Saturday, December 31, 2005

::Well it is New Years Eve::


Hope everyone stays safe tonight, but has a great time!
Right now, Hubby is at work, I am playing around doing online stuff, and the boys just got done watching Kronk's New Groove! TOTALLY CUTE MOVIE!! We TOTALLY recommend it!!
They are now watching the previews of new movies..

OMG! They have a Fox and The Hound 2!! Fox and the Hound is MY FAVORITE ANIMATED MOVIE!!! The previews look so cute!! Reba and Patrick Swayze do some voices and have a song!
Another preview is called Leroy and Stitch! It looks soooooo cute!!
Gotta love the Lilo and Stitch movies!
Anyhoo Hubby works till 5, then IF my child support check comes we will be heading out to cash it and over to my Aunt's around 7 or 8 tonight to ring in the NEW YEAR!!!
I was thinking of also getting a hold of my *Sista* Nae..HEHE And stopping by there to wish them a HAPPY NEW YEAR! as well!! I will call her in a bit!! She lives pretty close to my Aunt's house!

Thats about all.. I would like Hubby to be able to have a few cocktails so I am hoping he will want to just crash over there tonight.. They live about 15 minutes from us and I just don't want him to be driving after midnight!
But my Aunt's place is PLENTY big enough for company..LOL
And buddy, I am soooo ready to have a few myself..But I will wait till I get to where we are going..LOL
I hope ALL of our friends and family have a SAFE AND FUN NEW YEAR!!

Friday, December 30, 2005


Well 2005 is really almost over...Can you believe it?
Vacation is also flying by! But believe me buddy I have been enjoying it..I love that I can sleep in a bit while the kiddos play or watch tv!
Right now they are playing playdough!! I can't believe I said yes..The last time they pulled it out Sonshine got it all over the carpet...UGH But so far so
Sonshine has a new thing he is loving to do.. Since we have been working so hard with him on B sounds and words he says..
"Mommy, I have something for you that starts with a B"
"Ok gimme it" I say
He turns around and moons me...LMAO.. He says, "My Butt, Butt starts with a B" OMG MY SONS ARE ALLLLLLLLLLLLL BOY!!!!!!! Gotta love em..LOL
Farting and fart noises and poop... And I can't even count on Hubby to help me he is just as much as a boy as they are..LOL I AM SOOOOOOOOO OUTNUMBERED!!
I found a blinkie that says so too, I can't wait to put it up!!
Oh and I dont know if I mentioned this or not but I CAN use my printer that Hubby got me!! YAAY!!! I can't use it without the computer at the moment but yaay! I can use it still!!
Hubby has been taking over the computer at night time with his Diablo 2..He hasn't started playing against people online,but I doubt he will... He is not so much an online gamer as he is off of it,except for Magic online he enjoys playing his cousin with that..LOL
Sonderful and him have been playing Magic alot this past week, as Sonderful got his own deck..boy is he stoked!!
We arnt doing much tonight..playing with the boys thats about all!!
I already made dinner, I made it at lunch time for me..LOL Rigatoni so that is done..Have some dishes to do thats about it!
I hope everyone has a great Friday! It is crappy and rainy here again for the 3rd day in a row..I HATE RAIN!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

::Here they are!::

Sonderful is 9
Sonshine is 4
These were taken Christmas morning!!
Please don't pay attention to the horrible red eye..LOL My camera is such crappy quality.. I AM DYING FOR A NEW ONE!!
But they still look adorable!!

::What's been up you ask?::

I know right, your all dying to know what has been going on with us..LOL
Things have been rather well I suppose! That's always a good thing!
I have been feeling ok. I really should be making me all kinds of doctor appts. while I have insurance, but I just don't feel like it! I kind of feel that something is wrong,but I guess I am afraid to find out if there is OR isn't something wrong, then maybe I am crazy. But I guess it's better safe than sorry right? Sooooooo Why won't I go? I don't know.
I haven't really been to depressed this holiday season which is a good thing! The boys and hubby said this Christmas was the BEST EVER! So that totally makes my heart melt, because I did ALL the shopping ALONE this year! I love to shop alone, it gives me time to look and really find AWESOME stuff! SOO YAAY! ME! And I myself felt this Christmas was awesome too!! I got such great and thoughful gifts from my guys! And I was able to get Hubby some great and thoughful gifts too and he LOVED them!!
The boys have new haircuts! They look adorable, and so grown up!
They are enjoying Christmas break! I am too, I have sooooo been sleeping in! Hey the boys are 9 and 4 I feel that is plenty old enough to fend for themselves a bit in the morning right. lol
they play or watch a movie, they know if they need anything though to ask and they do believe me..LOL
So the break so far is going good, they ofcourse are having their share of fights too
Hubby has been working alot, BUT He is getting his share of sleeping in too on the days he can..LOL But lastnight he came home from work about 8 pm and right away started doing dishes and picking up.. I was not feeling well lastnight.. I think I am coming down with a touch of a cold..
Today hubby is going to my Mom and Step Dads to work on our car so that my MIL can have hers back, we have had it WAYYYYYY TO LONG!
I just put the money aside at pay day and gave it them to hold so I KNEW we would have it...
And the house is SLOWLY getting back to nice..LOL Why is it always so hard to get things back in order after Christmas... I am so glad the boys have been keeping there room clean, things are slowly getting put away in there and outta the livingroom!!
So that is what we have all been up to! Glad I told ya..LOL
I am so ready for 2006 to get here!! 2005 Can kiss my ass such a shitty year!! BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!! YAAY!!
Welp, off to do my daily blog reads and replys!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

::5 Holiday Questions::

For those reading this I will answer the following five things andTAG YOUR IT!!!

1. My fave part of this holiday was....My guys telling me this was the best Christmas ever!

2. My fave food I've eaten over the past few days was........Ham and poppyseed rolls..yumm!

3. The silly 'est thing that happened was ...My Moms dog untieing my shoes with his teeth..LOL

4. The saddest thing that happened was..Saying bye to my sister and her family when they were leaving!

5. My fave gift I received was.... My cannon compact printer that you dnt even need the computer for just a camera..saddly I cant use it till I get a new camera =(

YOUR TURN!!!!!!!


Four~Borrowed from Raiza's Blog

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
1) Babysitter
2) Cashier at 2 different Convenient's
3) Made wire harnesses for electrical stuff

4) SAHM For a few years now!

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1) Dirty Dancing
2) Ferris Bueller's Day Off

3) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
4) National Lampoon's European Vacation

Four Places You Have Lived:
2) California
3) Ohio
4) Ohio

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1)The OC
2) ER

3) The Apprentice
4) My Name is Earl

Four Shows You'd Love To Watch On DVD:
1) The first few seasons of ER(I have not seen)
2) Newlyweds(didnt see alot of it)
3) All the Law and Orders I have not seen
4) The OC always is good to rewatch!

Four Places You've Been On Vacation:
1) Flordia

2) Wisconsin
3) Canada

4) Illinois

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
4) friends blogs

Four of Your Favorite Foods:
1) Pizza
2) steak

3) pasta
4) salads

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now:
1) Nowhere but here...where my hubby and sons are
2)somewhere warm and dry
3) Europe
4) in

Four Things About You That Others May Not Know:
1) I don't have a drivers lic. by my choice kind..i am scared
2) I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers including step sibs!
3) I usually always wear my hair up in a scrunchie
4) I met my hubby online playing Yahoo! Euchre

Tag your it!! Pass it on!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

::Happy Holidays::

This will MOST LIKELY be the final blog of 2005! My computer is on the fritz and I am using a spare CRAPPY one for the moment and it is SLOOOOOOOOW..LOL IF BY SOME SLIIIM Chance my computer gets up and running then I may keep on bloggin..LOL But if Idon't I wanted to get on and wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A SAFE BUT FUN NEW YEAR!! I will try to catch up on what I have missed on everyone's blog..Java got a chance to read yours but have not replyed yet...will get to that soon I promise!!!
I have not had a chance to get to the others in a few weeks, I miss everyone so much, I hate being out of the loop and without my FRIENDS during the holidays =(
But I will read everyones soon!!
As for us I have been keeping busy with no computer...Our home looks so festive! I have all our stockings hung over the couch with care..hehe We have our first present under there, somehthing Sonderful made in school for us..YAAY!!
Our Christmas cards are all up on the wall..My special computer friends get their own wall!! LOVE YA!!!!!
My Christmas cards, minus a few I have to make out still have all gone out..YAAY..And we have actually gotten the boys a few gifts so I am REALLY starting to get into the season now.. so if anything comes up atleast they have a few, kwim?
Sonderful's 4th grade Christmas concert is tomorrow night..YAAY..I will TRY to get some pics and eventually get them posted on our website somehow...He is still doing great grade wise in school! AND....YAAY WE ARE SO EXCITED...HE GOT PICKED FOR A SPELLING BEE!! YAAY!! GOOOO SONDERFUL!!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!
He has been waiting to finally be in the grade that you are allowed to be in the spelling bee and his teacher picked him as a contestant!!! I will let everyone know how he does!!!

As for Sonshine he is doing WONDERFUL!! He is such a fun, happy, and VERY energetic 4yr old!! He has finally started speech class 2x a week, He LOVES IT!! I am so happy he is so willing to learn! He has lived his whole life with his own little language he has to basically learn how to talk all over again, but he is doing GREAT And learning everyday.... He loves his visits with Miss Jennifer.. We have realized his major letters that he mistakes are B D and the ending sounds en or in or an... so we are practiciing and correcting him and showing him the correct way and he is doing great!! Thanks to all our friends and family for all your support!! It will take a long time but I am sure my boy will be ready for Kindergarten ON TIME NEXT YEAR!! We are so proud of our little Sonshine!! I will try to put up a holiday photo I took infront of the tree here soon for the holidays!!!!

As for Hubby and I...things are better..We have not fought in a long time so that is good..LOL
My house is still not painted but I have it looking nice and festive that doesn't bother me at the moment so I dont complain..HMM Maybe all the fighting is my fault afterall..LOL

But thats about it for us and our updates... Again..

From our family to yours,
Love and hugs
Happy Holidays!!
Ali,Hubby,Sonderful and Sonshine!!!