFTER E.R..UGH
Season premiere too..I just can't believe it... I was so disappointed, then ofcourse I couldnt even sleep like I tried because I was just damn scared of that storm, I am not normally afraid of thunder storms but that one scared me...
Tonight is Sonderful's kick off to boys scouts...all 3 of my guys will be going, cookout, campout the whole nine yards.. That means I have the WHOLE NIGHT ALONE... Beer, computer playing, music...sounds like a fun fun night to me..LOL
But I know that I will be owing Hubby a night alone..HAHAHA
and I wont even have to make them any din din because they are grilling out tonight at camping...
Have a great day!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

::Well it is Thursday::

YAA I have been waiting all summer.... The Apprentice and ER are FINALLY BACK!!! LOL
I have my normal Thursday back now... Starting at 8 with TheOC..HAHA
I know I am weird...
So I am just sitting here playing around in psp and remembered it has been a few days since I blogged, so here I am , though not much to talk about..LOL
Sonderful kicks off Boy Scouts tomorrow, with a meeting and campout... All the family is welcome BUT I think I may take advantage of a night alone..and just send the guys.. Both boys are so excited...
I could use the night alone with some peace and quiet..LOL
I will let everyone know how it goes..
Right now I am just sitting here listening to the LOUD ass noise outside.. Our landlord has to put all new water and sewer pipes in so he is FINALLY right by us..UGH My poor yard is going to be trashed...WAAAHHH
I am kind of wishing now that the AC was still in the winder because with the winders(yes I know I am not saying windows..But thats my word, winders..LOL)BUT with them open it is soo loud...UGH THIS BLOWS!!
And I bet our rent goes up to...ugh I hate living here...LOL
But other than that not much else is happening!!!
Please keep everyone in the path of Rita in your thoughts... Jayme, Miki, Angel and Pamula WE ARE ALL THINKING OF YOU!! Good luck and STAY SAFE!!!!!
Love you gals!!!
Have a great Thursday!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

::Happy Monday::

Well today was a good day!! I dont hve much housework to do, Sonshine is being really good today too, so that ALWAYS makes for a better day!! We practiced our ABC's today and our main goal today was having Sonshine practice tracing his name.. He does really good for just starting!!
PROUD MOMMA MOMENT.... Here is he is doing the tracing

Bottom photo is his final product!!!
Like I said a good day!!!
Sunday my 3 guys and I headed to Southern Ohio for my niece Allyson's 3rd birthday party... SO MUCH FUN! I love seeing my sisters, my nieces and nephews, and my Daddy, Oh ya can't forget about my StepMom either..LOL
I finally got to see my Aunt after NINE years!!! She has been living in California for over 20 years and just recently moved back to Ohio with her new fiance'. So she is staying with one of my sisters, so it was very great to get to see her again.. The last time I saw her she came to Ohio to see my Dad after he had 5 bypass heart surgery, 9 years ago.. She left the day before I had Sonsonderful. So she never met Hubby or the kids before..Well the kids she got to see a few weeks ago when they stayed in Southern Ohio for a week with my sister but that was the only time... and she has met my Hubby, whom actually has the same name as her Fiance..LOL
So all in all it was an awesome day.. They boys were very well behaved and LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing their cousins again..And Hubby and my Dad got their catching up to do..they are like 2 peas in a pod..LOL
I only get to see them every couple weeks or months so it is nice...
Other than our journey yesterday we did not do much over the weekend..
Oh Saturday, Momma had a VERY GOOD buzz on...HAHAHA
We went over to my Sisters and BIL's for his 30th birthday... That was soooo much fun!! I SO NEEDED THAT...LOL Thanks Nae for hving us over!!!
The kids ofcourse played all night with some of their other cousins from up here, then early to rise on Sunday morning WITH OUT a hangover for the 2hr ride to Southern Ohio..YAA GO ME..HEHE!!
Oh on a sad note, it is not looking like Sonshine will get into preschool anytime soon.. =(
I am so sad but that is why I have been practicing with him more myself... I need to find some worksheets to print out.. HMM WISH I HAD A PRINTER..LMAO
He starts speech at the end of the month so HOPEFULLY with us working with him and having a speech therepist he should be nice and ready for Kindergarten next fall!!!
Welp, thats about it for today...Maybe if something interesting comes up , I will blog again later!! Oh and I am NOT liking this new look..UGH Which means I have to do it again...LOL I have to find something Ilike but the templates here at blogger arent very appealing to me..LOL
Have a great Monday!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

I guess we need it but...

I HATE RAIN!!!!! LOL We did need it badly but it sucks and here is why...LOL
Well today started out stressful.. and made me feel like a horrible Mom =(
It is pouring here and our umbrella is broken so it is in the garbage...Well it hasnt been raining here,but with Ophella floating around over there by the Carolinas I should have figured it would be soon.. Well I have not gone out and bought Sonderful a new umbrella yet... HORRIBLE BAD MOMMY...Well we have no bus stop shelter and the bus stop is at the front of the trailer park..remember our place is TINY a horseshoe drive way and that is it 0-100 are the trailer numbers and a bunch are missing..LOL SO it is TINY..Anyway so he would have to walk to the front and then wait and wait and wait for the bus...UGH with NO way to drive him to school so he would HAVE to stand in the rain WITHOUT an umbrella.. =(
So being the quick but horrible Mommy I am, I say "Why dont you call Alex's"(a friend he has been hanging out with for about 2 yrs, lives down the road but NOT in our trailer park) I think they are going to be close friends for years to come..)Anyhoo, I say "Why dont you call Alex's and see if his Mom or Dad could come get you that way you can be outta the rain and hang with Alex" Alex has a bus shelter at the end of the driveway =)The nice family they are, his Dad came... They are such sweet people and the boys just love to hang out... Oh I sooo have to send them a thank you card or something...Any ideas? That was just totally awesome of them.. So that ended that stressful situation of the day... and you all thought I was kidding when I said that I have ATLEAST a few a day..LMAO
Other than that.. it is like 8:30 and I am so awake.. I guess it will be a cleaning day..LOL

Thursday, September 15, 2005

::Kind of BLAH::

Today has just not started out good..
It hasnt been horrible but I just feel so BLAHHHHHH...LOL
It started out with Sonderful lastnight actually... He just HATES doing homework... He is such a smart kid, makes the Honor Roll (Yes I'm EVERY report card and does great in school..But when it comes to homework he just hates it.. Well 4th grade they do things ALOT differently than they have in K-3 so I think he maybe having a hard time adjusting.. He has had this one reading sheet in his folder for 2 weeks.. And JUST started on it yesterday.. It's due today..UGH And it is DEFFINITLEY a paper that takes a few days to work on..well Idon't think he finished there is a bunch of points off his grade.. I told him this year I was not going to help him quickly finish his homework if he did not do it when he was told... If it is not done oh well it is him who will get the bad grade..Now I know that may sound mean but I have been dealing with him and his hatred of homework for 4-5 yrs now and it is getting old.LOL He KNOWS he has homework for a reason... He just does not give a rats ass...and I am so tired of fighting with him...So after 4 hrs on the same paper,still not done, I just said "GO TO BED I can't take anymore GO TO BED".. So soon as he got up dressed and breakfast I told him "get started trying to finish that homework". Where did he spend most of the next half hr in the bathroom.. Now in his defense he prolly had to go..LOL BUT I dont know sometimes he does that, he will go in there and *pretend* to go just to get outta shit.. I know my so I dont know but it pissed me off..soon as he knew it was time to work on the paper he did that..UGH So now well we will see what happens today....

He is totally changing into a different child.. I mean he used to be so upbeat, happy always wanting to play and learn kid.. NOW...All he wants to do is read (as long as it is by his choosing) watch tv and stupid PS2.. UGH I have a couch
He does not want to help out anymore around the house.. He is acting like a teenagr and he is only 9!
He has one chore besides keeping his room picked up(which he dont do that either).. Tuesday's are garbage days.. I tell him all I ask is that on the way home from the bus stop you grabbed the cans and bring them back to the house... IS THAT REALLY TO MUCH??? Ok I understand if you have to go to the bathroom right after school, go do your thing and come get the damn cans... BUT NO...Every week they are there for a few days, then Hubby or I just get them...UNLESS I gripe so much I just make him get them, but most the time I just leave it alone because I am tired of saying the same damn things over and over to these guys..ALL 3 OF THEM ARE DRIVING ME INSANE LATELY...LMAO

I just need a damn break. A girls night out away for one night.... Oh how I wish I had a friend that could get away one night with me, just the girls(a bunch of us would totally rock) And go have some dinner cocktails and party at a hotel for the night... with our S/O's watching our sweet darling children..LOL Isnt that a dream.. Well if anyone I know around me is reading this and you need night out give me a jingle..LMAO
That just sounds like a fun night doesn't it.... an old fashion pj party..HEHEHEHE
UGH, It is just one of them corny days I guess... I just really really do need a break away from these 3 and this hell hole for a night... I do and spend all my time doing for them... I feel I deserve a day for me....
Oh well..maybe some day...LOL
I just needed to get on and vent about homework mainly...I know they all turn into something..LOL

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

::Changed the look::

Welp, I changed the look of my blog..Obviously if you were here yesterday it is not the same..LOL
I also added a few images..Took me a bit to figure out how,but I guess practice makes perfect huh =)
I want a fallsie/halloween look....Must find a template that looks like that..LMAO
I hope you all like the new look!! It will be like this till I feel the need for change..That can happen at ANY time with me..LOL

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

::Starting out good::

Well I actually feel good today! I don't know really what it is but I just feel much better today than I have in awhile.. Maybe it is because Hubby started a new job today? It must be! But I am liking it..
After a lil mishap this morning,UGH...
We had Sonderful's backpack in the car with us yesterday, well Momma said (cause we all had our hands full) "we will come back out in a bit and get your bookbag" Dummy me, should NOT have said that, what happened we never went back out to get it... Hubby left with it this morning..OMG.. Momma freak out time..LOL
I call this guy his new boss, get the number to a phone of someone he will be working with, call him, they havent seen him yet, weird he left along time ago, so I start getting nervous, Sonderful NEEDS his damn back pack.UGH
I turn on the computer look out the window and see Hubby pull up..LMAO He could not find the place to meet these guys at so he had to come home and call.LMAO I said "um good thing because look in the back seat"..HAHA He had NO idea the damn thing was in there.. WHEWWWW...First crisis of the day SOLVED withOUT me crying or freaking out..LMAO
And that was like an hr ago, it is only 9:10 am, I hope there wont be many more crisis's..LMAO
But I have a feeling today will be a good day! KEEP YOUR FINGIES AND TOSIES CROSSED..LOL
and SHH... Don't tell but, I am even looking forward to more cleaning later on..LOL

Monday, September 12, 2005

::Been Awhile::

::I will be using Sonderful to talk about my 9yr old and Sonshine to talk about my4yr old from now on::

Well it has been awhile since I posted so I figured I should ..LOL
Things have been pretty rough around here lately... Hubby starts a new job TOMORROW... I hope things will go ok...He was selling paint before now he will be using it...LOL
We had openhouse for Sonderful the other day.. He is loving the 4th grade, he has a male teacher,who I may add is so cute..LOL my son can't have a cute, Anyhoo we got his proficency tests back that he took in 3rd grade and I am proud to announce he ONCE AGAIN SCORED ADVANCED!!! WOO HOO GO SONDERFUL!!
I am so proud of him, and it has to be hubby's doing because momma aint to smart...HAHA
We had an appt. today to sign the paper work for Sonshine to go to preschool..we have to wait to make sure that he will be able to get bussed there, and if so he should be going in a week or 2.. he is SOO excited and so is Momma...LOL He does nothing but talk about *his school* so I sure hope he can go, he is dying to..LOL The bussing or lack there of if that is the case should be the only reason he can't go, everything else is all set and he is all signed up!!
As for me, I am still fighting some depression, I have been a really spiteful bitch lately,but then again whatelse is new right...LOL
I have been on a major 80s kick too.. I have been listening to total 80s music and now I can't stop... LOL
Weird huh? Well right now I am listening to Bad Company's Cant Get Enough... I LOVE THEM... My 3 guys are out getting stuff for dinner and a few movies(and Momma some I am here alone jammin out!!
Well that is all, my 3 guys just pulled up.. no more alone time..LOL
Till next post...... Hugs...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

::Happy Early Labor Day::

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!!
We are going to my Moms tonight and DH's Cousin's tomorrow..
Nothing really new been going on...
Josh started 4th grade and is LOVEING it!!
Hunter will start speech Sept. 27th and hopefully he will be able to go to preschool..
That is about it! I know pretty boring post..LOL
But I mainly wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday!!!
Have a great weekend!!!