Wednesday, December 27, 2006

::Our Christmas Pt. 4::

Sorry Blogger is not letting me upload that many in a post..LOL

Couldn't find a pogo stick but a pogo ball was a GREAT replacement!
And we felt Sonshine was to young yet for a skateboard,which he asked for, The Spidey scooter was a GREAT replacement..
Me with my goodies... All my gifts were soo thoughtful!! Sonshine got me the Tinkerbell calendar...he totally remembered I love her, and when I opened it he said,"now you can write down the days you work" AWW SO thoughtful!

Sonderful got me the MHC book! He remembered she is one of my faves..and it is a Christmas book..AWW SOO Thoughtful...And Bri knows I love ER..and my sweater is soo warm and comfy!

::Our Christmas Pt. 3::

A few of the boys on Christmas morning

The one thing he wanted most was a purple hula hoop, he got it :)

He pretty much wanted any Socom game, He got it :)

He was excited to open this up

Ya more electronic stuff

These were a HUGE hit!! Oh and Sonshine is just in his Captain Jack garb!

::Our Christmas Pt. 2::

After Santa stopped by..The purple stocking is Sonshine and blue is Sonderful's
'Santa ate here' LOL This is his not he left.. The boys wrote him a note asking him to hide the pickle in the tree so the boys could find it in the morning and whoever does gets to open the first gift.. Sonshine got it!!

And what fun is it playing Santa if you can't have a little bit of 'evil' fun

::Our Christmas::

We had a good Christmas! I hope everyone did as well!!
The day before Christmas Eve we spent it at Brian's Aunt's house.. AFTER I worked a few hours..

Sonderful with his present from Bri's Aunt and Uncle

Sonshine with his present from them..a remote control front end loader

And just something we saw on the way to his Aunt's.. HEHE It IS a mouse running up the clock!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Pictures pt 2

Too All Our Family and Friends....

Here are the boys pictures we got taken last week.. I get them tomorrow! YAAY!!

::So what's happening::

Really not a whole lot..Just trying to get ready for Christmas!!
Tomorrow is our family get together at B's Aunt's.. I also have to work 7 - 1:30, But atleast I can join my guys at the get together...

I also now have to work 7am - 5 or 6 pm on Christmas eve but it is more money and brownie points for offering..

I am soo nervous though because I have never opened before, tomorrow is my first time. From what I have heard and read on how to open it's easier than closing...So wish me luck...

The boys are doing good...enjoying the start of break..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

::About how much I thought::

Your Quirk Factor: 42%
You're a pretty quirky person, but you're just normal enough to hide it.Congratulations - you've fooled other people into thinking you're just like them!

::My Christmas Angels::

To see these smilin' faces EVERY morning is all the presents I ever need!!
Here are my babes in front of our tree.. I am not the best photographer but we were just playing around with different settings on the camera... Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I am editing this post from TODAYS TODO'S to Just 'To Do's'!
I am just going to dig in and 'winter clean' 'winter rearrange'!
1. Vac all rooms
2. Rearrange livingroom and boys room
3. Put up tree--decorate
4. Dishes
7. Boys bath
8. Me bath
9. Store
10.Go through and put away ALL summer clothes
11.Clean out boys dressers and put away clean clothes

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I LOVE IT!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY JOB!! I am soooo thankful to have it...
I get a paycheck every week(Though I have yet to have one over 50 dollars..LOL), a few hrs a week out of the house,and at times MANY MANY minutes of nothing but silence..We have slow moments...LOL :) I couldn't of asked for anything better!
I just wish i drove, I had a chance to pick up hrs for good, pretty much all week if I wanted but there is no way I can at the moment so they hired someone else and got rid of the other chick that was there, apparently she was stealing..but when my friend goes back to her 'normal' job I will have her Saturdays, I filled in for her today.
Aaawell... I just wanted to share..LOL

Thursday, December 07, 2006

::Thursday Musings::

Hmm Musings is that the right word to use?

Edited to add:: HURRAY Score one for Team Ali I might be smart after all..I did use the right word,It didn't sound or look right so I had to go check...LOL
mus·ing (myzng) Pronunciation Key adj.
Deep in thought; contemplative.n.
Contemplation; meditation.
A product of contemplation; a thought. “an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections” (James Atlas).

Holla!! Anyhoo how is everyone today? I hope this finds you all well!
Today did NOT start off on a good note...I had NO water or Coffee to drink this morning..UH OH
Not a way to make Mama start off her day..LOL Good thing my Husband wouldn't let me go without either and ran down and got me both :)

Speaking of my Husband, I believe he was on the news yesterday, Well, My Step Dad believes he saw him .. Brian has to stand outside to smoke at work..WELL

Starting today THIS happens, and the news was outside of B's work the other day doing a story, but when we watched a clip on the website we didn't see him. But it might not be the exact clip they show ON the news...

It's funny how many times a person can be on the news and you don't ever really think about it to Brian has been on the news a few times over his lifetime, for highschool football, for going to Russia, for somethings around his old neighborhood and now this...And I too have been on the news a few times for different things to over the years. Pretty neat!

So the smoking ban starts here in Morrisland no later then Jan. 1st!!!
By then it is nice and cold and should be enough to say 'EFF That, I ain't goin outside to'

I am tired of smoking...I am tired of the smell...I am tired of the cost...I am tired of the way it makes me feel... And ofcourse FOR MY BOYS! ALL enough reasons to quit...
It's bad enough for the last 7 years I haven't been able to breath right out of my nose,
(due to the *DV I endured), and I wake up EVERY morning stuffy as hell,but for the last couple of months I have been having some major problems with my chest and my breathing and winter is NOT helping. I literally feel sick and tired everyday and it is starting to affect my family. That means it is time to stop!

So soon I will, I won't be able to smoke inside my work after Jan. 1st anways thanks to the statewide smoking ban. I am all for the smoking ban in resturants and stuff like that, BUT I am kind of pissed that you won't be able to smoke in bars, and places like Morton's, in the article I linked to above, where people come there just for that 'after dinner cigar', it just isn't right.
How come smokers have to ALWAYS accomodate to nonsmokers but they never have to accomodate smokers, ya know...just doesn't seem very fair to me!

AHH Listen to me just babble on..I just love being able to just ramble on and on on..LOL
Well today is Thursday, I have to look up and make sure my shows are all on tonight! Payday is tonight at midnight..I am supposed to get my layaway out today and I am praying I will be able to get out tomorrow without losing it and having to go through and get it all again..ugh

This weekend is my first 2 day weekend at work, I work Sat. 1:30-9 and Sunday noon-8
I really really wish I could take on more hrs cause I believe they are getting rid of the young chick that works days, but without me driving it just isn't possible.. :(
But I have the chance to say ya give me more hrs if I could, and they would rather give them to either me or friend Laurie,but she is leaving soon anyway so that would be me getting them..totally blows!! And I won't be able to take on Fridays now because of transportation oh well can't dwell on it right.. I got Saturdays and Sundays....

The boys have a birthday party this weekend to go to and Sonderful goes on a field trip tomorrow to the Allen Theater to see The Nutcracker
I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! I want to see The Nutcracker so badly! I danced in a version of it in 4th grade and have been obsessed ever since..LOL

Oh and one more thing, I HATE HATE HATE THAT I SWITCHED OVER TO BETA..I am soooo disappointed in it and I hate that I have to sign in all the time, UGH I wish I could switch back!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

::Snow Day::

Today was a snow day for most schools!
Most of this snow fell the night before last, but more was added lastnight and today!!
brr!! Enjoy!!

The front of our lil place..That tall thing in front is my rose bush that never dies..LOL It is TALLER than the trailer!!

Standing in front of my trailer looking down...That first white one is our neighbor

Standing infront of my porch looking to the driveway

::New Cut W/Curly Hair::

Eh, I don't like it..LOL I like MUCH better straight!
So does Brian... What do ya think?
They are not to great I took them myself..LOL